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Information about lynching

Published on June 21, 2008

Author: missboss


Slide 1: Here I present to you a short few minutes clip of what African people went through since their arrival in the USA “THE LAND OF THE FREE.” I wanted to present a short presentation on the horrors of slavery which the end product were black codes, Jim crow and LYNCHING. Lynching, the forgotten evil The declaration of Independence 1776 clearly stated that all men are equal. The word lynch derives from Charles Lynches surname. Slide 2: This presentation was just a small glimpse of the life of Southern America from the mid 1800’s to the 1960’s. So many people in this day and age don’t even know this happened. So I bring these images to those who have forgotten and to those who don’t know. Lynching, the forgotten evil I swear when your taught about the civil war, black people and slavery is never mentioned. Willie Lynch “The making of a slave” Slide 3: But first lets try and wrap up some history of how we got on to the land known as the USA. A plantation in 1862 Virginia 1862 Yorktown Virginia A plantation in South Carolina Slide 4: On board the La Amistad 1839 there was a slave rebellion onboard the ship which saw the Africans over power the crew, only to be recaptured moment later. Must I remind you the horrors of the Zong Massacre 1781. They threw us over board to claim insurance as they classed us as cargo. 133 alive and breathing Africans chained together perished in the waters. Each African was some ones mother, father, brother, sister. Slave ships Slide 5: We lied side by side with no room to move we were lucky if we could turn over. They were chained to dead bodies riddled with diseases. Food was served into their hands in no order so no guarantee you would get fed. Women were dragged into captain’s cabin to be raped. Middle Passage Slide 6: They worked 18 hour days regardless if they were sick, pregnant or disabled. Peter was bed ridden for 2 months by Aarayou Carrier who whipped him for what reason in 1863? Slave Treatment Gordon Slide 7: Wall street built in 1640 by african slaves under the order of the Dutchman Peter Stuyvesant to stop invasion from the British and the americans. Its now home to the infamous New York stock exchange and not too far from broadway. Wall Street We were traded on the location now known as wall street. Federal Hall Only a few streets away from the 1712 slave revolt. Slide 8: Nathan Bedford Forrest a confederate general was selected as the imperial wizard of 1867. With the badge they manipulated us from achieving our goals and living a normal life. With this badge and hood they hid from us to do their work of evil. A Klansman study the kloran. KU KLUX KLAN 1865-1870’s Slide 9: Lynching As the Freedmen had NO rights, lynching of Negroes went unpunished and to this day there are still a small number of lynching still existing. The rise in lynching is in time with the expansion of the KKK in 1960’s and 1920’s respectively. The confederate states lost the war to the Union and wanted to manipulate the freedmen and preserve white supremacy during the reconstruction period led by president Andrew Johnson. 1861-1865 Jefferson Davis Slide 10: Now take a moment for these people who died unlawfully on the slave ships and in the USA. John Heith 1884. "to advance Arizona." "to advance Arizona." George Meadows 1889 January 15th Alabama Will James 1909 Frank McManus April 28th 1889 Slide 11: Jesse Washington 1916 Texas He was burned alive while being hanged. He was convicted of murder by 12 white jurors after 4 minutes a white mob broke in and kidnapped Jesse. They poured coal oil on him, tied a chain round his neck and set him on fire. "Washington was beaten with shovels and bricks (...) was castrated, and his ears were cut off along with his fingers. A tree supported the iron chain that lifted him above the fire (...) Wailing, the boy attempted to climb up the skillet hot chain. For this, the men cut off his fingers." Waco Horror Slide 12: Elisa Clayton, Elmer Jackson and Issac McGhie were killed June 15th 1920 in Minnesota. Lige Daniels August 3rd 1920 George Armwood 1933 October 21st. Matthew Williams 1931 December 4th Slide 13: A white Chicago gang looking for blacks in 1919. Will Brown September 1919 naked, was hung shot with many bullets, burned and tied to a car and dragged around the street. They sold parts of the rope to murder him for 10cents. Joe Simpson California 1908 April 22nd. George Stinney was 14 when he went to the electric chair on June 16th 1944. Slide 14: Thomas Shipp and Abraham Smith in 1930. James Cameroon luckily escaped and is the only known survivor of a lynch built America’s black holocaust museum. Claude Neale 1934 Rubin Stacy 1935 July 19th Florida Slide 15: People unknown 1909 1960 Slide 16:  A Texan father and his 3 sons were lynched for harvesting the first crops. Hayes Turner was castrated then hung in Georgia May 1918 just after his wife brutal death. Mary turner of Georgia, May 1918 was tied to a tree, covered in gasoline and oil and set alight. While she was hung from the tree a man stepped forward and slit her abdomen and the unborn baby appeared, cried twice, only to be killed by the man’s heel Henry Salzer 1909 November 11th Slide 17: Laura Nelson May 25th 1911 James Clark July 11th 1926 Florida Ernest Harrison, Sam Reed, and Frank Howard September 11th 1929 John Richards 1916 January 12th north Carolina. Joseph Richardson 1916 Kentucky September 26th 1926 Slide 18: Person and place unknown. Clear lacerations can be seen. Lint Shaw 1936 Georgia John Carter May 1927 Arkansas 1935 Slide 19: Emmett Till Tied a cotton fan round his neck with barbed wire an dropped him into the river. He was found 3 days later. In 1955 August 21th 14 year old Emmett till was murdered by two men. They beat him, Broke his bones, Shot him in the head, Gouged his eye Both of his killers sold their story to the papers for $4000 and confessed to the killing. Slide 20: James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael schwerner June 21st 1964 during Freedom Summer. These 3 men were killed in Mississippi while trying to encourage black people to vote. Their bodies were found 6 weeks later on a site in preparation for a dam. Mississippi Burning Still James Chaney funeral was not allowed to be included with the other two’s funeral service because he was black. Slide 21: Leo Frank and Mary Phagan 1915 April 26th Mary Phagan was raped and killed. Jim conley implicated Leo Frank. The first time, of when a black man’s testimony against a white man was successful. Leo Frank a Jewish man August 17th 1915 Leo Frank was accused of Mary’s murder on circumstantial evidence. The knights of Mary Phagan brought back the KKK Slide 22: I do apologise if these photos were to horrific but I didn’t create them, blame the people who created these scenes and turned them into postcards. For all those modern day people who use racism as their excuse for failing. What you experienced is nothing compared to what those unfortunate people went through. Slide 23: I guess it will make us think twice about using the word. NIGGER Lynching, the forgotten evil

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