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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: segmen



İt’sthesouthest bay of thepeninsulaandit’s 14 miles far from Bodrum. Andit’scomprise of whiterocksso it has named Akyarlar beacuse Ak meanswhite in Turkish.

DO YOU KNOW BODRUM’S BAYS AND PLACES TOO SEE? AKYARLAR İt’sthesouthest bay of thepeninsulaandit’s 14 miles far from Bodrum. Andit’scomprise of whiterocksso it has named Akyarlar beacuse Ak meanswhite in Turkish. You can seeIstankoyhousesfromrightacrossthe bay in thenightsandcleanweathers. For a long time back in historyalltheshipsgoesbetween Akyarlar andIstankoy. Back in time thevillage Akyarlar wasjust a fishermenvillage but nowit’s a placewhereyou can do watersportsandit’sheadingtobecome a hugeholidaycenter. İfyouareenjoyingwind-surfing Akyarlar is yourplace. Becausethere is a windfromlandtotheseaandit’sincreasingit’sspeedtothebeach. At thebeach’srightsideyou can seefishermensheltersrestaurants at themiddleandlunatebeach at theleftside. Akyarlar’swarmseawater , nicebeachandgreennature is offeringyou an amazingvacationtospend. Inthespringsyou can findpeppermintandmountainflowers at thehillssurroundingthe bay. TURGUTREİS

ThissettlementnamedafterthefamousTurkishsailor Turgut Reis. İt’sabout 12 miles far from Bodrum. At thewest of thesettlementthereare 14 differentislandwithdifferentsizes. İt’sconnectingtheAegeanandMediterraneanseastogetherandit’sone of thebeautifulcorners of thepeninsula. Theislandscoveringthe Turgut Reis fromtheseaandtheislandsbeforethemlikeKos , Kalynoswhicharegreekislandsareprovidingyougreatviewspecially at thenights. Thesettlement is like an entrancedoor of thepeninsula. Shores of thesettlementsarefull of wonderfulbayswithdifferentsizes. Surrondingmountains’ heights can goupto 300 meters. At thewest of thesettlementthere is an islandnamed Yassıada andaroundthatislandthereareshipwreckshavebeendiscoveredfromtheantiqueages. Andtwo of them has diggedoutandshown at themuseumknown as Spanish Chapel. Thisbuildingwasusing as a mosqueback in Ottoman time. Andalltheremainsandrelics at thischapelarecamefromthe Yassıada. At Turgut Reis citrus is main source of living. Speciallymandarin , figandgrapesaregrowing at thesettlement.

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