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Published on October 12, 2017

Author: dmark123


slide 1: Real Estate Investment in Kerala – Flats Apartments in Calicut Kerala the gods own country flanked by the Arabian Sea in the West the towering Western Ghats in the East and networked by 44 interconnected rivers Kerala is blessed with a unique set of geographical features that have made it one of the most sought-after tourist destination one of the best states to live in the country. Why Kerala a fine place for real estate investment  A prime holiday destination - Option for buying a property rent it out  Extensive choice on properties  Positive ambiance for property investment - The Kerala Government has developed a highly conducive framework for real estate investments  Availability of modern facilities amenities  Quality lifestyle  Competitive property pricing  Quality construction  Convenient weather  Kerala experiencing a boost in real estate investment Calicut the multi-cultured coastline city of Kerala one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Kerala is now becoming a most favourite real estate destinations in Kerala. A recent growth in the number of leading social infrastructures and robust development plans offered by the city attract many investors and home buyers to Calicut. Calicut is now becoming a potential IT destination in Kerala. The increasing demand for both commercial spaces residential living spaces makes the city a fine place for real estate investment. Ladder Kerala under Kerala Land Reforms Development Co-Op Society Ltd has been creating benchmarks catering to a broad spectrum of customers gathering customer satisfaction. Looking for luxurious flats and apartments in Calicut near railway station at a reasonable price. Please visit Ladder Mankav Greens the latest project of the great builder in Calicut Ladder Kerala. slide 2: Qualities Of An Interior Designer Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relaxing. Home indicates the individuality of each member of the family living in it. Decorating your home according to your impulses and fancies will be accomplishable with the help of a veteran interior designer. An expert interior designer subserves to organise your ideas and execute it in a desired manner. Interior designers work in both residential and commercial settings drawing upon their knowledge of esthetics function and safety to enhance the beauty of a space. Many have a design specialty to best meet the needs of clients or attract a niche market. Clients depend on designers to execute a vision or develop new ideas. Qualities  Creativity imagination and artistic talent. A great designer has a natural artistic flair and is skilled in a variety of art techniques.  Awareness of Audience A great designer is aware of his or her audience expectations of that particular audience.  Good communication and listening skills. An experienced designer has splendid communication skills. They are good listeners too. The open conversation with the client helps them to understand clearly what the client demands do the work accordingly.  Good colour sense and an eye for material. A great designer has an eye for colour space texture fabric and other elements that go into various designs. slide 3:  Humility A great designer has a great sense of humility and considers that people have varying tastes.  Excellent problem-solving skills. A great designer has keen problem solving skills which helps in developing a solution calmly quickly to the snags raised.  Team Player A great designer should be a good team player he will enjoy team working respects each one’s ideas.  Aptitude for illustration and technical drawing. A veteran designer will definitely aid technical skills to make the work perfect appealing.  Vision A great designer is able to visualize the end result and set a clear goal work towards it.  Demonstrate flexibility in their approach to tasks. Simple ways to improve the air quality in your home – Ladder Kerala Though concerns about air quality outdoors have been prosaic indoor air quality is lacking attention. Even though lack of indoor air quality poses serious threats all are unaware of it. Breathing dirty air can affect children the elderly and even unborn babies. Indoor pollutants include • Volatile organic compounds VOCs from off-gassing building materials furnishings paints. slide 4: • Radon. • Other toxic chemicals emitted from cleaning products hazardous household supplies pesticides. • Mold which grows on moist materials and surfaces. • Lead. • Particulates from wood-burning fireplaces or cars running near the house. • Tobacco smoke. • Nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide gases which are released from gas- fueled combustion appliances. • Asbestos. Some tips to improve air quality in your home  Use low-emitting low-maintenance building materials  Eco-friendly cleaning products  Remove Shoes When Entering the Home  Don’t allow smoking inside your home or around your home  Cutting out aerosols  Professional carpet and furniture cleaning  Monitor humidity  Install an energy recovery ventilator ERV to provide a continuous supply of fresh air  Ventilation  Air purifiers  Grow Air-Purifying House Plants  Floor mats  Fixing leaks  Organic fruit and vegetables  Use a HEPA High-Efficiency Particulate air Filter  Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors  Use the exhaust fan slide 5:  Pet cleaning  Remove Aerosol Sprays  Water filters  Dump unused paint solvents pesticides and other household chemicals promptly and tightly close the containers of products still in use.  Radon detectors  Non-scented paint  Monitor ventilation EPFO helps you to buy a budget home in India – Flats Apartments in Calicut Planning to buy a new home within your budget Due to the increase in the cost of construction rates residential properties infrastructure costs it has become an appalling exercise in India for professional employees to buy their own house. From paying the huge down payments to paying monthly EMIs buying a home has become a lot of a financial exercise rather than a convenient asset. According to the middle-class people paying the huge down payment or paying the EMI is a challenging task. Needless to say that buying a home is one of the most daunting tasks in their life. There is a great solution to this problem it is EPFO scheme. EPFO can help you to have your dream home much easier. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre is going all out to achieve its Housing For All by 2022 target. In a move that would aid the mission retirement fund body the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation EPFO is coming up with a scheme to fund low-cost housing schemes for its subscribers. In accordance with this scheme the subscribers can withdraw up to 90 percent of their savings to buy houses. Apart from that subscribers will also be able to pay EMIs using regular EPF accumulations. However at least 10 members will have to form a group to buy houses from a developer to enjoy the assistance under the scheme. Also a member must devote for at least three years and must have at least Rs 20000 accumulated in the account to apply for the scheme. EPFO benefits • Down Payment • EMI slide 6: • Cheap housing loans • House repairing Tips for alluring Indian bedroom designs – Apartments in Calicut Indians always prefer to fill their house with color and warmth which also mirrors the affluence of their culture in designing and decoration. As it is your home and your prime you can adopt from a variety of refined and exquisite styles. The one room where you invest special efforts to make it comfy is your bedroom. The bedroom is the place where you unwind you spend most of the time needed to gather forces for your other activities. Therefore the bedroom needs a peculiar care. Some tips to make your bedroom stunning • Find a quintessential position for the bed • Adopt the pertinent colour scheme • Paint professionally • Appropriate lighting • Regular maintenance • Personalization make it about you • Make it simple • Strict No to TV Ladder Mankav Greens a super luxury apartment project by Ladder Kerala an acclaimed builder in Calicut. The premium apartment project is loaded with world class amenities facilities like Clubhouse large community hall Party lawn Children’s play area Water resistant flush doors for washing areas and bathroom all the windows are equipped with mosquito net generator backup for lifts staircase lobbies etc. Ladder Kerala is known for comfort quality. Luxurious apartments and flats for sale in Calicut by the great builder Ladder Kerala.

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