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Published on March 9, 2009

Author: aford


“Luxurize” is the Next Super Size Andy Ford CultureWaves®, Chief Insights Officer

Weather & Planet During the past century, the atmospheric temperature has risen 1.1°F and sea level has risen several inches. Some projected, longer-term results of global warming include melting of polar ice, with a resulting rise in sea level and coastal flooding; disruption of drinking water supplies dependent on snow melts; profound changes in agriculture due to climate change; extinction of species as ecological niches disappear; more frequent tropical storms; and an increased incidence of tropical diseases. - Columbia Encyclopedia, 2009

Financial Market Federal officials tossed American International Group another financial lifeline... providing up to $30 billion more to help the staggered insurance giant deal with a record $61.7 billion loss in the final three months of last year. Retail sales are The average LATIMEs.comS 3.1.2009 estimated to fall by 401(k) plan lost 4% in the first 27% in 2008. Foreclosure activity increased by quarter of 2009 - Boston Herald, 81% 2008—Nearly 3.2 million - Reuters, 1.12.2009 1.28.2009 filings on more than 2.3 million properties reported. - RealtyTrac, 12.2008

Job Market In January, the unemployment rate rose to 7.6%. Employment has declined by 3.6 million since the start of the recession in December 2007; about one-half of this decline occurred in the past 3 months. - U.S. Department of Labor, 2.6.2009

And We’re Going to Serve Our Customers This?

How Do We Give Them Luxury? TODAY TOMORROW Green Eco-Luxury Abundance Scarcity Simple or Complex Simplexity

Haven’t Developed a Green Strategy? Paper costs “Greening Consumers and demand MIT” Program steer clear of for foodservice Could Save “greenwashing disposable will the School Up ” increase by to $400,000 3.4% per year per Year Colleges See a 25-30% Drop in Food Waste Per Person When Trays are Student Select Colleges Based Removed Upon Their “Sustainability Report Card” 50,000 Pounds of Trash Coffee Hauled Away After Each Grounds San Francisco Chargers Provide Game Source for Biodiesel Fuel

At the Same Time, Consumer Are Finding Upgrades in Unexpected Places Hospitals Get 5-Star “Mystery Upgrades Meat” No More— College Cafeterias Go Gourmet

Enter Eco-Luxury Select a Live Customers Sustainably-Raised happily pay up Pig for Butcher Eco-Friendly to $5 for High Fashion organic hot High-Rise at Target dogs Urban Farming Wal-Mart Poultry Jewelry Can World’s First Manufacturer Be Traced to Certified Rolls Out Mine of Origin Organic Bar Farm-of-Origin Labeling

Scarcity • LTO • Niche Foodie • LRO • Niche Special Needs • POS

Scarcity: LTO I Left This Here for You to BMW Mini EV: Some Restrictions Apply Read 48-HOUR T-SHIRT PROJECT Whole Foods Brings Rare Arctic Char to Market Coca Cola Orange

Scarcity: Niche Foodie Flavor Lab: Customer flavor The old drinks are here experimentation with him in spirits A Brand New Breed of Burger Salt Gets a Shakeup Elusive Foodies Can Be Reached Foodie Survival Kit

Scarcity: Forced Foodie Home cooking: a resolution Liquor stores open school of wine 2009: Year of the home cook that's clearly in focus in and out list of ingredients for cooking at home Family food feud: relearning the value of home cooked meals

Scarcity: LRO Home team and Home brew: Custom made and limited edition gear Take a Foodie Staycation My Local Beer Quest Available only @ Nike Sao Paulo Skillet: Regional Street Food with Foodie Flair Foraging for What is Truly Canadian

Scarcity:Niche Special Needs energy drinks seek new niche Gluten free heats up Special diets an opportunity for Whole Foods Soft: Clothing for Children with Sensory Disorders Low GI Diet Protects Eyes

Scarcity: POS Sales are like Crack H-Mart: A World of Bargains Luxury Prices Are Falling to Compulsive Shoppers It May Be Time to Think About Buying a House Sacrifice 10 friends, earn a free Whopper

Simplexity • Simpler times and tastes – Classic Comfort – Contemporary Comfort – Bacon Nation • Using only what’s necessary to achieve something simplistically complicated – Stupid Simple – Crowdsourcing – New Forms

Simplexity:Classic Comfort 2009 will be a KFC applies original recipe year of to new menu items. Starbuck’s Oatmeal comfort food and cocktails. As the economy falls, classic Punch returns in trendy comfort food gains popularity. boutique restaurants. Comfort food begins to show up in Vogue magazine. “I would like to see my childhood favorites incorporated into modern dishes.” CharlesnCharge84

Simplexity: Contemporary Comfort Taking comfort food to new levels and forms. Macaroni and cheese takes on Chips & dip get a new forms. modern makeover. QSR’s adding comfort Deconstructed Comfort Food items to menus.

Simplexity: Bacon Nation A national craving for a single flavor leads to it’s incorporation into several food mediums. Bacon lip balm to “make everything taste like bacon”. Bacon Flavored Gum Maple Bacon Coffee

Simplexity: Stupid Simple Utilizing the basics. Frustration-free Packaging 9 Inch Plate Diet Burgers going back to the basics.

Simplexity: Crowdsourcing Taking ideas and opinions from consumers to create niche and regional market tastes. Kraft crowdsources recipes Google crowdsources a concert from bloggers. at Carnegie Hall. Cowdsourced Restaurants Crowdfunded Breweries

Simplexity: New Forms Creating new products to revitalize brands, flavors and trends. Microsoft launches clothing line. Camel SNUS Digital Camera Gift Cards Japan’s Quarter Pounder burger joints. T.G.I.Friday’s for home cooking.

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