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Published on February 27, 2008

Author: Nathaniel


Slide1:  Tactical Vehicle Systems, LP DT/OT/LUT1,2,3 DTII OTII FMTV Continuous Improvement Regis Luther, VP of Engineering, S&S Mark Sykes, Senior Analyst, OEC Stewart & Stevenson:  Stewart & Stevenson Founded in 1902 Manufacturer, distributor, and service provider for engine-driven equipment 4,000+ employees/1,000+ service technicians/200+ engineering positions Publicly traded on NYSE (SVC) $1.16 billion in total sales in FY 2002 Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles:  Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles FMTV Overview:  FMTV Overview FMTV A0 Steyr (Austrian) design converted by Stewart & Stevenson (S&S) for U.S. production. 11,000 FMTV A0 trucks produced. FMTV A1 Improvements: New EPA engine, anti-lock brakes, and Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) 8,000 more FMTV A1 trucks produced. 15,000 FMTV A0 & A1 trucks fielded, deployed to Bosnia, Afghanistan & Iraq. Integral part of new Army transformation units. FMTV A1-CR (Competitive Rebuy) Total Army Requirement for FMTV Trucks = 83,000. Competition between S&S and OshKosh for next approx. 10,000 FMTV A1 trucks. High Operational Readiness:  High Operational Readiness FMTV T&E BACKGROUND:  FMTV T&E BACKGROUND 1st S&S Certified Claim 2nd S&S Certified Claim Performance Testing :  Performance Testing 2.1 Initial Inspection/Servicing 2.2 Safety and Health 2.3 Vehicle Characteristics 2.4 Speed and Acceleration 2.5 Braking 2.6 Gradeability and Side Slope 2.7 Steering and Handling 2.8 Standard Obstacles 2.9. Environmental Obstacles 2.10 Transportability 2.11 Towing Capability 2.12 Wrecker Towing 2.13 Wrecker Recovery 2.14 Stowage 2.15 Human Factors Engineering 2.16 Noise 2.17 Reliability and Durability 2.18 Jury Ride 2.19 System Support and Sustainment 2.20 Road Vibration 2.21 Winch Performance 2.22 Electromagnetic Interference/High Altitude Pulse 2.23 Full Load Cooling 2.24 Toxic Fumes 2.25 Material Handling Crane 2.26 Lighting 2.27 Central Tire Inflation System 2.28 Fording 2.29 Final Inspection Slide8:  FMTV Lesson #1: DT should be used to determine readiness to begin OT. ATEC should have taken a stronger stand against OT-I start at Operational Test Readiness Review (OTRR). Programmatic and budget concerns sometimes override logic and efficiency in test strategy. Concurrent DT and OT was inefficient and cited in first certified claim for delay and disruption by S&S. Test phases must be structured to allow lessons from each to be applied as the program progresses. Relearning the same lesson is of little value. FMTV Demonstrated Reliability History 1992 to Present:  FMTV Demonstrated Reliability History 1992 to Present A1 REQ A0 REQ Slide10:  FMTV Lesson #2: If a program is labeled as low risk Non-Developmental Item (NDI), but it requires extensive integration and has unique requirements, a robust test strategy is still required. Although FMTV A0 used firm fixed price, NDI production contract, the test-fix-test conducted over two years, indicates it was more developmental than NDI. DT and OT-I resulted in 54 major fixes. Subsequent DT & OT resulted in even more fixes. Examples: - Driveline - Starters - Water Pump & Alternator Belts . Slide11:  FMTV Lesson #3: Expect reliability to significantly decrease when manufacturer has aggressive schedule to transition from foreign prototypes to U.S. production models, start new production line, or conduct “value engineering”. MMBOMF = Mean Miles Between Operational Mission Failure Examples: Bump stops & Radiator surge tank Demonstrated w/ Foreign Prototype Predicted Demonstrated w/ U.S. Initial Production Slide12:  FMTV Lesson #4: Unique functions performed by each variant in family of vehicles require unique test strategies and careful consideration. Don’t attempt too much at once when developing and testing a family of vehicles with different missions. FMTV cargo trucks were majority of buy and main T&E focus. Examples: - Tractor: Trailer Incompatibility Issues. - Dump: Dumpbed Overload Problems. Slide13:  FMTV Lesson #5: Testing a system against only one particular profile, can allow critical failure modes to go undetected. T&E must address all anticipated usage profiles. Tested FMTV A0 trucks mostly off road (wartime scenario). Once fielded, trucks were operated mainly on highway at higher speeds. Resulted in driveshaft failures occurring after fielding. - Fleetwide SOUM and ABC News “Its Your Money” feature. - FMTV A0 driveshaft retrofit and second S&S certified claim. Additional point: - Significance of few driveshaft failures, which occurred in testing lost among all other problems. Slide14:  FMTV Lesson #6: Disciplined process to resolve test deficiencies is key to ultimate program success. Fixes often created trade-offs versus simply eliminating deficiencies. Test Incident Report (Tester) FMECA/ Contractor Response Corrective Action Review Board (CARB) Fix Verification Modeling and Simulation:  Modeling and Simulation SCAAN NRMM DADS FEA 3D Printer Pro / E Analyze Requirements and Results Analysis Simulation Validation Slide16:  FMTV Lesson #7: One person’s abuse is another’s typical environment. How much soldier proofing of system is required? Examples: - Cab doors misaligned. - Wrecker winch rewind. - Glad handles broken. S&S saw OT as conducted in virtual secrecy without safeguards and controls of DT. Alleged test abuse in first certified claim for delay and disruption . Control measures taken in OT: Vehicle Performance Recorders (VPRs), random radar gun checks, and more supervision. PM reps on-site improved communication. Slide17:  FMTV Lesson #8: Must establish rules for fix verification for reliability assessment early. Improper Army Reliability Assessment was major allegation in S&S certified claim. Main contention with 7 failure modes, which were assessed with Fix Effectiveness Factors (FEFs) of zero. Tough Issue: How to verify failures which occur late in testing? What was reliability (after fix implemented) of components with high mileage failure rates? Army Position: Insufficient DT to demonstrate fixes . S&S Position: Weibull analysis, fixes subsequently proven. Slide18:  FMTV Lesson #9: Test deficiencies not scored as operational mission or specification failures still warrant consideration in corrective action process. Significant number of “nuisance” problems identified in testing were not corrected, because not covered in specification and no dollars to fix. After fielding House Appropriations Committee Survey & Investigative team identified substantial number of soldier complaints. These problems were no longer regarded as only “nuisance” and were corrected. Slide19:  FMTV T&E Lessons Learned: #1. Need DT to determine readiness to start OT. #2. Beware of NDI programs with integration or unique requirements. #3. Transition from foreign prototypes to US production can significantly decrease reliability. #4. T&E on a family of vehicles requires unique strategies for each variant. #5. Test it the way it will be used. #6. Fixes may create new problems versus simply eliminate them. #7. One person’s abuse is another’s typical environment. #8. Establish reliability assessment rules early. #9. “Nuisance” problems for operator, not covered by the spec, still effect a system’s reputation. FMTV Lessons Learned:  FMTV Lessons Learned “I don’t give them hell, I tell them the truth and they think its hell.” - Harry S. Truman Ultra-Reliability:  Ultra-Reliability 0 Vehicle Readiness Trend - Consolidated:  Vehicle Readiness Trend - Consolidated

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