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Published on October 18, 2017

Author: Questate


Lumens vs Watts : Lumens vs Watts Selecting the Right Lights for your Spaces Slide 2: People have been buying lights by the watt for more than 6 decades relying over their judgement on how bright the light is. Main reason being, only wattage information was available on the labels. The recent years have seen some major changes in the lighting industry with the introduction of energy efficient CFL and LED technologies. Introduction of these technologies came with a bunch of information in addition to your standard Watt rating like Lumens, Lumen per watt ratings, efficacy and much a lot more details on about the product on the labels. Lumens and Watts: Lumens and Watts Almost every manufacturer these days display both Watts and Lumens on their packaging. So what are they? Lumens :  They are the measurement of light . In simpler terms, Lumens describe how bright the light can be.  Watts :  They are the measurement of power. In simpler terms, Watts describe how much power the light consume What do they mean? : What do they mean? All the new technologies and products are sure to raise certain levels of confusion. Luckily it is easy to simplify this confusion. The standard notion while buying the bulbs was " The more the wattage, the brighter the light. ". Now the rules have changed. You cannot compare a 60 Watt LED bulb with 60 Watt CFL bulb or incandescent bulb. To overcome this problems, manufacturers started rating their products using Lumens. The intention was to give a more accurate indication of how much light is to expected.  Selecting the right kind of Lights: Selecting the right kind of Lights Now that we are aware what lumens and watts on the labels mean, it is easy for us to select the correct type of light for our requirements. One of the easiest way is by using a conversion chart. Say you have been using 60 Watt incandescent bulb. It usually emits 800 Lumens of light. So in order to replace it with a LED bulb, you would check for the bulb that would the same illumination. Usually it is 8-12 Watts of LED bulb fitting the requirements.

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