Luk1208sort ab "to engrave, to carve; to record."

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Information about Luk1208sort ab "to engrave, to carve; to record."

Published on June 18, 2013

Author: GWROY



lu4,5 = To carve, engrave, to record (ROOT)
lu4,5 = sound of swishing of new clothes (CLOTHING)
lu4,5 = to drip. to drain. strain, drain (WATER), (PAN)
lu4,5 = precious stone (JADE)
lu4,5 = forested foot of mountain (TREES)
lu4,5 = indistinct nasal utterance ; to mumble (MOUTH)
lu4,5 = Blessings, prosperity, happiness, a gift, a favor.(SPIRITUAL)
lu,45 = to look carefully (EYE)
lu4,5 = wrinkles; skin shriveled; lined. (SKIN)
lu4,5 = a wheel track [record of wheel passing]; a winch, a wheel, a windlass (VEHICLE)
lu4,5 = to record, to register, make an entry. (METAL)(BAMBOO)
lu4,5 = bamboo trunk or coffer; a basket (BAMBOO)
lü4,5 = to proceed carefully; go with care. (MOTION/WALK)
lu4,5 = to follow, to heed, to obey. (WOMAN)
lü [lv]4,5 = green color; chlorine; emerald (SILK). Lentil, reed (GRASS)
lü4,5 = good wine; well strained. (SPIRITS)
Lü4,5 = GREEN jasper. (STONE)

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