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Information about Lucas prepositions & there is, there are

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: pritrazo



1º ESO, ESL, prepositions


A bedroom This is a photo of a bedroom There is a grey computer on the table. The desk is near the bed. There is a white, black and red bed There is a TV above the chair. There is a white window between two curtains.

Animals I like these animals because they are very funny There are six pigs on the straw. There are two rabbits, one orange and the other is grey. They are one in front of the other. There are two pandas bears . They are next to each other.

Vegetables I like vegetables. Is there a lettuce? Yes, there is Is there a carrot? Yes, there is Is there a tomato? Yes, there are three.

Mountains Are there any mountains? Yes, there are. Is there any grass? Yes, there are. There is some grass on the left and on the right of the photo. Are there any trees? Yes, there are. There are some trees on the right of the photo.

The computer room In this room, there are a lot of computers, but: There isn´t a TV. There isn´t a Cd. There isn´t a bed.

Cars, cars There aren´t bikes. There aren´t skates. There are twelve cars! The red car on the left of the blue car. There is a blue car under the orange car. A yellow car is between the orange car and the green car. There is a black car on the right of the blue car.

By: Lucas Paz González

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