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Published on March 4, 2014

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LTE Radar

2FF LTE proximity services Broadband World Forum 2013 24th October 2013, Thomas Henze (Deutsche Telekom, Digital Business Unit) – strictly confidential – 10/14/2013 1

Society and industry trends fostering proximity services. Connected devices in 2020 (Ericsson, Cisco). 2010: 50% 2030: 60% 863.575 Share of people living in a city (UN). Number of Android apps in the market October 9th 2013 ( 2

LTE Radar connects you with endless opportunities nearby. The video clip shows us some examples. ...... up-to 1 km dist a nce . . .... There are thousands of opportunities around you, but how to seize them in the very moment? Action! 3

LTE Radar: How does it work? *** be aware *** Signal discovery and filtering Signal discovery and filtering against user relevance (filters) against user relevance (filters) *** make yourself aware *** Signal broadcast (<1km): „tickets/concert/…“ Signal broadcast (<1km): „tickets/concert/…“ 4 Network moderating 2 Range classes (e.g. 50m, Range classes (e.g. 50m, 200m, max. 1.000m). 200m, max. 1.000m). Interoperability across all Interoperability across all networks and devices. networks and devices. Offering 2 concert tickets now! TICKET ALERT! Content pull via network Content pull via network LTE, licensed spectrum. LTE, licensed spectrum. 3 Global "language" Global "language" (dictionary) to be (dictionary) to be developed and managed. developed and managed. 1 -- Subscription & authentication Subscription & authentication -- Content storage Content storage -- Security & fraud prevention Security & fraud prevention --Billing Billing 3GPP-standardised 3GPP-standardised enabler, exposed to 3rd enabler, exposed to 3rd parties via developer APIs. parties via developer APIs. Manifold business models Manifold business models thinkable, to be defined. thinkable, to be defined. 4

LTE Radar takes proximity enabling to a new level. Location-based Geofencing Dies ist ein Blindtext. Dies ist ein Blindtext. Foursquare, Google Maps, ... + Installed base + Mobility support Beacons (LE Bluetooth) Dies ist ein Blindtext. Dies ist ein Blindtext. iBeacon, FyxTM , Bitplaces, ... + Low power consumption + Indoor support + Limited signalling traffic LTE proximity services Dies ist ein Blindtext. Dies ist ein Blindtext. LTE Radar, LTE Direct, 3GPP Rel.12 + Telco grade quality and reliability + Reach via native device implementation + Flexible proximity levels (50m … 1 km) + Highest security & privacy level due to independency from central platforms 5

Further use cases: LTE Radar for automotive. ATTENTION !! ATTENTION Road block Road block in 500m. in 500m. Change route? Change route? Free parking Free parking space – turn space – turn right. right. €3.50 per hour. €3.50 per hour. 6

More traffic safety for kids. ATTENTION !! ATTENTION School kid close. School kid close. 7

Saving lifes. II am a am a doctor. doctor. HELP !! HELP Any doctor Any doctor around? around? 8

Another example for kid safety via LTE radar. WARNING: WARNING: Distance to child Distance to child more than 50m! more than 50m! Wristband Wristband 9

LTE Radar for personal danger warning. WARNING: WARNING: Dog Dog approaching !! approaching Less than 50m. Less than 50m. 10

LTE Radar for hyper-local classifieds. Apartment Apartment for sale! for sale! 91m², click for 91m², click for floor plan floor plan Old bike for sale !! Old bike for sale 15yo, flat tire, 15yo, flat tire, €10 or a crate of beer. €10 or a crate of beer. Ring “Smith” twice! Ring “Smith” twice! 11

“On-the-premises DRM”: Continue watching the movie, even when there are other urgencies. Unlock digital content rights when on the premises off the premises on the premises 12

LTE Radar for in-app advertising with local targeting. 13

Find your LinkedIn and Xing contacts in the auditorium. Anybody free to Anybody free to have a coffee have a coffee together in the together in the break? break? 14

As you can see, a variety of use cases and more to come. 15

Business potential for operators in four dimensions. B2C / Consumer B2B2x / App.Industry B2B / Retailer Mobile Advertising 16

LTE proximity services: How to take it further? Believe in it ! KEY COMPONENTS Shape it ! Implement it ! Technical solution Spectrum band selection Business models Standardisation (3GPP) Developer API‘s „Global language“ (dictionary) Applications & community build-up 17

Contacts and related topics. Deutsche Telekom contacts Thomas Henze DTAG Digital Business Unit Access Products – Head of Mobile Access Andreas Schmeis DTAG Digital Business Unit Senior Product Manager & Project Lead LTE Radar Related topics Proximity Services (ProSe) project @ 3GPP Release 12 Public Safety Services @ 3GPP Release 12 LTE Direct project @ Qualcomm Research Kurt Bischinger DTAG International Standardisation VP Strategy & Project Coordination LTE Radar 18

Backup 19

Enormous growth markets: Location Based Services and Location Insight Services with $15bn potential in 2016. Global value of Location Based Services (LBS) estimated with $4.4bn by 2016. Global value of Location Insight Services (LIS) by industry and sector estimated with $11bn in 2016 – for those who do engage early enough… Source: Telco 2.0 study by STL Partners; Aug 2013 20

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