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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: sanemesra1995

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Task 2-Essay Sane m Esra Koyupinar Should factual products contain bias ? Oxford Dict ionary.co m : Inc inat l ion or prejudice for or against one person or group, especial in a w ay ly considered to be unfair there w as evidence of bias agains black appl : icants the bias towards younger people in recruitment. A bias opinion i w hen so meone favours another side and m akes inf s luences w hat there doing based on there opinions. In m y opinion inc luding bias opinions into factual writ ing i wrong and i s ronical does not f t into the cr ter ly i i ia of ' Factual Writ ingI also bel ieve that i is unprofessional for a journal or a t ist author to create a piece of factual writ ing with inf luences f m their o wn ro opinions instead of actual facts and infor mations because by doing this i t w ould i w ould also effect the audiences ideas and also mislead there ideas t about the topic . I i also important that the journal to be able to ident fy the dif t s ist i ference between inc luding actual facts rather then inc luding their o wn opinions into a piece of w ork. The reason Ith ink this is because by inc luding their o wn opinion into a piece of factual w ork the audience m ay not recognise that the art le is ic based on opinions and therefore wil bel l ieve w hat they wil read. l The topic that Ihave chosen to analyse to sho w the dif ference between bias and non bias art les i the legal ic s isat ion of m ari juana. Ihave taken both art les ic f m the internet and Ihave also tr ro ied to choose a art le that is featured on ic the f rst page of the search engine as there is a high chance that the audience i are m ore l ly to pick so mething f m the f rst page. ike ro i The f rst unbiased art le Ilooked at w as featured on a w ebsite cal i ic led 'Mar juana: An Unbiased Analysis w hich had been created by a 18 year old i ' col lege student w ho i try s ing to explain ho w and w hy M ari juana has beco me an ilegal drug and the controversy that has been brought up due to this drug. l F rst the student has inc i ly luded a brief descr ion of the drug and ho w i is ipt t consu med fo lowing with the history of the drug w hich is then concluded with l w hy the drug re mains to be ilegal in the m o dern day. Throughout the w hole l art le the student has re mained a m utual stance and does not ref ic lect his o wn opinion and f requent reference back to histor ly ical facts. By sett ing out his art le l th he has been able to prove his point without inc ic ike is luding his o wn opinion but with actual and persuasive facts w hich m akes the over al art le l ic m ore trust w orthy. Reference: http: /people.duke.edu/~ mtr4/ W20/analysis ml / .ht The art le that Ichoose to analyse in this subject is a art le is based on a ic ic w ebsite w here the publ are able to write their argu m ents and sub mit on the ic w ebsite for further debates with other publ m e m bers. In this art le the ic ic language i set m ore infor mal and is to straight f m the writers point in s ld ro , th art le the writer has f rst explains ho w he thinks that the use of drugs is is ic i wrong and shares so me of his passed experience with drugs but then he

fo lows th argu m ent with his opinion of ho w he bel l is ieves m ari juana is a safer drug to consu me by saying 的 f Iw ere to ask you w hether alcohol or m ari juana w as m ore har mful to the health of users, m ost of you w ould reply "Alcohol i w orse." Throughout the w hole art le the writer shares his opinion s ic with the publ to bring across the point that m ari ic juana is safe drug co m pared to the rest but w hi discussing this he does not inc lst lude any genuine facts or professional infor mation and tr ies to persuade the audience just based on w hat he i saying. s Reference:/ w w.dai /w lypaul .co m/261160/for-m ari juana-legal izat ion-i bet-youare-st l il biased-and-il prove-i lt The dif ference between the bias and unbiased is that the unbiased art le ic al lows the reader to be able to decide on w hat their o wn opinion is about the topic w hereas the bias art le forces the writers opinion to the reader and tr ic ies to direct the readers opinion to be the sa me as theres. Another dif ference between the two art les are ho w the unbiased co mes across m ore ic professional and uses m uch kore ofter language w hich doesn 稚 see m to harsh and outgoing co m pared to the bias art le w hich see ms m ore aggressive to ic read as the writer has tr ied to get his opinion across so passionately w hich has turned the over al art le to a rant m ore then a art le. The bias art le w as l ic ic ic also very casual w hitest reading the art le i w as very personal and very poor , ic t qual ty co m pared to the unbiased art le because the unbiased art le had i ic ic m ore structure to i and inc t luded m ainly histor ical facts on the subject w hich also m a de the art le m ore educat ic ional and m ore enjoyable to read. In conclus ion Ibel ieve that factual writ ing should not contain any kind of bias. The reason Ibel ieve th i that w hen you look at the exa m ples that are is s provided in you are able to see that w hen you see a the disadvantages that happen w hen bias opinions are inc luded in the art le and ho w i can be of ic t putt ing for m ost audiences to read. W h en you co m pare the bias art le to the ic unbiased art le you are able to notice w hen that you are actual able to gain ic ly kno wledge f m the unbiased art le and i Ia m uch m ore enjoyable read for ro ic t the audience.

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