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Published on October 22, 2014

Author: emzywmzy087

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my analysis of Lower Than Atlantis' self titled album for my A2 media coursework

1. Lower Than Atlantis(2014) The wavy lines that are part of the logo may suggest the mythical underwater world Atlantis, however the band's name is not any reference to that so is more than likely a coincidence. unlike the previous albums released by the band, this one includes a photo of them on the front, going against the band's own conventions. This may be to suggest that the band have created a new sound for themselves, and this is a new beginning, so including themselves on the front shows that. The pastel background also contradicts the previous albums as those were mainly darker colours, however also included white. This yet again highlights that the band have a new sound, and this is the first album that showcases that. The band is wearing all black, which contrasts the pastel background and the white logo. It may also be a nod to their previous, darker albums, and may show that even though their sound has changed, it doesn't mean that they have changed themselves.

2. Lower Than Atlantis(2014) Instead of going for the conventional dual case or digipak for the deluxe version of the album, the band decided to release a book, which includes lyrics of the songs from the albums and also a variety of photos. These photos are shots from music videos, photo shoots and also shots of the band from what we can assume is the recording process. The part of the book I decided to take a photo of was the last two pages, as they were the easiest to take, but also the image of the band is actually an envelope type pocket for the disc to be stored in. the text on the page is about the band themselves, information about who produced and mixed the album, and also information about management and publishing. This is seen on the vast majority of albums, however in other albums it is in a variety of places. The inside of the book continues the house style of the front and back of the album, with the pastel colours and the band wearing mostly black. I would also say that the fonts used are very similar to the "LOWER THAN" on the front of the album, however it is more squashed up, yet again adding to the continuity throughout.

3. Lower Than Atlantis(2014) much like every album released nowadays, the band opted to add the track listing on the back of the cover. I would say that this track list is hard to read, as there are many spaces between each letter and each word. This is so that all of the text is in line, however it does take a while to read and understand. The house style is yet again repeated, with the pastel background, but also the colours of the text are pink and white, the white linking back to the logo of the band. The pink highlights the exclusive bonus tracks, indicating that they are only on this version of the album. Like the vast majority of albums, there is also the legal information printed on the back of this album, such as the information about copyright and what record label the band belong to. The barcode is also placed on the back, yet again for legal reasons so that it can be purchased in a store.

4. Lower Than Atlantis(2014) The disc in the digipak also includes the logo, however the colours have been swapped, so that the background is white, and the logo is pink. The disc also includes the band's record labels' logos, and the copyright information.

5. Continuation within singles All of the singles from this album have continued the house style of the album, by using pastel colours for the background and using the same font that was used for the album. This highlights the fact that the singles are from that album, and also means that those who liked a certain single will associate that single with the band and the album. This font has become the logo for the band, being included in many things including tour posters and even the drum skin for the band’s live performances. This highlights the start of a new era for the band as the band had a different logo on all of the albums before this one. It also highlights the fact that the band have a new sound, as the logo is new and will not be associated with the previous one.

6. Variant copies There were only three copies of the album released. The first is the standard edition Dual case CD, with 12 songs. The second was the deluxe copy, which includes 3 extra songs, and comes in a 24 page hardback book, which includes photos of the band. This is the copy that I have analysed. The last copy available is the vinyl copy, which includes a copy of the CD. Much like the disc of the CD, the vinyl is white, highlighting that there is a clear colour scheme for this album, and that it is white and pink.

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