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Published on September 26, 2014

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Medium voltage switchboards are tested with power frequency Liquid Filled Transformers,Low Voltage Switchgears and pulse voltages

’73I<I’CJI’f'5 I: “ I’”3ItI. I§: ’ Designer ’ Manufacturer ’ Distributor - I . A Division 0fBuIox Corporation V STRONG & RELIABLE

OUR PROFILE OUR PROFILE lit 1 () | '() LR P’! I: I. |'I) is previously known as KONCAR FAR EAST Pte Ltd, a division of BULOX (‘()RP()R/ 'l'l()N. BULOX has garnered more than ten years of experience in the fields of developing, designing as well as production of power transformers and other medium-to-high voltage electical equipments to become a complete, one-stop solution for your elec- trical needs. Coupled with our commitment to keep up with the latest in technological development to suit the ever-changing needs of our esteemed customers, BULOX is rapidly evolving its role to greater heights in today’s electrical domestic and overseas domains. OUR MISSION To exceed customer satisfaction by providing the most innovative and effective solution through technology leadership, simplicity, quality products & services and timely delivery for the business we choose to be in. OUR VISION To be a leader in system design, assembly and integration of medium and low voltage electrical equipment for the power generation, transmission and distribution industry in this region Rail & Track Shipping & Marine www. " ® CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL 17.. .: is Io «rufy Hull the Quality Milmlgtnltlll sysmn of: BULOX POWER PTE LTD Block 4010 006-06 Aug Mo Kio Ave 10 Tecliplace 1 Singapore 569626 Republic of Singapore has hm: Il; !]m1lYaH1_| / l. ln_i/ ll‘: R(xl. ~‘li'I Qlulllly Assiimunr ($illg! l])Il') In lllrfllllmrlllx Qil/ lllly Mlllmgrmfllf Syxirrrl si. m.i. mi. «.- BS EN ISO 9001:2000 ISO 9001:2000 55 ISO 9001: 2000 771: Qrmlily Mflllflxtllltlll Sysltur IS appliculilz lo: System design, assembly and integration ofMedimu 8 Low voltage electrical eqnipuieutfar the power generation, I transmission and distribrlliorr industry. This rtrlifimlrfomls [-111 c/ llrr unvrvlvl Idtrlllflal Dy (rlllfiullf mmim SNG oisom Ayynrnll Original Ayprvrull is Mav200J cm. /my No. sna oisoxhvfl rumnrmiifmirv rmmiizoos Crllifiiulr n, -try: is May zoor i can ‘bwdce .2.-_~. iT. Z.i M i1.m: '§iz. ,.,17 Q. .4:. :_v Anumrltt i. ... w lliv-luuntnltvlufvl lhrprn . ... .i». mm. . The achievements attained by BUL OX today are a result of its firm commitment to its business policy to be a leader in the electrical industry in areas of research, acquisition of new technologies, quality control as well as stafftraining programs. Bl ‘LOX has obtained the ISO 9001: 2000 certifications in 2004. At l}UI. ()X. we strive to achieve the highest guarantee of quality and reliance of our transformers and electrical products in full compliance with International Standards such as IEC (International Electro technical Commission) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association). ‘. com STRONG S RELIABLE

TRANSFORMERS III = l (>' itself or through its OEM partners has been in the business of designing and manufacturing of power, distribution and HV instrument transformers for its clients. The transformer which III | ,( IX manufactured generally complies with IEC / BS / DIN standards but others such as NEMA, ANSI, etc. can also be easily achieved. III ‘I <I, ' offers a wide range of transformers which are manufactured using only the highest quality materials. In conformance with internationally recognized Standards, III I < I transformers offer a wide range of benefits in the following areas. The main advantages derived from each purchase is a transformer which is manufactured in high quality varnish cast and improve dielectric strength as well as a good engineering design of ridigly solidified windings which provides a tough seal while the transformer is in operation. In addition, wide varieties of voltages are available from III I <I' to suit and match different customer requirements upon request. CAST RESIN TRANSFORMERS (Capacity Ra1ngc:25l'u Z0 Kxn III‘ I. V 36 K) A u‘ " , " I "'1! : .i ‘P _, T' . _<l ~ I Y BULOX produces and distributes one ofthe widest ranges of dry cast resin transformers in the world. The transformer can be equipped with forced cooling. OIL IMMERSED TRANSFORMERS I(‘npaici1_ Range: |(I(I Kxn X01! M;1/u 3.(vK 5I5Kl BULOX Oil Immersed Power Transformer posses special characteristics of moisture & gas prevention which affect transformer oil into transformer tank and no need to replace By the use of such a cooling system a performance increase of 50% can be achieved with minimal inconvenience. It provides the ultimate mechanical strength to withstand thermal and mechanical stresses from severe climates, cycling loads, and short circuit forces. It is also very effective at sites of installation where the available space is limited. To conclude it is evident that the Cast-Resin Transformers produced by BULOX have provided a reasonable solution to many projects, because it is possible to adapt their layout according to the specifications of the clients. Features A Safe, compact and sturdy in design A Copper or aluminum windings A High efficiency and reliability A Low noise level and low losses A Maximum safety and high adaptability A Easy to install and maintenance free A Environmental protection: Excellent A Flame-retardant Self—extinguishing A Versions with reduced no-load Applications A A variety ofinfrastructure projects such as : a. Hospital b. In-tram and underground railway shafts c. Wind energy platforms d. On offshore installations e. In mines installation A Industrial transformers A Traction transformers A Isolation transformers WWW. . . silica gel and help reduce expenses in maintaining the insulation oftransformer oil for longer use. Type ofliquids - mineral and silicon oil. Range BULOX Oil Immersed Power Transformers are: a. Hermetically sealed with N2 gas cushion type Transformer of sealed tank enable to prevent moisture & oxygen, and tank being designed to be enable to expand volume at corrugated fins, while transformer is heated, it will cause low pressure at tank even work under high load. b. Conservator type with radiator and expansion tank Transformer of open tank; moisture and oxygen inlet will be possible enable oil quality deteriorated, normal aperture. c. Pad-mounted type Features A Distribution transformer A Industrial transformer A Power transformer A Traction transformer A Applications A Distribution transformer A Industrial transformer A Power transformer A Traction transformer xcom STRONG & RELIABLE PRODUCTS 5 SERVICES

DRY TYPE TRANSFORMERS SPECIAL DESIGN TRANSFORMERS (Capacity Range: 1.0 '~ 2000 Kva Q1 LV ~ I Kv) (Capacity Range : 25 Kvzi ~ 5000 Kvu (ti LV ~ 36 Kv) BULOX Low Voltage Dry Type Transformer have proven their worth worldwide, even under extreme operating conditions, both in power supply utility installations and in industrial plants. BULOX K-Factor Special Transformer is non standard & special type of transformer also one of the key area of BULOX expertise. The company prides itself as being one ofthe few manufacturers able to customized designed transformers to meet clients’ needs. BULOX Low Voltage Dry Type Transformer is manufactured with highest grade materials & conforms to most internationally _ Features recognized standards. A K_RaIe Transformers Features A Arc Furnace Transformers A simpie design and easy A Traction Transformers A Full copper windin Rc sformers A High efficienc low noise level A Transform Jig Underground Mines A Diffiou ignite A Outdoor Marine D Transformers A ‘store resistance A Transformers Suitable F0 lass 1, Div 2 Environment High temperature and durable insulation A other Ouldccr & Special Trans 9%“ _ , . . Applications APPllcn"°n5 A Control transformers in plant and control system engineering A C°nir0l transformers in Plant and e°nir°l 5}’ in engineering A Matching transformers for industrial establishments A Matching iransfrlrnlers for industrial e5i3bll A Isolating and safety transformers for electrical devices A lsclaiing and Safely lransfcrmers fcr electrical cicV e5 A Transformers in production machines A Transfcrnlers in Production rrlaclllnes A Device transformers for communications, medical A Device transformers for communications, medical engineiing engineering & domestic appliances and domestic 3PPli3nee5 A Transformers for drives A Transformers for drives A Eieciricai components A Isolation Transformer A Reaoiors A Reactor Transformer A Traction transformer A Traction Transformer A isolation transformer A Industrial Transformers MEDIUM / LOW VOLTAGE SWITCHGEAR A Compact Dimensions The structure of the switchboard and optimal layout of the various compartments, even with respect to the electrical characteristic, allows reducing considerably the overall sizes. It is also possible to Withdrawable Type I construct compartments which can house even 2 consumers M°‘°r C°"‘r°l Cenire A Easy installation and connection Medium voltage switchboards are tested with power-frequency and pulse voltages. They reach the installation site in individual preassembled units packaged with polyethylene sheets. Instal-lation is completed simply by fixing the single units with screw anchors on a perfectly leveled fioor and then coupling the units mech- anically and connecting them to the external circuits. A Safety against fire risk The use of insulating materials with excellent self-extinguishing properties and Modular My Mann clad switches the metal segregation partitions between the compartments of the units prevents fire from spreading. A Flexibility and Versatility A““"“"g°5 Any type of layout with different units can be realized with this modular A Ease of use and Safe operational switchboards, including modifications and extensions to existing switchboards A Ummeniuimbie mamtenan°e_ A Able to adapt to extreme environments A Protect against fire risk A Suitable for complex power distribution system A Safety and Maximum Service Reliability The totally segregated units allow to operate in total safety, such as access to the low voltage circuits and equipment without danger oftouching the medium voltage components www. buloxpower. com STRONG S RELIABLE

PRODUCTS 8. SERVICES RING MAIN UNIT (RMUs) Itl l. ()X supply in a number of different configurations suitable for most switching applications in 12/24 kV distribution networks. The RMU has a completely sealed system with a stainless steel tank Ir r’ r .5 arr ~ r I .9 I containing all the live parts and switching functions. A sealed steel tank with constant atmospheric ' ' ’ " ii ' H ‘t. conditions ensures a high level of reliability as well as personnel safety and a virtually maintenance- free system. The RMU offers a choice of either a switch fuse combination or a circuit breaker with « relay for protection of the transformer. RMU can also be fitted with a remote control and monitoring unit and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Features Compact and robust design Minimal moving parts Virtually maintenance free High degree of functionality with integrated features High flexibility Multiple configuration options Enhanced safety Complete solutions including applications for remote control and monitoring Gas Insulated Type >‘}}§ }}>} PACKAGED SUBSTATIONS BULOX Outdoor Packaged Substation Units served as a convenient, safe and fast way to set up a new network for the transformation and distribution of electrical power energy either on land or offshore. BULOX has an extensive track record in designing & packaging such substations to suit customers’ needs for many years. The company produces both standard as well as cus- - ’ ‘ii ' tomized packaged substations for its client. Most of r I ; r . » - ‘ these packaged substations are ergonomically and l l lii 7 i i r r is 7 compactly designed and are manufactured with the . i it ii ‘ . l I I | highest quality materials using the latest technologies. i K . ‘= I l u t 3’ T BULOX prides itself as one ofthe few manufacturers mi -1 , V [K l r e i 7 is l ; ~ 7 in the region able to customize the substation to their ' 7‘ / ii I 7 client’s specific needs Substation - Mali "e r — — r- — — —r— International Project ii. . i I 11/’: c_ ‘ If ' ‘ll: / -rl* ' , ,— ’ 1 Combined Substation . —’ M 2 . . _-i "r ~ Brunei Shell Project ‘ ~ , ‘ A Features ‘ A Compact high tension (HT) SF—6 switchgear t. — ——— A Low voltage (LV) switchgear l A HV/ LV transformer: liquid-filled and dry type __ A Enclosure protection: outdoor type " A Customized to meet your stringent requirements i / Substation - Port Authority Application. OfSingapore (PSA) A Suitable for outdoor design, tight space, constraints, heavy duty, rough handling A Marine duty saltden A Offshore harsh environment condition A Others M&E works " xcom ETRONE & RELIABLE

PRODUCTS It SERVICES CONTAINERISED EQUIPMENT ROOM BULOX is able to design and packaged customized container room or outstations suitable for offshore fire rated classes equivalent to A—60 above. These containerized rooms can be used to house specialized instrument for process monitoring and control located either offshore or in a harsh environment. Most of such container rooms are designed to meet or exceed all the relevant standards requirements either specified by the clients or its consultants. Bulox works very closely with its clients in helping them acquire their container rooms from design stagertill final testing and commissioning in the most innovative and economical way SPECIAL EQUIPMENT ROOM Packaged Purnpset BU LOX not only manufactures and distributes electrical power equipment but is also able to helps its clients to integrate and install these equipment as well as other associated equipment manufactured by other on a turnkey basis. The strong engineering capability of BULOX has put the company in the forefront for the many innovative designs made for many of its satisfied clients in the region. Come ofthese capabilities include: Switchyard Substation Applications Features Small powerplant and substation Customized gensets and frequency convertors Specialised pump packages Underfloor lifting system for trains Exproof equipment Customised test rigs Other specialized M&E works DDDD} D) A Suitable for outdoor design, tight space, constraints, heavy duty, rough handling A Marine duty saltden A Offshore harsh environment condition A Others M&E works A Heavy industrial plant A Service industry A Marine and off-shore platforms " xcom sT| =.-i: :NG & RELIABLE Substation Pumping Station

REFERENCES & TESTIMONIAL Brunei Shell Petroleum Sarawak Shell Refinery Exxon-Mobil Refinery Petronas Refinery Maldives Airport Authority Singapore LTA (Land Transport )}}§r))} Singapore P ublic Utilities Board) A M’ 'stry Of Defence (MINDEF / DSTA) Port Authority Of Singapore Power Distribution System - Toshiba LCD Plant Outdoor Substltiun For Power Distribution A Toshiba-Matsushita LCD Plant A Singapore Changi Naval Base A Hitachi Plants A and more. ... Compact Substation For Brunei Shells Project Keppel FELS Keppel Shipyard _ _ CM! Changi Water Reclniminlrion Plant Keppel SEGHERS Engineering SembCorp Engineers & Constructors SembCorp Marine & Offshore Engineering )}}}>) SMOE Sembawang Shipyard Temporary Substation In circle Line {MRT) Singapore Project www. buloxpower. com 5‘Tl'-"GONG & RELIABLE

BULOX POWER PTE LTD Blk 4010 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #0606 Tec ce I Singapore 569626 Email sa| es@bu| oxpower. com Web ' : www buloxpowencom Tel: 65-6455 4111 Fax: 65-6455 0111 —adwismn Olfiulnrcowmatmn

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