Loving Lions and Lionesses

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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: Ubuntu4Animals

Source: authorstream.com

PowerPoint Presentation: The Lion and Lioness are the apex predators on the planet. PowerPoint Presentation: As such, they play a vital role in regulating the vitality of our whole planetary eco-system. PowerPoint Presentation: Humans are at last beginning to recognize that each animal plays a crucial role in the interconnected fabric of life. PowerPoint Presentation: The lions and lionesses cultivate the vital life intelligence of harmony in diversity PowerPoint Presentation: They teach us of a majesty that nurtures the well being of all parts of the whole without prejudice of gender or species. PowerPoint Presentation: The whole planetary eco-system depends on the lions as apex predators to regulate the flourishing of all species. PowerPoint Presentation: Throughout time, the lions have been recognized as holding a unique, integrative and even divine, cosmic vibration. PowerPoint Presentation: The lions appear in mythologies across cultures as wise, benevolent, loving and majestic beings, PowerPoint Presentation: that often sacrifice themselves for the benefit of humanity PowerPoint Presentation: If the lions become extinct, the whole planetary eco-system as we know it, is likely to disintegrate . PowerPoint Presentation: The lions do not belong to Africa alone! PowerPoint Presentation: They belong to the planet, and the planet belongs to them, no less than it belongs to human beings, or to the rest of creation. PowerPoint Presentation: Humans have become increasingly disconnected from nature. PowerPoint Presentation: We have distanced ourselves from the life giving power of mutual nourishment PowerPoint Presentation: and perverted the notion of power into one of hierarchy, exploitation and entitlement. PowerPoint Presentation: When we displace, cage and kill the lions and lionesses, the very animals that cultivate the energy of harmony in diversity on the planet - PowerPoint Presentation: the planet fragments further and further into the fear and demonization of diversity. PowerPoint Presentation: And with the demonization of diversity comes envy and fear of the other, and the corrupt and violent rule of some over others. - PowerPoint Presentation: This is the form of evil that goes against the principle of life. PowerPoint Presentation: As humans have become increasingly intoxicated with our own power PowerPoint Presentation: we are coming dangerously close to burning ourselves with our own hubris. PowerPoint Presentation: Just as in the story of Prometheus we are provoking the archetypal and energetic representation of the Sun on the planet. PowerPoint Presentation: And, as in mythology, when we anger the Sun God by stealing its fire to go against life PowerPoint Presentation: when we use stolen fire to kill the lions and lionesses who are recognized as holding the radiant and life-giving vibration of the sun on the planet, PowerPoint Presentation: we are likely to incinerate ourselves in our own self-made hell. PowerPoint Presentation: The lions now confront humans, with the extent of our capacity for envy, greed, evil and cowardliness. PowerPoint Presentation: Is it perhaps the human envy of nature, and our fear and denial of our own impotence in the face of nature PowerPoint Presentation: that causes us to deceive and betray these majestic, loving creatures? PowerPoint Presentation: The canned lion industry raises lions specifically to be shot for money . PowerPoint Presentation: These extraordinary creatures are taken from their wild habitat and bred with benevolent human contact so that they are taught to trust humans. PowerPoint Presentation: And then this trust is betrayed as a stranger pays to shoot the now unsuspecting lion and lioness :  and to gloat proudly over this cowardly deceitful act that betrays both the lion as well as the integrity of the entire planetary ecological system. PowerPoint Presentation: What does canned hunting reflect about a humanity that allows this atrocity to occur - PowerPoint Presentation: a humanity that fears and kills that which is recognized intuitively as superior to and more radiant than ourselves? PowerPoint Presentation: And now the world awakens to the imbalances and deceptions of a human culture that has treacherously and vainly tried to usurp the power of the lions. PowerPoint Presentation: We now have a unique chance to take a collective stand PowerPoint Presentation: to end this perversion and corruption and bring forth lionhearted leadership on the planet that is invested in the good of all. PowerPoint Presentation: Let’s together roar a global pledge to restore wise and loving leadership on the planet! PowerPoint Presentation: On the 15 th of March, a Global March for the Lions will take place in cities across the world, signifying a unique opportunity for the restitution of true and just leadership PowerPoint Presentation: and the end of the hijacking of the legal system in ways that serve the forces of greed and evil. PowerPoint Presentation: http:// www.globalmarch4lions.org Let’s together save the lions from this horrific industry and in doing so contribute to saving the planet and humanity itself! PowerPoint Presentation: This presentation has been created for the purpose of spreading awareness regarding the atrocities of the canned hunting industry. For this purpose we have used images downloaded from the internet and included the source of the image where available on the image itself. We thank the artists and creators of the images and hope they will see this as fair use of these images for the benefit of the planet and humanity. If any photographer or artist would like us to remove their particular image from this presentation we will be happy to do so. We thank the organizers of the Global March for the Lions for their crucial work in raising awareness regarding this corrupt, inhumane and dangerous industry. Presentation Produced by: Ubuntu4Animals Contact : info@ubuntu4animals.org Music by Chris Tokalon Title: Earth Moves http :// www.soundman.co.za

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