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Published on June 18, 2008

Author: Tess45


The Signs of the Zodiac  and Love Zodiac Signs


Jan. 20 - Feb. 18 Perfect Love Match : Gemini, Libra and Aquarius Aquarius Love Traits You will never get bored in a relationship with an Aquarian. They are quite innovative and surprise you on a regular basis. They hardly get jealous. Even if they do, they will never ever let their feelings show. They are very loyal and stick with their loved ones whatever be the circumstances. They are very caring of the ones they love. They are very emotional and sensitive and tend to get hurt very easily. Air Sign Sign: The Water Bearer Symbol:



Feb. 19 - Mar. 20 Perfect Love Match : Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces Pisces Love Traits They are artistic and romantic to the core. They are committed and loyal partners and lavish affection. They are very caring and quite easy to get along with. They can easily understand your feelings, sometimes even before you voice them. They prefer long term and monogamous relationships than casual flings. Water Sign Sign: The Fish Symbol:



Mar. 21 - April 19 Perfect Love Match : Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius Aries Love Traits Aries have a strong sense of romance. They are very possessive of their loved ones and are prone to jealousy. They are very expressive in love and are not the ones to hold back their feelings. Aries are very faithful to their loved ones and do not go straying after other people once they find their match. They love spontaneity in a relation. Fire Sign Sign: The Ram Symbol:



April 20 - May 20 Perfect Love Match : Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus Taurus Love Traits They love to be pampered. They tend to be possessive and protective about their loved ones. Taurians are known for their loyalty and devotion. They can be the gentlest people around and are extremely caring. They are very understanding and trustworthy in a relation. Earth Sign Sign: The Bull Symbol:



May 21 - June 21 Perfect love match : Gemini, Libra and Aquarius Gemini Love Traits They love excitement and variety in love. Geminis love to be pampered silly. They tend to be very possessive, be it any relationship. They tend to be very choosy when it comes to love. Born flirts, Geminis love to flirt and it is mostly harmless and fun. They generally associate with a partner who is intellectually stimulating and provide the variety they crave for. Their dating and seduction style stands out and they will never do the same stuff twice. Air Sign Sign: Twins Symbol:



June 22 - July 22 Perfect love match : Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces Cancer Love Traits They are very emotional. However, very often they mask their true feelings behind a cold persona. They are truly romantic and their love is very strong. A Cancerian can never be satisfied with the amount of love showered on him/her and will always crave for more. They are very giving in a relationship, something that is exploited by opportunists often. Though they are not very expressive of their love, they make sincere efforts to show their loved one that they care. Water Sign Sign: The Crab Symbol:



July 23 - Aug. 22 Perfect Love Match : Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Leo Love Traits Leos tend to be protective of the ones they love. A Leo is very supportive and will lend you a shoulder through the ups and downs of your life. They can get very possessive of their loved ones and get jealous very easily. Leos romance in the fairy tale way. They will swoon their beloved with romantic candle lit dinners and endless bouquets of flowers. They love to be pampered in love and are very caring. Fire Sign Sign: The Lion Symbol:



Aug. 23 - Sept. 22 Perfect Love Match : Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo Virgo Love Traits Virgos are highly trustworthy and genuine in their relationships. They are not too demonstrative in love. They are very considerate of the ones who are important to them. They are very committed in any relation. You will hardly find Virgo who is not protective of his relationships. Earth Sign Sign: The Virgin Symbol:



Sept. 23 - Oct. 23 Perfect Love Match : Gemini, Aquarius and Libra Libra Love Traits Librans are quite expressive about their feelings. They will exhibit their love for you in many ways. They are very considerate and loving. They wait for their true love and once they find them, they are very loyal. They are peace loving people and do not create chaos. They are highly romantic and very passionate. Air Sign Sign: The Scale Symbol:



Oct. 24 - Nov. 21 Perfect Love Match : Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio Scorpio Love Traits Scorpios are extremely passionate as well as loyal in any relationship. They have a very magnetic personality that makes people notice them when they walk by. You can lose yourself trying to understand their mysterious personality. They tend to overlook even the biggest faults of the people they love. Their sensitive side is seldom displayed. It is normally kept buried under an aggressive persona. Water Sign Sign: The Scorpion, Eagle or Gray Lizard Symbol:



Nov. 22 - Dec. 21 Perfect Love Match : Aries, Leo and Gemini Sagittarius Love Traits They are willing to take any kind of risk in love. Sagittarians are very trustworthy. Never doubt them. It will be like hitting them where it hurts the most. Even when in a relationship, they need to have their own freedom. They simply love compliments. Sagittarians find it hard to commit themselves to anyone. But once they do, they stay loyal to their partner. Fire Sign Sign: The Archer Symbol:



Dec. 22 - Jan. 19 Perfect Love Match : Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn Capricorn Love Traits Capricorns are very loyal and dedicated towards their partners. They are very tolerant in their relationships and extremely possessive of their loved ones. You can depend upon a Capricorn any day. You will always find them standing by your side when you need support. They are not the ones to shy away from commitment. Good Luck! Earth Sign Sign: The Goat Symbol:


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