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Published on June 17, 2007

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Love Your Body DayHelen Fasanya & Katie Hecksel AMSA Women in Medicine:  Love Your Body Day Helen Fasanya andamp; Katie Hecksel AMSA Women in Medicine You are beautiful… just the way you are:  You are beautiful… just the way you are Loving your body not only means accepting yourself, but also taking good care of 'what you’ve got'. Keeping a healthy weight, regular exercise, and practicing safe de-stressing techniques could all improve the quality of your life. Most women DON’T look like supermodels:  Most women DON’T look like supermodels 20 yrs ago, the average model weighed 8% less than the average woman; today, models weigh 23% less Dangers of wanting to be :  Dangers of wanting to be Unrealistic/unattainable body image expectations could lead young women to practice unhealthy dieting measures which may lead to eating disorders, stress and a loss of ability to concentrate and function normally. Eating Disorders:the facts:  Eating Disorders: the facts About 1% of female adolescents have anorexia. Research suggests that about 4 out of 100 young women have bulimia. Eating disorders are characterized by a preoccupation with weight that results in severe disturbances in eating and other behaviors. ( These disorders include: Anorexia Nervosa Bulimia Nervosa Binge Eating Disorder Body Dysmorphic Disorder An•orex•ia Ner•vo•sa:  An•orex•ia Ner•vo•sa def: a serious disorder in eating behavior primarily of young women in their teens and early twenties characterized especially by a pathological fear of weight gain leading to faulty eating patterns, malnutrition, and usually excessive weight loss Miriam-Webster Online Dictionary Bu•li•mi•a Ner•vo•sa:  Bu•li•mi•a Ner•vo•sa def: also known as the binge-purge eating disorder. A person with bulimia binges by eating a large amount of food in a short time, over a couple of hours, and then purges by vomiting, overexercising, or misusing laxatives, diuretics, or other medications. Binge Eating Disorder:  Binge Eating Disorder those with binge eating disorder frequently consume large amounts of food while feeling a lack of control over their eating Slide9:  BDD is a preoccupation with an imagined physical defect in appearance or a vastly exaggerated concern about a minimal defect. Diet and Exercise:  Diet and Exercise Just exactly HOW MUCH is enough? 20 to 60 minutes of exercise per day, about 3 to 5 days a week, or at least 3 hours a week is suggested. Don’t just diet, make a lifestyle change for a healthier you. Eating “Healthy”:  Eating 'Healthy' Top Keys Eat nutrient rich meals. No single food provides all the essential nutrients, so make sure to eat a variety of foods. Enjoy plenty of whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables Eat moderate portions. Refer to the Food Guide Pyramid for recommended serving sizes. Exercise:  Exercise Fitting exercise into your busy schedule will help to reduce your stress, improve your mood and keep you healthy. Allow yourself a couple of minutes a day to take a walk in the park, go swimming or hit the gym for an intensive workout. y:  y Medical School can get tough. Keeping a balance between academics and the rest of your life can make things more bearable. Rest and Sleep:  Rest and Sleep A normal healthy adult requires an average of about 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Benefits of adequate sleep: Improves memory Minimizes effects of stress Keeps you alert Improves ability to perform tasks requiring use of logic and mathematical skills. Alcohol:  Alcohol Although alcohol most commonly is associated with 'having a good time', it is actually a CNS depressant. Some studies have shown the 'a glass of wine a day may keep the cardiologist away' but the same has not been suggested for others forms of alcohol. Alcohol may only seem to alleviate stress for a short time. When it’s effects set in, you might feel more anxious than before your 1st drink Tobacco:  Tobacco Cigarette smoking kills an estimated 178,000 women in the United States annually. ⁿ The three leading smoking-related causes of death in women are lung cancer (44,000), heart disease (41,000), and chronic lung disease (37,500). ⁿ Slide17:  Bottom line… Love Your Body:  Love Your Body

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