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Published on July 5, 2010

Author: samwise

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: Movie Review of : Slide 2: Frodo Baggins Bilbo Baggins A young Hobbit Frodo Baggins finds himself faced with an immense task, as his uncle Bilbo entrusts “The one Ring” to his care. Frodo must leave home & make a perilous journey to Mount Doom, to destroy the one ring & foil the Dark Lord in his evil purpose of enslaving the world. A new Ring Bearer Slide 3: 9 companions for the Fellowship of the Ring Elf (Legolas) Dwarf (Gimli) Wizard (Gandalf) Hobbits Aragorn Boromir Humans Slide 4: The breaking of the fellowship : Merry and Pippin Frodo & Sam Gimli,Aragorn & Legolas Attack on fellowship Fall of Boromir Slide 6: Conflict Management : As the fellowship was a diversified team conflicts were bound to occur. The only conflict that arose among them was which path will be safer for their journey. As half of the fellowship was debating to take one path (a secret mine)and the rest half said to take the other path( a nearby country). The Gandalf, the leader only said “Let the Ring Bearer decide” to resolve the conflict. As the fellowship was formed to protect Frodo, they instantly agreed with Frodo’s decision ie to go through the Mines. Slide 7: Team Work : The fellowship portrays a very inspiring team spirit. . Though the fellowship was broken, they kept going on their paths & kept doing their tasks to indirectly provide support to their fellow members.. Slide 8: Values : Terminal Value :Desirable goals to be achieved in an individuals lifetime . Instrumental Value : Preferable modes of behavior or means of achieving one’s goal. The Sacrifice : Boromir sacrified his life to protect his friends so that they can continue with their quest. Slide 9: Motivation : It’s a process that accounts for an individuals intensity, direction and persistence of efforts towards attaining a goal . Slide 10: High Performance Leadership: Trait Theories : Considers personal qualities and characteristics of a leader. Desire to Lead : -Guiding, Controlling & Creative. Ambition & Energy : -Directing, Empowering & Visionary. Honesty & Integrity : -Ethical, Reliable & Mentor. Self-Confidence : -Logical, Risk Taking & Decisiveness. Intelligent: : -Tactics & Strategy Task related knowledge Slide 11: “Even the smallest person can change the course of the world.” Conclusion :

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