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Published on November 19, 2008

Author: cometoshare

Source: slideshare.net


Of course, other files such as text, video, and pictures can be put in the U4 like a USB drive.

LINK : http://xenix.egloos.com/1797299 + Stick Music Player, Yepp YP-U4 Review The Yepp series U4 internal USB port has been released. The shape has been changed so much that I couldn’t find similar thing to the former U3, but the basic structure is like the U3, and I could find many improvement compared to the U3. When I saw the picture of the U4, honestly I said ‘what is that?’ thinking it’s weird. As I have to see the Yepp in real to say something about it, the real product is very neat compar to the ed picture. Let’s take a look at if functions are improved as much as the design. Design

Like I said before, the design became really neat. 4 way control buttons became touch buttons, and the boundary of the LCD and body became smooth. But the gradation can be seen as old- fashioned.

At the right side, there are play/pause, record/user, and hold buttons in order. The user buttons which is like a function key is to set a certain function such as EQ. This buttons has been used in the medium range Yepp models, so you don’t need more explanation, do you? In the opposite side, there’s a USB port in/out switch. Like the U3, pushing it once, the USB comes out, and you can put it in by pushing in with pressing it.

The advantage of the internal USB port is great. Charging, moving songs are basic functions. And with carrying data such as certification, portable programs which can be executed in the moveable disk, the internal USB port MP player is very useful incomparably.

At the top, there’s a 3.5 pi earphone port and microphone for voice recording. At the back, on the top there’s a strap ring, and reset hole. At the lower part, seal for serial number has to be located, but it doesn’t, because it’s a test product.

Because it’s touch type, there’s no feeling when pushing buttons, so the U3 shows the status by lighting. And the U4 has 3 lights below the touch control part. Function Despite the low ranger product, it supports various functions such as FM radio, datacasts, and voice recording.

One fun thing was that it shows the album art with the small LCD. The album art in the screen is SeoTaiJi new single ‘MOAI’ General Review Yepp YP-U4. It’s really neat compared to the former U series. And, with the internal USB port, and the low price, it’s incomparably good product for the price. But like the former U3, the touch buttons kept me uncomfortable. Like the bigger S series, the touch type is good to control the bigger player while watching videos and splendid UI. But this U series is only for music, and this type of product has to be controlled even ‘not seeing it’. That is my thought.

’Start/Pause’ can be controlled without taking it out, but for ‘Next/Previous’ or ‘Volume control’, I had to take out the product, and it’s very inconvenient. I can understand the 4 way button considering much, but the ‘back’ touch button at the right has a bad influence on control. There were many mistakes from this part. I think this product is suitable for young users who like touch type, considering price and functions, and have to carry USB memory. Review - Xenix Blog - ▒ Xenix`s Blog ▒ Me2day - ▒ Xenix`s Me2day ▒ E-Mail -

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