Looking for new opportunities in telematics, V2x and infotainment software development

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Published on October 12, 2016

Author: yaroslav35

Source: slideshare.net

1. Best in class team – looking for new opportunities in telematics, V2x and infotainment software development https://www.linkedin.com/in/yaroslav-domaratsky yaroslav35@gmail.com Yaroslav Domaratsky, PhD

2. Automotive experience Automotive SW development projects completed by the team • 1996 - 2002: OSEK OS development and certification for 8, 16, and 32-bit Motorola MCU’s - customers: DC, BMW • 1999 - 2000: OSEKtime time-triggered OS and FTCom layer for x-by-wire applications - customers: Motorola SPS • 2000 - 2008: Telematics software - customers: GM, DC, BMW,Volvo, JLR,Toyota • 2007 - 2009: hands free and music car kits; PND software - customers: OEM’s, retail chains • 2008 - 2012: AutoSAR components - customer: Tier1 supplier • 2013 – 2016: Connection manager for LTE vehicle modem, mesh overV2x proof of concept - customer: Motorola Solutions. Complete ownership of the below SW components • OSEK OS and communication layer;AutoSAR components • Time-triggered operating system for x-by-wire applications • Proprietary RTOS and Linux BSP’s for variousTCU architectures; D2B, MOST, CAN, J1850, LIN • Home grown Bluetooth software; NAD integration • OEMTCU software and automotive HF products with voice and graphic UI • Soft DSP solutions; mesh networking;V2x applications • Data platform, big data analytics, services enabled by the big data analytics.

3. Team experience mapped to C-ITS telecom vision Mesh / 802.11p (PoC) CM for LTE BCxx (Prod) WPAN (PoC) Mesh / WiFi city infra. (Prod) mVPN (Prod) P2x context aware (PoC) BT stack & profiles (Prod) Mesh / BT LE (Prod) Soft LTE platform (PoC) LTE & WiFi data aggregation (PoC) IP packets cache (Prod) DTN / 802.11p (PoC) Legend: BC - Band Class LE - Low Energy WVAN - Wireless VAN PoC - Proof of Concept demo Prod - Product P2x - Pedestrian 2x DTN - Disruption Tolerant Network mVPN - mobile VPN WPAN - Wireless PAN BT - Bluetooth CM - Connection Manager

4. Team experience mapped to C-ITS architecture Android / iOS mobile apps (Prod) CM for LTE BCxx (Prod) mVPN (Prod) WPAN (Prod) BT stack & profiles (Prod) WVAN (PoC) Mesh / 802.11p (PoC) DTN / 802.11p (PoC) Data platform (Prod) Mobile apps back end (Prod) LTE & WiFi data aggregation (PoC) LTE & WiFi data aggregation (PoC) Soft LTE platform (PoC) IP packets cache (Prod) Dev management (Prod) Sensor hub (Prod) P2x context aware (PoC) DTN / 802.11p (PoC) Big data analytics (Prod) Decision support system (PoC) Business intelligence (Prod)

5. Team experience mapped to AGL architecture Linux BSP’s (Prod) CM for LTE/ WiFi (Prod) mVPN (Prod) “Black box” (Prod) TCU products ASR integr (Prod) CAN, LIN, J1850, MOST, FlexRay TCU diag (Prod) Codec’s, DLNA (Prod) MCDF policy engine (Prod) BT stack & profiles (Prod) Mesh over BT (Prod) Mesh over WiFi (Prod) Mesh over 802.11p (PoC) Voice assistant (Prod) PTT over LTE (PoC) ESRI services (PoC) Messenger (Prod) PS home screen (Prod) PS BT apps (Prod) PS WiFi apps (Prod) PS context (Prod) WPAN (PoC) DTN over 802.11p (PoC) PS mobile apps (Prod) Legend: PS - Public Safety PTT - Push To Talk

6. Team experience mapped to ITS station reference architecture Embedded apps (Prod) CM for LTE BCxx (Prod) Soft LTE platform (PoC) WPAN (PoC) BT stack & profiles (Prod) WVAN (PoC) Mesh / 802.11p (PoC) DTN / 802.11p (PoC) LTE & WiFi data aggregation (PoC) Mesh / WiFi (Prod) IP packets cache (Prod) mVPN (Prod) Sensor hub (PoC) P2x context aware (PoC) Power & dev management (Prod) WiFi driver (Prod) Soft DSP (Prod)

7. Back-end (cloud) experience The team has extended experience in back-end (cloud) software development including • Back-end data platform • Using Storm, Kafka, Elastic search, HDFS, CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis, Kibana, HBase, Spark • Big data analytics • Network Operations Center analytics • Device analytics • Applications / services back-end • Mobile applications back end • Device management service •Virtual voice assistant service • Device “black-box” service. The team is in unique position to develop both vehicle side and back-end (cloud) side software for vehicle OEMs andTier 1 suppliers Device “black-box” data analytics and visualization

8. Additional information Core team • Core team of 10 senior development engineers could start in 2 weeks after go ahead decision • Core team could be extended up to 50 development engineers in 2 months Why to do software development business with us • The team has 20+ years proven track record working with automotive OEMs and Motorola Solutions • Team members contributed to 12 automotive standards • Low software development and system validation cost • Long term stable contacts with leading Universities (~12000 IT related specialists graduated annually) Additional factors to consider • Company management has long term contacts with automotive OEM’s and service providers • System and software architects, UX experts, development and test engineers already on board • Experienced resources could be allocated for OEM/ODM communication and field trials • Product certification and product field tests could be organized locally Last points • Additional information could be provided upon request.

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