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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: mubeenyaqoob

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3/12/2014 Long Term Income » Freelancers Inn - Freelancers Writing Jobs, Content Publishing Resources & Tips for Writers http://freelancersinn.hostei.com/index.php?p=1_18_Long-Term-Income 1/5 Freelancers Inn Freelancers Writing Jobs, Content Publishing Resources & Tips for Writers Home Upfront Pay Sites Google Adsense Pay Per Task Sites Paid to Post Sites Article Writing Tips Long Term Income 100 Ways To Earn I 100 WAYS TO Earn III 100 Ways To Earn IV 100 Ways to Earn V 100 Ways to Earn VI Paid per Tutorial Blogging Jobs 10 Paying Guest blogs Top Article Sites 65 Ways to Drive Traffic Get Paid for Photos Get Paid to Review Sites Get Paid to Answer Get Paid to Search News Contact About Get Paid to View Websites News & Updates Long term income <<1>Squidoo Squidoo allows anyone to create pages of information and earn a little bit of money from advertisements. Here’s how it works: Members share their views or give recommendations on a topic/product of choice on one page (or squidoo lens). Squidoo places affiliate ads from Amazon, eBay, CafePress and/or SuperStore on the page and anytime a reader purchases a product through the ads, the contributor receives 50% of the royalties. There are also Google ads on each page. Revenue from these ads are placed into a pool and half the amount is distributed to contributors based on the popularity of their lenses. Members can also donate earnings to charity. <<2>>Hubpages HubPages provides opportunities to write about your favorite topics and earn a revenue from Google ads, Amazon.com ads and eBay ads on sharing basis. HubPages shares revenue based on impressions (or page views) or click or per lead basis. You will receive 60% of the revenue from ads and 40% revenue goes to hubpages. Writers are paid directly by advertiser like Google, Amazon.com and eBay when minimum payouts have been reached. <<3>>Ground Ground Report is a news site thats work as revenue sharing website with 50:50 ratio. Members can publish original articles, images, and videos and earn revenue based on the number of views their submissions receive. The mode of payment is paypal. They also comes with contest where you get a chance to win good amount if you get highest number of page views in a month. <<4>>WireTap This is a magazine dedicated to publishing journalism by, for and about young people. They accept articles from all generations but mostly from youth and young adults, around ages of 16 to 28. Submitted stories should discuss issues important to young people today such as youth activism, war and peace, civil and human rights, race, immigration, education, environment, culture, sex and relationships, media and more. WireTap publishes news reports, features, investigative stories, personal voices, op-eds, reviews and interviews. Stories should be between 800 and 1,800 words and pay is between $50 to $200. <<5>>Xomba Xomba (pronounced zom·ba), is an community that allows you to write subject of your interest, whether it is an article, blog or review. You just need to write. Xomba’s goal is to provide a supportive friendly community that helps writers develop their talent, make money, and network with other writers. You earn money through targeted advertisements that are embedded in your pages. Most of them are Google Adsense with 50:50 revenue sharing. Based on the traffic to Xomba coommunity, It is very possible to earn up to $1.50 a day per article you submit to Xomba for months. In addition to sharing revenue with its writers, Xomba allows users to create profiles, discuss articles, participate in contests and provide readers with a wealthy resource covering hundreds of

3/12/2014 Long Term Income » Freelancers Inn - Freelancers Writing Jobs, Content Publishing Resources & Tips for Writers http://freelancersinn.hostei.com/index.php?p=1_18_Long-Term-Income 2/5 contests and provide readers with a wealthy resource covering hundreds of topics. <<6>>AssociatedContent Associated Content Its an online media company where everyone is free to participate and reap the benefit of online publishing. How it works is very simple, you can write an article on any topic of your interest and submit it to the website. You have an advantage of submitting your article on an exclusive (You sell the copyright to associated content) or non exclusive basis (you keep the right of your article with yourself). You also get an option to submit your article for paid or non-paid basis (You are not liable to get any monetary benefit). An excellent way to make money online. At initial lavel you might earn $3 to $4 but later when you page view increases you earning will also increase. <<7>>eHow Similar program like associated content where you write one time but it gives you residual income over years. eHow is the great place to start as they have variety of topics to pick up and its growing day by day. Submit your articles and get paid for it. Real Estate Marketing Done Right <<8>>LoveToKnow In the same line of ehow, LoveToKnow offers you an opportunity to write in any of your interested topic available in this website. There is extensive list of topics available. After your application gets approved your payment will start at $20 per 650-word article, with a minimum of 20 articles required each month <<9>>KPwriting Though not famous, KPwriting is another site where you can choose a writer role that is best suited to you. You can pick up three different role as a writer namely Academic writer, Resume Writer and Content Writer. You can register for a role as per youe interest. Based on their requirement, KPWriting will contract writers anywhere from $6 up to $20 per page. <<10>>RentaGhostWriter Its not easy to make money in ghostwriting unless you are specilized and can finish up the stuff without consuming any time. You might have to work on volume sometime, but not necessarily. You can choose from a wide variety of of writing projects from clients looking to hire a ghost writer to complete their project. Registration is totally free. You will be immediately notified when a project fit your profile. After your registration if projects are available you can immediately apply for a online freelance writing job. <<11>>Bukisa If you are serious about making money from writing then you will find it good to write and publish with Bukisa. This online publisher offers writers around $4 per 1000 unique page views that their published content earns on an individual basis for as long as the content is published on the website. So its irrelevent wherther anyone clicks on your ad or not because they pay you on CPM method. So, the more that a writer writes, then the better the long-term royalty residuals will be month after month. Additionally, Bukisa offers referral program also so you earn good income by simply referring their family and friends to join Bukisa to publish their writings, photography, slides, audio or videos on the publisher’s website. Be first to read terms and policies, before joining, so to be sure that this publishing opportunity is the program fit for you. <<12>>ReviewParty If you are writer that enjoys sharing your opinion about the movies that you

3/12/2014 Long Term Income » Freelancers Inn - Freelancers Writing Jobs, Content Publishing Resources & Tips for Writers http://freelancersinn.hostei.com/index.php?p=1_18_Long-Term-Income 3/5 If you are writer that enjoys sharing your opinion about the movies that you watch or the music that you listen to or about the commercial products that you normally purchase, then ReviewParty is a program that you should seriously consider. It is very simple, just write reviews about the products that you currently use and get paid for sharing your opinions. ReviewParty pays 50% of the ad revenue that your review(s) generate through Google Adsense, but you must have a Google Adsense Account to participate in the program. Rather than writing reviews for free, allowing big companies to capitalize on your hard work, make some money doing it. Instead of working hard to make content rich pages with your own Amazon links pasted on it, join the only website that gives you your Amazon affiliate links 100% of the time for every review you write. <<14>>Triond Again a well tested program in get paid to write list. The covered subject is so extensive that you can write about anything. And Anything really mean anything. The payment pattern is not something different than other. You will be rewarded with 50% of the ad revenues that is generated from the author’s published articles. <<15>>LetterRep This is quite different from other get paid to write websites. You do not get paid based on revenue sharing or fixed pay, Instead you get paid based on the sales. The LetterRep program pays writers to write letters that are designed to sell to companies or individuals who are in need of professionally written letters to be used as possible mail outs or other marketing needs. Writers are paid every time a LetterRep client purchases or request one of the letters that you have had published through LetterRep. The payouts vary depending on the type of request that you receive. <<16>>Boddunan – Only for Indians You have several ways to make money which includes writing article or publishing link and they have a referral programs also in place. Payment is not so good, its about Rs. 100 per article but ok to start with. Though not tested well, a worth program for Indians to look into. <<19>>PickJack PickJack is different again and you get paid for writing new questions and answering questions which are quite similar to Mylot. The questions are general in nature and you can also ask questions and make money. Payment method is by paypal. <<20>>Digital Journal Digital Journal offers everyone the opportunity to get money to report news about Digital Journalist. At that time, they offered to pay Digital Journalists written by journalists, blogs, images, groups, and other activities designed to create a community (they are not paid). The minimum payout is $ 10 and you can get through PayPal. <<21>>Daytipper Give a tip and earn money through Paypal account. Earlier days Daytipper paid you $3 per tips if it is approved, but they changed their strategy now. They pay only for three best selected tips and the prize money is $100, $75, $50 for the first three members respectively. <<22>>Gather More like a community to share your interest. At the same time, you get compensated for your effort.

3/12/2014 Long Term Income » Freelancers Inn - Freelancers Writing Jobs, Content Publishing Resources & Tips for Writers http://freelancersinn.hostei.com/index.php?p=1_18_Long-Term-Income 4/5 <<23>> Articles Revenue Nothing different than name, like others article website where you write and get paid on revenue sharing plus you get benefit of sites promotion, traffic and backlinks. <<24>>Article Income Write and get paid, I dont see much differentiation from other article submission directory website. You can earn extra from contextual advertising. An advt revenue sharing website. <<25>> Flixya Flixya is a social network that puts 100% ad revenue in your pocket. We’ve built the tools for you to share your videos, photos, and blogs. Your place to make friends, earn money, network and more. <<26>>Youtaz A “Really” Social Website – is pretty simple, the more you write or add quality content, the more votes you’re get and the more money you’ll earn! 50% of all income earn’t by the site is given directly back to our members! <<27>>Constant-content.com At the Constant Content website you can buy and sell articles. The site boasts that it has sold over 10,000 articles to date, with most of the articles getting purchased by website owners to be used on their sites and blogs. You can join the site for free and start writing content on any kind of topics, you can even write product reviews if you wish. Then you can set a price for your piece of work, and then sell it on the site… You decide own price for your articles, the best price would probably be about 50-100$.Do not forget to add attractive graphics and pictures or maybe charts. They will help you to make your articles look more professional. <<28>>Commonties.com Commonties.com will pay you 50$ to answer 20 easy questions (click the banner to see them). The questions are tricky, but that is worth doing! You can answer them in like 50 minutes and get 50$ to your PayPal or back account. Sounds very good to be truth. I haven’t tried it yet, but I do want (can’t manage to find some time), but if you had tried it, please let us know, we are very interested in this one. Feedback would be greatly appreciated or even rewarded! <<29>>Suite101.com Suite101 is the Web’s leading online magazine for expert advice and independent journalism . You can join Suite101’s team of freelance writers by submitting your resume and filling in the application. The website and the company itself seems to be very good and they do have some requirements : <<30>>SoftwareJudge Make money by writing original review on software. You can make up to $50 by reviewing software. The money you earn can use for download software or otherwise you can withdraw your money. Minimum payout is $200 and pay by Western Union method. <<31>>Shvoong.com Shvoong.com is a company which pays people to write short reviews and guides. The main point of your articles is the shortness. The key to success at Shvoong.com is the quality and quantity of your articles and guides, so try to do your best! Money are sent via PayPal or check which is also nice. <<32>>Mommythink Get paid to write about pregnancy and parenting. I think any mom could do that

3/12/2014 Long Term Income » Freelancers Inn - Freelancers Writing Jobs, Content Publishing Resources & Tips for Writers http://freelancersinn.hostei.com/index.php?p=1_18_Long-Term-Income 5/5 Get paid to write about pregnancy and parenting. I think any mom could do that (this program is for mommies only, guys, just close the browser tab. So you will get money writing articles about pregnancy or other general parenting articles. You sure need some experience to write those. Mommythink.com pays 25$ per 30 day article executive rights for your article (the pay is very high, so make sure to do your best) and 50$ for 90 day rights, more info could be found at their website if you are really interested in this program! <<33>>Auctionbytes Auctionbytes.com is looking for stories to help people conduct online auctions more efficiently, both as buyers and sellers. So if you have any experience selling stuff at Ebay, Yahoo auctions or at any other online marketplace, why don’t share your experience and make money for it. Just write some tips to success with online auctions and get your money. <<34>>Helium Helium is very similiar to the Ciao paid product review website, except with a few important differences. With Helium you don’t have to just review products – you can write about any subjects, such as sport, food, technology, etc. You receive a share of the money that Helium generates through the advertisements shown on their pages. You can also earn money from participating in debates and contests on the Helium website. There is also an online marketplace where people request articles written on specific subjects – paying a set amount of money for completing the work <<35>>WritersShare Writers Share is another new and exciting website where people can get paid simply for leaving comments on a variety of different subjects. On Writers Share there will be a choice of subjects, such as money, celebrities, sports, etc, and you can choose any of these subjects and then go on to leave a comment on a sub- topic. For example you might go to the Money category and be asked to leave your opinions on credit cards. For every comment you leave (that gets accepted onto the site) you will earn a minimum of £1, which will be paid to you by Paypal. Anyone can leave comments and there is a variety of subjects to comment on Submit an unlimited number of web pages for Free to , , and More! Copyright (c)2012 Powered by: Best Web Hosting and Affiliate Programs Directory. Created with Free Website Builder

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