Long division made easy the app and its utility!

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Information about Long division made easy the app and its utility!

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: stevenhasting

Source: slideshare.net


Let us to teach your kids to do Long division in an easy way with fun through our “Long Division Game App” and make your kids long division masters. Visit http://www.longdivisionmadeeasy.com/ to know about how to Long Division.

A Glimpse at the New Features! introducing Long Division Games App ( Learn, Perfect, Teach and Play!)

Introduction • The Long Division Made Easy is an app made for the children who are learning division. The app makes learning and practising division fun, stress free and simple. • The interesting part is that this game is compatible with smart phones and tablets. Apart from this, the app is divided into 3 memorable steps or guidelines that children and parents can see when they operate the app for the first time.

Features • The app includes features like collecting stars, winning trophies and learning division with a funny character named ‘Mizards’. A rap song video by the Mizards introducing the app and division activity makes learning long division easy and fun to undertake.

Know the ‘Mizards’ • The ‘Mizards’ are mathematical wizards. They are named as Pops, Mr Stops, Cloudy Tops, Amber Lots and they are created using different colours. Pops is light blue in colour, Mr Stops is coloured in red, Cloudy tops is of grey colour while Ambers Lots is made up of orange and green colour. • One has to multiply pops with tops Mizards to get the correct answer in form of a signal from the green ‘Go Below Mizards’. Mr Stops will help the remainder being carried forward to find out the correct answer. The Mizards are placed in place of divisor, dividend and the quotient.

Play While You Use • The ‘hints’ page in the app gives a general introduction to the users on the Mizards and how you can take their help while playing the division game. Scores are saved for the next time when you continue with the game. • Children can make the game challenging by turning the Hints off and test themselves. They can also go through the practice round to get accustomed to the app. The players simply have to get maximum correct answers and they can to proceed towards the next stage to become a ‘Master Mizards’ at the end of the game. The game is fun even for the parents. • In total, there are 4 levels and one bonus round, each with an option for Easy, medium, difficult and hard game. So get over the division phobia and download this app, NOW!

Screenshots of Long Division Game

Screenshots of Long Division Game

How to do Long Division in App? • There are three main steps to follow when working out how to do long division. Aside you will see our formula for you to follow, removing the snoring words divisor, dividend and quotient and replacing them with us awesome Mizards! Now once you have followed these three simple steps, if you have not completed your sum there is a fourth step to follow. Repeat over and over until you have your final answer...take a few moments to get to know us :-)

See Our Formula In Action

Look at The Sum Above And Follow Our Hints! On the fourth step of the formula "Now What?" where the hint message asks "Did Go Below turn in to Mr. Stops?" On our android app Go Below (who has the number 7 in his mouth) will automatically turn in to Mr. Stops if there are more phases of the sum to complete. If there are more phases to complete the top line of Mr. Stops will highlight, simply press him and all you have to do then is repeat the above formula until the sum is complete.

Wooohoooo! It's even easier on our app! • That wasn't too painful was it? We have a paid and a free version of our app so that you can learn how to do long division in a fun and easy way! By the time you have completed the PRO version of our app you will become a master Mizard and with this title comes great responsibility. Please join us in our mission and pass on your knowledge to all of your friends, lets help turn long division in to a stress free subject but more importantly, NO MORE PULLING OUT YOUR HAIR!!! Look at Go Below for instance he is the only Mizard who was raised by earthies and well seriously, look at his hair! lol. You cannot change that you are human but you can change how you learn long division. • Now try Long Division Made Easy app and download this app from here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.longdivisionmadeeasy .game or visit http://www.longdivisionmadeeasy.com/ • See Cool Rap video - Watch till It's stuck in ya head! Video Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEK0pgxLCtc

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