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Published on February 6, 2014

Author: fangQin



I laugh so hard that my stomach begin to suffer a pain, these stories are too funny, I can't imagine there are so funny things in the world, I hope all of you can read it, it can't harm you anything but must bring you happiness

Ten weird stories that might make you laugh out loud 1. Don’t forget to put on hand break while having sex in car

This photo was posted in a famous Chinese forum. It’s a sunshine day, the couple drove in the lakeside road, the fresh air of the lake was so clear, the life was so bright. Romantic music, romantic sights, romantic moon(sorry, it should be the Sun), the couple felt an irresistible impulse to stop to do something romantic, unfortunately they forgot to put on the hand brake and the car was parked on a slope, that’s how this weird photo was taken. The couple insisted that they are just swimming and the car unluckily fell into the lake. Whatever, don’t forget to put on the hand brake on the slope, especially on the lakeside, this is blood lesson.

2. Man disguises his tortoise as hamburger to pass security check On July 29,2013, Mr. Li came to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, he would travel to Beijing, but when he was going through security, security official found that his packaged KFC Hamburg was questionable, and then checked. ‖Sir, is there a tortoise in your bag?‖ The airport official asked. ‖No, just hamburger, there’s nothing more.‖ Mr. Li began to tongue- tied and didn’t accept the inspection. At Security official’s repeated requests, Mr. Li admitted that there was a tortoise in his bag. According to himself, he thought about this method in order to travel together with his beloved tortoise, however, it was still seen through. Finally, Mr. Li gave the tortoise to his friend to take care of.

3. Is Daddy scared of me? Mu Mu is a 8 years old Chinese boy, recently, he learned a new skill– frying eggs according to the school’s requirement. But thereafter his interest in frying eggs could not stop; he cooked it for his father Mr. Li three times every day. Mr. Li ate frying eggs incessantly for 20 days and was grievously afflicted with these eggs. Then in order not to hurt MU Mu’s feeling, he had to come home late until Mu Mu fell asleep or Mu Mu would ask him to eat his ―favorite‖ frying eggs.

If I were Mu Mu, I will write a note: Daddy, your favorite frying egg is in the fridge, don’t forget! Love Mu Mu. 4. 2013 Ig Nobel Prizes Prize in Medicine Masanori Niimi, Masateru Uchiyama, Qi Zhang, Xiangyuan Jin, Toshihito Hirai, Hisashi Bashuda and Atsushi Amano, their research proves that opera is good for a mouse’s heart. ―The opera prolongs a mouse’s life who had a heart transplant.‖

Prize in Psychology Oulmann Zerhouni, Medhi Ourabah, Laurent Bègue, Baptiste Subra, and Brad Bushman, they prove drunk men always think they are attractive.‖Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beer Holder‖ prize in biology and astronomy Marcus Byrne, Clarke Scholtz, Marie Dacke, Eric Warrant and Emily Baird, they discover when dung beetles lost their ways, they can find the way home through looking at galaxy.‖Dung Beetles Use the Milky Way for Orientation,‖ Prize in Safety engineering Deceased Gustano Pizzo, he invented a system to trap skyjackers—traps them with trap doors, seal them and throw them from airplane, police alerted by radio will wait them on the land. Prize in Physics Germana Cappellini, Yuri Ivanenko, Alberto Minetti, Francesco Lacquaniti, and Nadia Dominici, their research

show some people can run across the surface of a pond, if they are on the moon. Prize in Chemistry Muneaki Tomotake, Nobuaki Tsuge, Shinsuke Imai, Yoshiaki Nagatome, Hidehiko Kumgai, and Toshiyuki Nagata, they found onions make people cry through a complicated Chemistry process, more complicated than scientists had found. Prize in Archaeology Brian Crandall and Peter Stahl, they eat a shrew without chewing, then carefully check their excretion to study which bones could be dissolved by human. Prize in Peace Alexander Lukashenko, president of Belarus, he forbids people applaud in public and arrested a one-armed man for applauding.

5. $300,000 comes from heaven This is a true story happened in China. China is a magical place, even you can make money like this. Xiao is a swindler, he is lazy and bad, he wants to be rich but he is unwilling to pay any effort. One day he sent a simple bulk SMS ―Please remit the money to the card, the card number is ……‖ to thousands of strangers and hoped to hit the jackpot so he can have a luxury life. Coincidentally, at the same time in the bank, a realty company manager Qiao was going to remit 1.75 million yuan (300,000 dollars) to buy a piece of land, suddenly he received a message ―Please remit the money to the card, the card number is ……‖ Qiao thought it was from the chamberlain, so he remitted 1.75 million yuan to that card at the same day.

Xiao was so exciting that he received such a large sum of money, ―God help who cheats others.‖ Xiao immediately spent 50,000 dollars on gold and diamond. After a few months, Qiao found that chamberlain didn’t received one cent at all, he called the police then the police freeze Xiao’s card immediately. Xiao was charged for fraud and sentenced to 12 years in prison, fined 100,000 yuan. Xiao’s wife He was charged for disguising or concealing the crime and sentenced to 2 years in prison, fined 30,000 yuan. Xiao’s good life is over, he never knows ―God help who helps themselves‖. Why the manager Qiao hadn’t soon found that he remitted to a wrong card and why he could trust a strange phone number? I guess the 1.75 million is a bribe, you know China is a developing country, most bribers won’t ask the official if they had received the money and the briberies are always very secret, maybe Qiao thought that the official used a strange phone and a strange card in order to protect

himself, that’s a reasonable explanation why he remitted money to a strange card. 6. Lie in bed 70 days, earn $18,000 NASA is searching for a group of volunteers to lie in a bed for 70 days which is tilted downward at a 6 angles and you can earn $18,000 at most. The volunteers could play games, chatting with family and even remote work, all you have to do is stay in bed. This study wants to research the cardiovascular symptoms, muscular dystrophy and bone density what an astronaut may experience in space.

You can shower, watch TV, play computer, and have a two-week recovery period after this study, but you have to pass the Modified Air Force Class III physical, have a strong mental to stay in bed for 70 days- not every type of person is able to suffer the boring. Still have interesting? Contact NASA and learn more about the study.

7. Preacher makes congregation eat grass

. I know green vegetable is good for health, but guys, is it necessary to eat green grass directly? South African Christianity preacher Daniel Lesego launched an ―eating grass‖ movement. He told his congregation that eating grass can ―bring them closer to God‖ and curing their diseases, he claimed anything in the world is edible. His movement received controversial criticisms, but some believers firmly believed their preacher. 27-year-old Doreen Kgatle said that she had a stroke 2 years ago and was unable to walk until she obeyed the pastor’s order and began to eat grass. But most people get sick and vomit. I don’t know much about religion, and maybe science can’t explain many mysterious phenomena, but I think the leader should make himself as a example – he should eat the grass first. And he also should get Noble Peace Prize as his method will eliminate hunger all over the world, if it works.

8. Raccoon bites off man’s penis avoiding raped I don’t like drunkard, especially when he also is an animal sadist, Alexander Kirilov is the person I hate. On a weekend in 2009, this Russian man was drunk as usual and had nothing to do, maybe alcohol ruined his brain, he decided to rape a raccoon with his friends around(maybe this is a gang rape?), the raccoon was frightened but didn’t give up resistance, it gave the man a critical strike - bit off his penis uncharitably. Then Alexander was sent to the hospital, but his penis was unable to restore to the original position again.

9. 440 lb virgin sends his gf through wall and ends up in ER on his first time 440-pound virgin Gregg Casarona sent his girlfriend to the ER, because he sent her head straight through the basement’s sheet-rock wall during his first time.

Gregg and Jen had been dating for about one month, then they decided to eat the forbidden fruit. Sadly, the first time he has sex is awkward, the big inertia put 110-pound Jen’s head through the sheet-rock wall. Gregg’s first reaction was ―OMG, I killed her, in my first time.‖ Fortunately, optimistic Jen pulled her head back from the wall and asked Gregg to continue. Gregg immediately sent her to the hospital and she was diagnosed with a concussion. That story happened around 8 years ago, now they have broken up but still are close friends and Gregg has successfully lost 220 pounds. Does anyone have more memorable or more awkward first sex?

10. Man drinks cow urine to control diabetes Some people believe grass can cure any disease, some people believe cow urine has the efficacy. Some Hindus have always insisted on drinking fresh cow urine as long as 10 years. 42-year-old Jairam Singhal is a

devout Hindu, he said that his diabetes was cured and his blood sugar level has been maintained at a stable level after he began to drink cow urine every morning, he has insisted on his habit for over 10 years. Hindus believe that cow is a sacred animal, so its urine will have a magical effect to prevent and cure diseases. At present, more and more people begin to join the rank of drinking cow urine. Would you want to have a try?

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