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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: Mrs_Shearer

Source: slideshare.net


Arik and Dakota's presentation for Mrs. Shearer's Mythology class

By: Arik Nichols & Dakota Knight

Character Background -Trickster -Part Frost Giant -Shape shifter -God of mischief -Caused death of Balder

Death of Balder -Balder is God of Tears -Son of Odin and Frigg -Frigg (Mother) asked all things except mistletoe to not harm Balder. -Loki Convinced Hod (Blind) to threw a dart made out of mistletoe, at Balder. -Loki Refused to weep for Balder and in turn, killed him.

The Binding -After Loki caused the death of Balder the gods bound him. -Was bound with entrails of his son -Goddess Skaoi placed serpent above him while bound. -Serpent drips venom down upon Loki

The Binding Cont… -Sigyn catches the venom in bowl -When Bowl is full, she must empty it in random area -Venom Continues to drip -When Loki Writhe in pain, it causes earthquakes

Freedom Ragnarok -When gods battle the giants -End of days Battle -Loki becomes free during Ragnarok -He is prophesized to join giants and battle Heimdallr -Both will die

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