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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: npurchio

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Discover the wines of the Loire Valley, France. A region often toiling in the shadow of Bordeaux & Burgundy but has as much to offer, exceptional value, both classic and unique offerings: Sancerre, Pouilly Fumé, Chinon, Muscadet & Vouvray...to name but a few.

welcome to la france part II loire bordeaux I bordeaux II sud ouest languedoc & roussillon jura & savoie

la france – part II

la vallée de la loire

la vallée de la loire toils in the shadow of bordeaux burgundy rhône not because of a lack of quality many treasures to offer often overlooked

la vallée de la loire

la vallée de la loire loire's delicious wines come from numerous appellations many grape varieties • • some well known some not so much

loire valley appellations 87 appellation d'origine protégée – aop 0 grands crus

loire valley at a glance diversity – terroir – climate – varietal all types of wine – red – white – rosé – sparkling – sweet

loire valley at a glance most famous appellations of the loire valley – sancerre – vouvray – muscadet – chinon

sancerre domaine vacheron

loire valley varietals

loire valley grape varieties white chenin* – pineau de loire sauvignon blanc* – fumé blanc muscadet* – melon de bourgogne folle-blanche – arbois gros plant

loire valley grape varieties white chasselas chardonnay grolleau gris romorantin saint-pierre doré sacy

loire valley grape varieties red cabernet franc* – breton cabernet-sauvignon cot – malbec pinot noir* meunier gris/pinot meunier

loire valley grape varieties red pinot gris gamay* pineau d'aunis grolleau – groslot gamay de bouze gamay de chaudenay négrette


loire soil wide variety of soil granite, slate, gneiss limestone covered by • • • sand argiles cailloux de limons


loire climate nantes & anjou coastal - atlantic ocean ocean influence saumurois & touraine semi-continental center semi-continental the tempering effects of the loire river influences climate

loire valley regions 1 - pays nantais 3 – touraine 2 - anjou-saumur 4 - central vineyards or upper loire

loire valley regions - pays nantais muscadet coteaux de la loire muscadet côtes de grandlieu muscadet sèvre-et-maine coteaux d'ancenis muscadet

loire valley regions - pays nantais the pays nantais has been producing wine since the roman era muscadet is the bestknown wine of the this region muscadet – melon de bourgogne was brought to the loire centuries ago from burgundy

loire valley regions - pays nantais not very well suited to the terroir of burgundy melon flourished in the pays nantais, as was demonstrated in the winter of 1709, when frigid temperatures ravaged the countryside, exploding barrels, and even freezing the atlantic ocean along the coast

loire valley regions - pays nantais most vineyards were destroyed, but the melon survived, producing wines that perfectly reflect their maritime environment, and which make a natural partner for the superlative belon oysters of brittany

loire valley regions - anjou

tuffeau limestone subsoil

anjou at a glance – – – – – red white rosé sparkling sweet

anjou appellations anjou (sparkling) anjou-villages anjou-villages-brissac anjou coteaux de la loire cabernet d'anjou (rosé)

anjou appellations coteaux du vendômois coteaux du loir jasnières – 100% chenin blanc – lauded for their steeliness in youth and ability to improve and transform with age

anjou at a glance anjou is also home to most of celebrated sweet wines of the loire valley all made with chenin blanc ● coteaux du layon ● quarts de chaume ● bonnezeaux

anjou at a glance anjou’s most famous dry white ● savennières – cru – la-roche-au-moines – coulée-de-serrant • monopole • nicolas joly – chenin blanc

anjou at a glance reds outnumber the whites in this area & may be made from ● cabernet franc ● cabernet sauvignon ● côt (the local name for malbec) ● pineau d’aunis ● gamay and ● grollot

anjou at a glance best red anjou is made entirely from cabernet franc

château de la mulonnière l'effet papillon aoc savennières

loire valley regions saumur & saumur champigny

saumur & saumur champigny appellations cabernet de saumur coteaux de saumur saumur saumur blanc saumur brut samur brut rosé saumur-champigny crémant de loire (saumur)

saumur & saumur champigny at a glance the saumur brut appellation wines are among the most prestigious sparkling wines of the loire ● ● ● chenin blanc and/or cabernet franc small additions of chardonnay (in rare instances) sauvignon blanc depending on the style of the individual producer

saumur & saumur champigny at a glance saumur is also the principal region for the production ● ● ● crémant de loire made according to the méthode traditionnelle can include a greater variety of grapes ● must be hand harvested ● yields are strictly limited ● and the wines must age for at least a year before commercial release

saumur & saumur champigny at a glance saumur also produces excellent still wines white saumur ● mainly chenin blanc ● mainly cabernet franc reds most of the wines are light bodied and made for early drinking

saumur & saumur champigny at a glance saumur-champigny makes somewhat richer red wines that have seen a tremendous growth in popularity in recent years cabernet franc ● ● ● may be blended (although the practice is rare) with small quantities cabernet sauvignon pineau d’aunis, a grape unique to the loire valley

loire valley regions touraine

touraine at a glance – – – – red white rosé sparkling

touraine at a glance white ● sauvignon blanc blended ● chardonnay ● chenin blanc sparkling ● chenin blanc ● cabernet franc ● gamay ● côt (malbec) ● pinot noir is also used red

touraine appellations touraine touraine cot touraine mousseux crémant de la loire touraine - ambroise* touraine-noble joué touraine-mesland touraine-azay-le-rideau valençay

touraine appellations great variety under appellations ● vouvray ● montlouis sur loire ● ● ● ● mineral-scented & dry fruity off-dry “sec tendre” to rich, honeyed dessert wines delicious sparkling wine these wines showcase the versatility of the chenin blanc

touraine appellations chinon ● historic town is home to one of the loire valley’s most celebrated cabernet franc wines

touraine appellations bourgueil ● ● 100% cabernet franc reds and rosé resplendent of raspberry and the grape’s hallmark “pencil shaving” aromas, and can be slightly more tannic than wines from neighboring chinon st-nicolas-de-bourgueil 'beaujolais' of loire

loire valley regions upper loire

upper loire - appellations pouilly-fumé & pouilly-sur-loire sancerre menetou-salon giennois reuilly quincy chateaumeillant

upper loire - appellations cheverny – gamay & pinot noir cour-cheverny – romorantin

upper loire - appellations cour-cheverny white wine only – romorantin this grape, grown only in loire, makes floral, lively wines with a character uniquely their own

upper loire – at a glance centre loire, dominated by two grapes all white wines are made from ● sauvignon blanc and all red wines ● pinot noir small amount of rosé ● gamay ● pinot gris

upper loire – at a glance great variety exists within the region numerous micro climates different types of soil on which the vineyards are planted one has only to taste several of the wines side by side to experience the difference soil can make in wines made from the same grape

sancerre – at a glance sancerre, the most famous appellation of the centre loire ● ● ● produces the bestknown most imitated sauvignon blanc wines in the world sets international standards for sauvignon blanc

sancerre – at a glance vineyards are ideally situated on the left bank of the loire the steep hillsides provide ● ● ● ● ● optimal exposure to the sun very important advantage in a cool climate chalk and flint soils provide an ideal growing medium fresh, fruity sauvignon blanc perfumed, elegant pinot noir

upper loire – at a glance pouilly fumé ● ● entire production devoted to sauvignon blanc higher levels of clay in the soils give pouilly fumé creamier, rounder notes than its neighbors

upper loire

domaine des grandes espérances les ailes pourpres aoc touraine ambroise

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