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Published on December 3, 2008

Author: szajafri

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Please Turn Off All Mobile Phones For The Length of The Presentation : Please Turn Off All Mobile Phones For The Length of The Presentation Slide 2: Lion’s Mane: Uncovered and Understood By: Terry O’Dwyer Hericium erinaceus : Hericium erinaceus Lion’s Mane Bearded Tooth Hedgehog Monkey’s Head What People Say About Lion’s Mane….. : What People Say About Lion’s Mane….. Excellent Immune Function Enhancer, Excellent treatment for Gastric Ulcer and Chronic Gastritis due to its Incredible Concentration of Polysaccharides and Polypeptides. - American Botanical Council :  Many types of mushroom (especially Hericium erinaceus), may have important physiological functions in humans, including antioxidant activities, the regulation of blood lipid levels and the reduction of blood glucose levels. - The Centre For National Scientific Research (France) What People Say About Lion’s Mane….. Lion’s Mane and Mental Health : Lion’s Mane and Mental Health Rebuilding the Myelin Sheath Stimulating The Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) The Myelin Sheath : The Myelin Sheath Myelin sheaths, wrapping axons, perform the following important functions: support, protection, feeding and isolation. Injury of myelin compact structure leads to an impairment and severe illness of the nerve system. Lion’s Mane and The Myelin Sheath : Lion’s Mane and The Myelin Sheath Recently it was shown that extract from mushroom Hericium erinaceus had activating action on the nerve tissue. The extract of H. erinaceus promoted normal development of cultivated cerebella cells and demonstrated a regulatory effect on the process of myelin genesis process in vitro. - A.A. Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology, National Academy of Sciences, Kiev. Lion’s Mane and Depression : Lion’s Mane and Depression The most active ingredient in Hericium erinaceus is blurry, but the polysaccharides and leanolic Acid extracted from Hericium erinaceus have proved to be effective in the treatment of depression. Strengthening of the Myelin Sheath is believed to “contain and strengthen” the impulses passing through the Neuron – leading to improvement in symptoms of depression. Doctor of Natural Medicine – Dr. Ehlers : Doctor of Natural Medicine – Dr. Ehlers It is meanwhile scientifically approved that a shortage of neurotransmitter in the brain plays at least a significant role in depressions. With the help of medicinal mushrooms it is possible to rebalance this process. In contrast to general medicine no side-effects are to be expected. Breakdown of Myelin May Lead to Alzheimer's : Breakdown of Myelin May Lead to Alzheimer's A report by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) demonstrated that genetic testing, coupled with MRI imaging of myelin breakdown, may prove useful in assessing treatments for prevention of the disease, the scientists said. Breakdown of Myelin May Lead to Alzheimer's : Breakdown of Myelin May Lead to Alzheimer's “Myelination is arguably the most important and most vulnerable process of brain development as we mature and age.” - Dr. George Bartzokis, director of the UCLA Memory Disorders and Alzheimer's Disease Clinic Lion’s Mane and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) : Lion’s Mane and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) New insights into mechanisms controlling the formation of myelin - the white matter that coats all nerves -- could help lead to treatments for multiple sclerosis (MS) and other myelin-related diseases and injury. - University of Southern California (USC) and the Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montreal Lion’s Mane and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) : Lion’s Mane and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Myelin plays an important role in the overall health and function of the nervous system. MS and other diseases or injuries that damage myelin result in serious problems including uncoordinated movements, neuropathic pain and paralysis. - University of Southern California (USC) and the Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montreal Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) : Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) A protein molecule that was discovered by Rita Levi-Montalcini and isolated by Stanley Cohen, for which they jointly recieved the 1986 Nobel Prize for Medicine.  They play an essential role in the survival of several nerve cell populations in the peripheral and central nervous system. Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) : Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) The Lion’s Mane mushroom has the remarkable activity of stimulating the synthesis of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF).  A lack of NGF is considered one of the major causes of Alzheimer's disease. - Dr. Hirokazu Kawagishi of Shizoka University Japan A Problem with NGF!! : A Problem with NGF!! NGF as a protein, however, cannot pass through the blood-brain barrier, the semi-permeable membrane between the blood and brain, which allows only small, lipid soluble molecules to pass through it.  NGF is too large to permeate the membrane; so in a brain with diminishing amounts of NGF, how do we maintain an adequate amount to support healthy neuron repair and renewal? There IS HOPE!! : There IS HOPE!! There are two types of molecules within Lion's Mane which both stimulate NGF production and also crucially, pass unhindered through the blood-brain barrier.  Hericenones stimulate the brain to produce more NGF. Erinacines work from within the brain to promote NGF production, which in turn helps make more neurons. These NGF Helping Molecules… : These NGF Helping Molecules… This process results in alleviating symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and even Parkinson's disease.  This is one of the most significant discoveries of the last 50 years and is why the Nobel Prize was awarded for its discovery. From a Leading Scientist and Researcher… : From a Leading Scientist and Researcher… "Lion's Mane mushroom mycelium is nature's nutrients for your neurons."  - Paul Stamets, one of the world's leading mycologists and author of several reference works on medical mushrooms. Dr. Weil Says… : Dr. Weil Says… Lion’s Mane provides Nerve Growth Factors and Strengthens the Myelin Sheath. These contribute to the treatment and possible cure of many Nerve and Neurological Disorders. Conclusion… : Conclusion… Take Lion’s Mane Daily to: - Strengthen and Build The Myelin Sheath in order to Protect the Brain and Help Fight Off Degenerative Brain Disorders. - Strengthen and Rebuild the Brain to help fight off Depression. - Strengthen and Build up Protection against Stomach and Digestive Disorders. Sincerely Wishing You Great Health and Wealth.Thank You! : Sincerely Wishing You Great Health and Wealth.Thank You!

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