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Information about Logic Notation

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: tylerisaacmurphy

Source: slideshare.net


Some notes for Math 189, BSU, spring 2014

Discrete Math Notation Tyler Murphy Math 189 Spring 2014 Symbol ⇒ ⇔ ≡ ¬ ∀ ∃ ∧ ∨ Logic Notation Meaning Implies (if, then) If and Only if (double implication) equivalent not (negation of the following statement) For all There exists And Or There does not exist Proof Complete The Symbol Z N Q R C Numbers and Notation Meaning Usage Integers x∈Z Natural Numbers x ∈ N Rational Numbers x ∈ Q Real Numbers x∈R Complex Numbers x ∈ C 1 Usage p⇒q p⇔q p≡q ¬p ∀x ∃x p∧q p∨q x 1=1

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