Log1135sort ab >lao1,2 [勞] ;t'og>ch'ao1 - to chatter [嘮]

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Information about Log1135sort ab >lao1,2 [勞] ;t'og>ch'ao1 - to chatter [嘮]

Published on June 18, 2013

Author: GWROY

Source: slideshare.net


[勞]lao2 = to toil, to labor, to merit; trouble, to tire, weary. (ROOT)
lao2 = wasting away from toil. (ILLNESS)
lao2 = to chatter. (MOUTH)
lao2 = brass vessel. (METAL)
lao1,2 = to drag for, to fish for; to dredge; to trawl.(HAND)
lao2 = precipitous, cavernous; steep, deep. (MOUNTAIN)

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