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Published on January 9, 2008

Author: Quintino

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GLASS “LOcal-COupled” Project: “LoCo”:  GLASS “LOcal-COupled” Project: “LoCo” Bart van den Hurk Christa Peters-Lidard Paul Houser Outline:  Outline History/Context Motivation Science Questions Strawman Proposal Phases Locations Steps Timeline History/Context:  History/Context GLASS activities PILPS, GSWP-2, GLACE GABLS GCSS Local Coupling Workshop in De Bilt, Apr 2002 Summary by Bart van den Hurk et al. Motivation:  Motivation Overarching goal: Accurately understand, model and predict the role of local land – atmosphere coupling in the evolution of land-atmosphere fluxes and state variables, including clouds. Science Questions: Are the results of PILPS, GSWP, or data assimilation experiments affected by the lack of land surface-atmosphere coupling? Can we explain the physical mechanisms leading to the coupling strength differences found in GLACE or other coupled NWP/climate experiments? Is there an observable diagnostic that quantifies the role of local land-atmosphere coupling? Strawman Proposal: LoCo Phases:  Strawman Proposal: LoCo Phases Phase 1: Model-based B.C.’s, 1-D Extract ERA-40 column boundary conditions from model over selected GLACE hotspots, including Phase 2 locations Phase 2: Observation-based B.C.’s, 1-D GABLS interaction: CASES99 Pilps revisited: Cabauw Other Sites: HAPEX/Sahel; Boreas; Fluxnet; CEOP, HEAT (Urban), etc.? Phase 3: Observation-based B.C.’s, clouds/heterogeneity GCSS interaction: SGP/ARM/IHOP Other sites: e.g., Red-Arkansas (PILPS-2c), Rhone-Agg, etc. Strawman Proposal: LoCo Steps:  Strawman Proposal: LoCo Steps Step 0: Pilot Studies Extract column boundary conditions Dataset QA Leads run experiments Step 1: PILPS (uncoupled) Step 2: Couple LSM to native 1-D PBL/SCM Step 3: Couple LSM to LoCo PBL/SCM Step 4: (GABLS) Couple single LSM to multiple PBL(s)/SCM(s) Step 5: Uncoupled (Step 1) + data assimilation Step 6: Coupled (Step 2/3) + data assimilation LoCo Location-Phase Matrix:  LoCo Location-Phase Matrix LoCo Sites (detailed) & Timing (coarse):  LoCo Sites (detailed) & Timing (coarse) LoCo Action Items:  LoCo Action Items LoCo Implementation Plan GLASS/GMPP Approval Proposal(s) $$$/Research Associates Infrastructure “LoCo Central” (Website/protocols/etc.) LoCo data assimilation modules LoCo SCM (GABLS?) LoCo LSM (PILPS?) Phase 1: LoCo Pilot Study Draft Experiment Plan Phase 2: GABLS interaction Continue discussions with Bert Holtslag Plan joint GABLS/LoCo meeting Draft Phase 2 CASES experiment plan Phase 3: GCSS interaction Contact GCSS chairs Find relevant/interested WGs/contacts Draft Phase 3 experiment plan Near Term Timeline (1 of 2):  Near Term Timeline (1 of 2) LoCo Implementation Plan (Bart, Christa, Paul) Draft 1: October, 2004 (GMPP) Final: January, 2005 (AMS) Proposal(s) Christa, December, 2004 Bart, TBD Paul, TBD Infrastructure “LoCo Central” (TBD) LoCo data assimilation modules (Paul, January, 2005) LoCo SCM (Christa/Bart, January 2005) LoCo LSM (GLACE/GSWP, January 2005) Near Term Timeline (2 of 2):  Near Term Timeline (2 of 2) Phase 0: Internal GLACE hotspot Study Draft Experiment Outline (January 2005) Internal data tests (February 2005) Begin Experiments (March 2005) Present Results at GLASS/GABLS meeting (Early Fall 2005) Phase 1: GLACE hotspot Study Final Experiment Plan (End 2005) Data Posted (Early 2006) Begin Experiments (Early 2006) Submit Results (Fall 2006) Phase 2: GABLS interaction Discussions with Bert Holtslag (October 2004) Plan joint GLASS/GABLS meeting (Fix by January 2005, Target Early Fall 2005) Draft Phase 2 CASES experiment plan (Sept 2005) Phase 3: GCSS interaction Contact GCSS chairs (September 2004) Find relevant/interested WGs/contacts (September 2004) Meet with GCSS/LoCo principals at AMS meeting (Jan 2006)

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