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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: khalidinho96

Source: slideshare.net

Location Recce This is one of the locations that will be used for my music video. This room is a dance studio in my college (very convenient because we don’t have to travel at all to get here). This room consists of wooden floors, windows all along the left hand side of the room to let in lots of light (no need for artificial lighting, which would have been used in a professional music video but this lighting is decent enough to be used in my music video), a handle bar on the right and left hand side of the wall for the dancers in this studio to stretch om but I will make sure not to include that bar in my music video because it isn’t that visually appealing. This room also has mirrors all around the walls (used for the dancers to see themselves when dancing so they can see all their movement clearly) but my artist will be singing directly at her reflection. This shot of my artist singing at her reflection will show the audience that she is selfreflecting on her love life with this guy by using the mirror as a prop. One thing to make sure about this room is the vertical lines going downwards on the mirrors which are caused by each individual mirror along that wall being too far apart from each other (not very visually appealing) and to make sure that the tripod, cameraman and other people are not visible in the reflection of the mirror when recording because then my group has to re-record that scene. This will be done by placing the camera at an angle to the mirror and my artist while dodging the view of the camera.

Location Recce Another location that will be used for my music video is Abbots Park (Leyton) that is very close to the college (10 minute walk).This park consists with lots of trees, bushed, a few flowers and some park benches (all romantic symbols). My artist will be walking and standing around in the area highlighted in red. The lighting in the park is alright at some times but when it gets a bit sunny I will have to reduce the exposure level on the Canon DSLR cameras that will be provided by my college. Occasionally some people come through the entrance behind the bushes and they might get in the way of the shots (I will have to redirect them around the cameras view). Some youths come around this park around the evening (they might make some trouble) so I propose my group record our shots (with a very expensive camera) in the morning (after 10am or so). I will have my artist sing about 4/5 times in different angles and camera shots (close ups, mid shots, eye-level angle, low angle…). In the picture below there’s a tree in this same park with a love letter engraved on it and I will take some shots of my artist walking past it.

Location Recce This is the love letter (sign) that was engraved in the same park that was used in the location described above (Abbot Park). This love letter says “WILL YOU BE MY GIRL?” and it is a very sweet/romantic thing that was shown in my music video which will make all the females in my audience adore my music video and also the male audience that are in a relationship as well. This sign that was engraved to this tree (nature/symbol of romance) interacted with all the romantics in my target audience in an emotional level (I would even say this this love letter was engraved into my audiences minds/heart).

Location Recce This is the TV studio in my college and I will have my artist will be singing most of the time in the music video. There will be a green screen behind my artist for me to croma key into another background (in Final Cut Pro). There is also a coach for my artist to sit/lay down while singing (gives off a relaxed atmosphere to the audience). The coach has a slight tear on the back of this coach so my artist has to cover it up with her whole body and I will have to take camera shots at an angle to make sure no one sees this tear (very unpleasant to see in a music video). Some shots will be taken with my artist standing up (a close up of my artist singing), and some mid shots.

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