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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: jessicakatenelson

Source: slideshare.net

I am going to be doing a time-lapse of the outside of the cathedral as this is quite picturesque and will fit in well with music, especially to the beat of the music.

Originally I wanted to film a part of my music video here as the gates are quite gothic looking and tall. Moreover the lyrics say ‘the gates are closed now.’ However I am no longer going to use this location as the ground gets quite muddy. So instead I am going to use Bishops gate. As it still looks gothic but is less muddy. I may film in the evening for this scene as there shall be less people around so will be easier to film. Moreover, I shall shine a light on the boy and then the girl will be in the background in the dark which will have connotations that she is hiding secrets and is a dark sneaky character. On the day of filming I ended up filming at the gate outside the cathedral and not Bishops gate as the ground was no longer muddy.

I am going to be filming the girl on the swing messing about as this will symbolise that she is a player and messing the boy around. This location is quite quiet with not many people around, therefore this is an appropriate location to film.

I am going to use this spot for the kiss and argument scene as it is picturesque and romantic.

I will be filming in the actors living room in which I have had permission to film there. I will film here an argument scene and flashbacks to happier times.

At my own home I will be filming the water sequences such as rain going down windows, rain going down an umbrella and a tap dripping. These all will symbolise weeping as the boy in the music video is remembering all the happy times that he and the girl had when they were together, whilst he is looking through a photo album.

I will be filming a variety of different shots here including; the girl running through trees and the couple parting.

I will be filming at Earlham cemetery as it is quite quiet and will add a gothic feel to my music video

At the end of my music video I want to film a sunset that shall be a time-lapse as it will signify the end. I shall be filming the sunset here as it has a nice view of the city with the cathedral, which shall have connections to the start of my music video where I have a time- lapse of the cathedral in the daytime. I didn’t end up using the film footage I took of the sun set in this location as when the footage was sped up it became apparent that the sunset was too long and ended up looking choppy and robotic and didn’t flow.

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