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Published on January 6, 2014

Author: junnubabu

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location based remainder using GPS for mobile


   Although location-based reminder applications have been widely prototyped, there are few results regarding their impact on people: how are they used, do they change people’s behavior and what features influence usefulness the most. Cell phones provide a compelling platform for the delivery of location-based reminders within a user's everyday natural context. In this paper we propose an architecture of location based services which uses GPS.

   Location-based reminders that remind you to do something when you arrive at, or leave, a specific location such as your office, your home, or any other address in your Contacts list. The main purpose of location-based services is to provide services to customers based on the knowledge of their locations. Cell phones now emulate computers, with enhanced graphical user interfaces, integrated Global Positioning Systems, wireless data connectivity, efficient batteries, powerful central processing units (CPU), and expanded storage capabilities.

   Case 1: Forget bought fresh strawberry after your weekly shopping? Forget, No Problem. Location Based Reminder will remind you. Case 2 : There are several colors you can choose for your reminder. You can also set a radius of a circle in which you will be reminded. Case 3 : Snooze is another interesting function. You will be snoozed after preset time duration and only if you are still in the reminder area.

   The main idea of the architecture is to embed various information in service trigger mechanism and service itself. For example, dynamic route guidance service. In reminder services, the service needs to decide whether or not to post the message to user according to user’s location, incident property.

It can be divided into five parts which are: 1) Task management component 2) User interface component 3) Trigger management component 4) Service management component and 5) Storage and Retrieval management component.

Fig 1: System Architecture

A. GPS and Google Maps    Connecting GPS receiver to PC and PDA. GPS receivers are now embedded into mobile phones and applications using the location of the user in real-time are widely available. GPS chips are now included in many devices to analyze satellite signals and determine the user’s location with high accuracy.

B. Location Based Services:  Location Based Service (LBS) LBS is mobile service that has the capability to provide real time information based on the user’s location.  Geographical Information System (GIS) has been the heart of LBS in order to provide all the functionalities in LBS. 1. we may send location information to remote parties. 2. Second, use location information to make communication decisions. 3. Third, location changes can trigger communication actions.  e.g., when a person’s user agent gets a location notification indicating the person enters a room, the user agent may automatically turn on the light of the room.

c. Reminders as Per Situation  Different locations may require different communication behaviors.  For example, video or text conversation is not good when driving.

     Proposal of an integrated android application based on location information. (1) Creating and editing event content, (2) System to upload location information, (3) Search function using location information of the user, and (4) Displaying search results on the screen.

The proposed web server will consist of the following: • User module to create and store contents, • Search module to search the content database, • Response module to respond to requests from the client for web contents.

   When the user requests date to create content, the request is received by the builder module, and handed to the data module. The data module first searches the RMS (Record Management System) provided by J2ME to see if stored in the cache. When no corresponding information is found, the data module obtains the necessary information from the web server by using HTTP transfer.

  XML content sent from the client is distinguished by the subscriber ID, which is attached to the HTTP request header. It is then translated into WML and stored in the database to support WAP browsers.

1)Android SDK / Java: • Android is an open source operating system for mobile devices developed by Google. • One of the key features of Android is its ability to extend the functionality of devices through new applications (or apps). • The Android SDK is a collection of APIs and tools that facilitate Android application development.

MySQL: MySQL is an open-source database management system that is licensed for free under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Because of its open license, MySQL is one of the most popular database management systems for both commercial and personal use. Data is inserted and modified using commands sent to the database in Structure Query Language (SQL) syntax. File. Apache Web Server: Apache is free software, distributed by the Apache Software Foundation that promotes various free and open source advanced Web technologies.

    GPS on cell phones is a bit more murky. In general, it won't cost you anything to turn on the GPS in your cell phone. But when you get a location it usually involves the cell phone company in order to get it quickly with little signal, as well as get a location when the satellites aren't visible. It uses up some cellular bandwidth.

 C# is a multi-paradigm programming language encompassing strong typing, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object-oriented (class-based), and component-oriented programming disciplines.

      This paper focuses on communication related location-based services, GPS and system Architecture. In Internet telephony systems. Restaurant queries. Traditional restaurant queries only consider the distance, while we aim to change to provide better results by considering not only distance but also user preferences. Environmental context. Restaurant context.

    [1] Yigal Bejerano, Israel Cidon, Efficient Location Management Based on Moving Location Areas at ieee infocom 2001 [2] Sean J. Barbeau, Miguel A. Labrador, Philip L. Winters, Rafael Pérez, and Nevine Labib Georggi, A General Architecture in Support of Interactive, Multimedia, Location-Based Mobile Applications in IEEE Communications Magazine November 2006 [3] Xiaotao Wu and Henning Schulzrinne, Location-based Services in Internet Telephony ieee in 2004 [4] Tongyu Zhu, Chen Wang, Guannan Jia, Jian Huang, State Key Laboratory of Software Development Environment, Toward Context-Aware Location Based Services, 2010 International Conference on Electronics and Information Engineering (ICEIE 2010)

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