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Published on January 24, 2014

Author: liamgrantham96

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PowerPoint Presentation: L O C A T I O N A N A L Y S I S B Y L I A M G R A N T H A M B L I N D F E E L I N E PowerPoint Presentation: HOSPITAL PowerPoint Presentation: In our opening sequence, one of our main areas of setting is when the Professor wakes up in a hospital. Primarily we plan to film our footage in an actual Hospital with either Basildon or Southend possible available. The actual location of one of these would be perfect as it would create the correct sustainable, natural atmosphere needed to make our filming as real as possible. As the surroundings would match the criteria we are trying to match. The props needed to create a surreal scene will all be there for us to get in the shot- including a heart monitor, bed, hospital gown etc.. As well as this we will have the rushed mood within the hospital environment to maintain the heat pumping conventions seen within a thriller film. As well as this the filming of the hospital will be slightly convenient when filming as it’s a 10-15 minute car journey for most of us, meaning that it will not take up to much time whilst filming as we will be comfortable with our surrounding environment in Basildon. However the alternate view point may change as we need permission before we start to film, and a hospital is a very hostile place that perhaps would feel our production as a inconvenience . Therefore meaning we will have to find another possible location for the Hospital scene. PowerPoint Presentation: Medical Room, Via Beauchamp's High school PowerPoint Presentation: If the Hospital don’t work out we do have a very/ much more convenient location to film the scene in. This could be filmed in Beauchamp High schools (Our school). Although we wouldn’t gain the full manic atmosphere we could gain within a natural Hospital, Such as the medical equipment to create a surreal mood with the ambient sounds all in tact. However the medical room is a lot more convenient as we know for a fact that we will be able to film in there with a lot more time than we would at the actual hospital. We will still have some medical equipment there with a bed and other various equipment that will be in the background to illustrate that we are actually in a Hospital environment. PowerPoint Presentation: Wickford physio London Road PowerPoint Presentation: Another alternate location to match the Hospital setting, could be made by using a local Physio firm within wickford ( 68 London Road, Wickford, Essex, SS12 0AN) This again is more convenient than the actual hospital as we all live within walking distance from it, but however this could perhaps be more thorough in the physio with more professional equipment present rather than the schools medical room. Also one of our group members knows the owner of the physio therefore making the chances a lot greater to successfully film within a valid time bracket without feeling like a nuisance but however still gaining the footage needed to gain a successful/ real production. PowerPoint Presentation: T o create a busy Atmosphere PowerPoint Presentation: To create a H ealthy, Congested atmosphere we may film selected scenes where cuts are valid in high profile land marks- such as London , this will mean us making a day up there but we are going up there already to film our chosen University, so it wouldn’t be a huge problem. The positive’s of filming in London rather than a more local area is that is more R ecognisable with certain land marks in the shot such as the London eye, Canary Worth or the Houses of Parliament. However with the congested atmosphere we want to gain it may be hard to film when rush hour is in progress which may affect our production with the actual footage being B locked by people and the acting proving difficult to make, with the background ambient sound over taking the diegetic sound we need in our production. Also the location of London suits a mass audience as everyone can associate something with-it making the film suit the majority of society. However because London is such a mass location, we know many people will film up there just to get a landscape image which will surely make our production less original which will strive away from the unique nature we want to create. We have also considered alternate locations that could create a similar hectic mood to London this being Chelmsford, which is slightly on a lower level to London for atmosphere but it will be a lot easier to film but will still occupy the essential images needed to make our production. PowerPoint Presentation: Southend is another very well used locations that is used in various productions, We often see the mood being positive with the usual annotation of sunshine. However we could use it to portray a depressed nature that will highlight the real deep formation and attitude we are trying to set in the production. This could be seen with along the pier looking at the dull brown image of the crashing waves Southend will be more convenient than London with the train journey only taking approximately 20minuites. We have considered that because its not peak time such as summer that the typical tourist destination will not be busy meaning that filming will probably be easier than the Capital itself. However it will be very difficult to gain a clear sound ratio in the seaside resort with the wind normally very strong.

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