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Published on December 3, 2007

Author: smith

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Localization Processes » Basic localization process - well suited to demonstrate WizTom’s capabilities - useful for pilots, trials and at beginning of training » Full localization process - complete, streamlined process - intended for all projects - three major processes  initial release  minor release  major release Slide2:  Basic Localization Process      Slide3:  Full Localization Process Full localization process » based on advanced tools: - Extractors - Preprocessed Texts - … » no capture to keep thesaurus clean » capture for QA, if strings are missing Slide4:  Full Localization Process – Initial Release       Slide5:  Full Localization Process – Minor Release       Slide6:  Full Localization Process – Major Release (1/2)    Slide7:  Full Localization Process – Major Release (2/2)      Slide8:  Deployment & Implementation Guidelines » Where source code is available - advocate use of WizTom APIs - do not call WizTerminate (only provided for backward compatibility with 16 bit platforms) » Codepage issues - Unicode version to prepare the thesaurus (easier maintenance of multi-codepage thesaurus) - ANSI version for deployment (targets Unicode as well as non-Unicode platforms)

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