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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: christinakelman

Source: slideshare.net

transitiontalent management a complete guide for talent management transition in AIESEC Indonesia attitudeknowledge skill

what is the ideal VPTM for AIESEC Indonesia? attitude knowledge skill Vice President of Talent Management TMP/TLP Manager Driving GCDP/GIP Credible Change Maker Capacity Builder

• build trust through business acumen and results • interpersonal/ communication skills • strategic mind/ high organisational knowledge • high self awareness • committed to driving learning and development, talent management and human resources forward. • leading by example - challenging and purposeful experiences, living the values of AIESEC • Coaching skills/ Mentoring skills • Creates/ Facilitates a meaningful work environment Credible Change Maker

Vice President Talent Management TLP ager Credible Change Maker Capacity Builder • understands the relevance of TM in a strategic context • team player • represents the AIESEC values, understands and can communicate the AIESEC way through words and actions. • able to keep EB responsible for delivering challenging and purposeful ELD experiences through demonstrating integrating and leading by example. Vice President Talent Management

Driving GCDP/GIP • strong understanding of external trends and HR practices and how they can result in high impact on business results • able to link HR processes to driving exchange and leadership within AIESEC • connects processes to operational achievement

Capacity Builder • Can assess key talent and create standards for local talent • Optimises talent through planning and analytics • Can initiate and drive change individually (to people), institutionally (for AIESEC) and initiatively (making things happen) • aligning strategy, people, culture, practices and behaviour • Developing talent

TMP/TLP Manager • Strong understanding of tmp-tlp principles • driving key behaviours and mindsets for AIESEC Indonesia within the TMP/TLP programs • constantly assesses the quality of the TMP/TLP programs to use as a compass for future actions.

Clarity of TM, Team Member Program, Team Leader Program, TM synergy with GIP, TM Synergy with GCDP, Processes of TM, Learning and Development, Other Models of TM (GCM, LEAD, GLE, Inner and Outer Journey), Talent Management the specifics (Mentoring, SDP, LCMs), Representing yourself at LCVPTM, LEAD Sensing and Implementation, Recruitment, Induction, Transition, Performance Assessment and much much more… what is the knowledge needed to transition?

Make VPTM JD Clarity of TM 1. Elect understands the role of Talent Management in the Local Committee 2. Elect understands their role for the upcoming year and has a clearer picture of their daily and weekly activities. 3. Elect understands Talent Capacity Model 4. Elect understands the KPIs and MOS that will reflect their results. 5. Elect understands how Talent Management contributes to exchange growth objectivesflow purpose of AIESEC Talent Capacity Model Difference between tm and hr/ Global Trends VPtips 1. Send the definitive Guide to talent management and the Talent capacity wiki to your elect and ask them to read it before your meeting. 2. Use diagrams and the learning through discussion rather than off PPT 3. Allow them flexibility to create their own JD and then add to it. 4. Ensure you spend longer explaining the purpose of AIESEC, if you want to make it more interesting. Explore the AIESEC Way in-depth, taking into consideration the meaning of words etc. Purpose of TM

VPTM to make a basic hr plan Review of Current Term 1. Elect understands history of Talent Management the Local Committee, AIESEC Indonesia and AIESEC globally. With particular focus on the current term and LC. 2. Current has meaningful sharing about the successes and failures of the current term 3. Elect and Current review the current term's HR plan 4. Elect and Current have casual discussion about the direction of the portfolio for the next term. objectivesflow expectation setting about sharing Share about the major successes and failures History of tm in indonesia VPtips Review current’s HR PLAN 1. Prepare before the transition chat about the key points you want to share, otherwise you may get distracted or forget to mention specific points 2. Prepare your HR Plan 3. Don’t be afraid to tell your successor what you think the focus for next year should be, encourage them to think for themselves.

TOols used for TMP + add to hr plan Team Member Program 1. Elect understands the TMP Principles and Minimum Promises 2. Elect understands how TM manages the Team Member Program 3. Understand what are team minimums for the quality of AIESEC Experiences objectivesflow Purpose of TMP and contribution to leadership team standards / NPS TMP Principles and MQP VPtips supply and demand management 1. It’s important for the elect to treat the minimum quality promises, principles and team standards as a necessary thing from the beginning of the term. these are not optional. 2. Ensure that you are using national tools for tracking the MQP, team principles and team standards. 3. Ensure you communicate how just like an exchanger, VPTMs are responsible for RA-MA-RE of the TMP. (Inclue my@.net and s&d information)

TOols used for TLP + add to hr plan Team Leader Program 1. Elect understands the TLP Principles and Minimum Promises 2. Elect understands how TM manages the Team Leader Program 3. Elect understands the TLP quality measurement and development systems 4. Elects knows how to work with TLPs objectivesflow Purpose of TLP and contribution to leadership TLP Principles and MQP VPtips How to work/ manage TLPS 1. Briefly touch on LEAD as a program to develop leadership qualities in your LC but leave the majority of it for the other session. 2. Talk about your main collaborations / struggles with TLPs especially with Talent Review/ Coaching etc. 3. Ensure you communicate the mindset change that needs to happen with TLPs ‘TLPs are not just managers focused on operations but also need to perform their role as leaders’ tools and mindset change for TLPs

make hr and gcdp plans aligned TM and GCDP 1. Ensure elect understands the output and learning points of this years major GCDP projects 2. Elect understands Current GCDP and TM Plans and how they worked together. 3. Elect has the opportunity to have preliminary discussions to analyse Elect GCDP Plans/Timeline and create support planning. 4. Understand the concepts of integrated XPs 5. Elect understand EP LEAD and how to support objectivesflow understand the process, timeline and value of GCDP integrated experiences EP & Intern LEAD VPtips how to work with VP GCDP (i and o) 1. Emphasis the understanding of GCDP and how there needs to be a mindset change. Back office cannot be falling behind front office. 2. Review EP and Intern LEAD in detail and make the decision to leave it in TM or GCDP 3. Review recruitment/ talent planning with IXPs in mind

make hr and gip plans aligned TM and GIP 1. Ensure elect understands the output and learning points of this years major GIP projects 2. Elect understands Current GCDP and TM Plans and how they worked together. 3. Elect has the opportunity to have preliminary discussions to analyse Elect GIP Plans/Timeline and create support planning. objectivesflow understand the process, purpose and value of gip recruitment based on sales needs sales development program VPtips how to work with/ manage Gip 1. Ensure that elect understands that supporting GIP takes a lot more effort and should be the focus for 14-15 2. Go through backward planning for iGIP and TM 3. Ensure TM understands the sales process effectively and the difficulties associated with sales.

Add everything to hr plan Processes of TM 1. Elect understand process flow of Talent Management and can connect each step to one another 2. Elect and Current participate in managing a Talent Management joint project. This can include Recruitment, PA or Learning and Development Project. See details under 'Project' Sheet below 3. Elect understands the recruitment process from Talent Planning, Talent Promotion, Talent Selection, Raise, Match, Talent Induction and Mentoring. objectivesflow Recruitment Processes Exit and tracking processes Development Processes VPtips overview of TM processes and their connections 1. Run a joint project like recruitment, PA, L&D project to get the VPTMe used to the role and learn from a practical experience. 2. Go through each talent process in detail - ensure you discuss the required skills, synergies, timeline etc. 3. Communicate the importance of ‘linking’ the TM processes. That they are not separate but rather collaborate with each other and impact each other drastically.

Create LEC for a sample JD/ Function and add L&D to HR Plan Learning and Development 1. Elect has the output and learning points from the major learning and development projects implemented this year. 2. Understand the current NEC and how it can be implemented locally to fit the LC reality. 3. How to align local training to national training objectivesflow what is learning and development? development driven L&D Operations driven L&D VPtips local and national training alignment 1. Ensure VPTM understands the importance of learning and development 2. Align Operational plans with learning and development perspective, mindset and planning 3. Ensure VPTMe understands the differences between learning, training and development. 4. Introduce VPTM to Open Learning

HOW TO IMPLEMENT MODELS INTO PLANNING Other models of TM 1. Elect has the understanding and ability to utilise and implement the following models: Global Competency Model, Global Learning Environment, LEAD and Inner and Outer Journey. objectivesflow Review talent capacity model again GCM AND GLE LOGIC inner and outer journey in a tm context VPtips LEAD LOGIC 1. Review each model in detail. 2. Explain the logic behind everything 3. Try to draw a mind map where all TM models fit together. 4. Ensure VPTM understands that the models needs to be referred to at all times.

stop, start and continue for tm projects add everything to TM plan TM the specifics 1. Elect understands the Talent Management Projects that happen locally (TM Summit, Mentoring, SDP) ! 2. Elect has the materials and project reports of each local initiative your term ran, in order to re-run the project in their term objectivesflow review of the tm projects that happened locally daily life of vptm VPtips innovations about potential tm projects 1. Give your VPTMe the space to innovate - don’t ask too many ‘why’. allow them to brainstorm freely. potentially allow them time before to think (in case they are nervous/ threatened by you) 2. Talk about the more logistical parts of your role - organising local committee meetings etc.

what is the brand i want? Representing yourself at VPTM 1. Elect understands their role as a Vice President of Talent Management and how their brand will impact upon the brand of Talent Management. Eg. If you are fluffy and/or don't understand the role of Talent Management - others won't as well ! 2. Impress the importance of stressing TM's value to the other functions objectivesflow personal sharing from current vptm with members VPTM with eb VPtips vptm and different hats you wear 1. Ensure your VPTM understand what a VPTM need to be in terms of the model seen earlier in the pdf. 2. Be honest in your sharing.

design a lead project LEAD 1. Guide Elect through identifying LEAD gaps and LEAD sensing . 2. Recap on understanding the process flow 3. Allow elect to undertake a LEAD project under your supervision. 4. Have conversation with LEAD NST or MCVPTM to take steps to become a LEAD trainer. 5. Elect understands the logic behind LEAD 6. How to facilitate the development of different individuals with different working styles, development areas etc objectivesflow what is the leadership my country needs lead logic and process VPtips How to work/ manage TLPS 1. LEAD Logic, process, timeline 2. What are the gaps for LEAD within my LC 3. Allow lead to naturally connect to the leadership Indonesia needs. identifying the gaps of lead within my LC

add to HR PLAn Recruitment 1. Understand the Recruitment Processes for the different profiles (EP, TMP, EwA) 2. Understand the significance of selection using Global Competency Model and ensure elect understands the concept behind recruitment based on 'why' 3. Understand the processes and timeline of selection 4. Understand the difference between backward planning and talent planning 5. Understand the talent marketing profiles and national tools and how to use them. objectivesflow Backward planning talent marketing talent planning VPtips talent selection + Allocation 1. Understanding the different process within recruitment 2. Align local and national recruitment timeline and procedures 3. What are the benefits to ongoing recruitment 4. Internal vs. external recruitment 5. Align everything to timeline especially for internal recruitment

How to make it happen! add to hr plan Induction 1. Understand the induction flow 2. How to plan an induction in the LC 3. How to execute induction in the LC 4. Adjust mindset to prefer induction to learning and development objectivesflow Concept of L&D vs. Induction operational induction Understand induction process VPtips mentoring 1. Understanding the induction process 2. Get the mindset of ‘if you work harder for induction, you can focus learning and development towards leadership development and strategic learning’ 3. Make sure lots of synergy and planning goes in here. Operational induction is not easy.

add tr and pa to hr plan Performance Assessment+ Audit 1. Understand the role of performance assessment in the local and national reality. 2. Understanding the performance appraisal and talent review process objectivesflow What is performance assessment? working with tLps VPtips how to do Talent Review? 1. Understand the difficulties working with TLPs for Talent Review 2. Ensure VPe understands how to interpret Talent Review and how it relates to the other functions and operations 3. Ensure VP himself/herself understands how to conduct a PA and give feedback/coaching. interpreting talent review.

add to hr plan Transition 1. Understand the minimums of a transition process 2. Understand the importance of transition/ induction for each reallocation 3. National Transition Model objectivesflow significance of transition planning for transition for others Transition minimums VPtips planning for transition for yourself 1. This is a good opportunity for you to all the elect to rate your transition program and asses it 2. Understand minimums for transition process

sample culture outline Building a Culture 1. Elect has an understanding about the culture of Talent Management this year and the image or branding Talent Management needs to have the following year. ! 2. How to build a culture? ! 3. Value-based culture objectivesflow Current culture of the local committee value-based culture building process of culture building VPtips building a culture of excellence 1. Give VP Elect the freedom to make their own sample culture outline 2. This is opportunity for you to emphasise the AIESEC values and demonstrate how to create a value-based culture. 3. Link in concepts of team stand and team vision/purpose to the culture of the team/ local committee 4. Ensure that the VP understands that culture is driven from the LCP/VP

team management, facilitation, feedback, build trust, communication skills, strategic mindset, self awareness, coaching/ mentoring skills, culture building, data analysis what is the skills needed to transition?

make team dev plan Team Management 1. I understand how to manage the performance and development of my team 2. I have the models and tools that allow me to take charge in managing my team. 3. I understand basic concepts of team development and management objectivesflow you jd as a manager and a leader understand timeline of team dev team development model VPtips personal sharing about team management 1. This is the chance for you to stress to your elect about the importance of being a leader and a manager. Give the MOS and KPIs required. Share about individual and team legacy 2. Demonstrate the team development model with specific KPIs 3. Ensure the model is clear 4. Share that a model is only the beginning. schedule in the HR plan for the elect to revise team dev model every month/quarter.

give elect a practical training project Facilitation/Communication 1. Elect understands how to run a Local Committee Meeting and the basics about facilitation and communication 2. Understanding the importance of being a credible change manager 3. How to run a training objectivesflow tm the trainer vs. tm the strategist communication skills how to build a lesson VPtips personal sharing about team management 1. Understand the mindset that yes TM will need to give trainings sometimes, but TM is responsible for coordinating the training not always running the trainings. 2.

add to hR plan Coaching Skills 1. Elect understands the Situational leadership Model and how to apply it ! 2. Elect plans for frequent coaching with members ! 3. Elect knows the importance of it not only for his/her members but for the local committee objectivesflow importance of coaching mind map for team dev and situational leadership situational leadership model VPtips simulation, elect assess needs of others 1. Ensure that the elect understands that he/she will be a key role model for the importance and implementation of coaching within the LC. 2. Situational Leadership is not something you do ‘to’ people but ‘with’ people. 3. The model is only worthwhile if you actually use it.

practical training for 360 Feedback Skills 1. Elect understands the need for feedback to drive performance (link to Situational Leadership) ! 2. Elect has the skills and tools necessary to facilitate feedback (360 etc.) objectivesflow creating a feedback culture practice giving feedback feedback model VPtips link to situational leadership 1. Be sure to tailor how to give this session depending on the kind of leadership style of the individual. If your elect is very ‘supporting’ then make sure you emphasise on the need to give honest and direct feedback. If your elect is very ‘directing’ make sure to emphasis on the need to be supportive through feedback and use ‘hamburger’ model etc. 2. Schedule team 360, very important. Team days need to be feedback inclusive.

case study Strategic Mindset 1. Understand what is a strategic mindset - what kind of behaviour do I need to implement? 2. Explore common trends within HR and TM not only within AIESEC, make this a behaviour. 3. Power of asking the right questions objectivesflow self evaluation on strategic mindset have discussion on the future of tm for the next 5 yrs what are the behaviours i need to implement? VPtips 1. Why is being a strategic leader important? 2. Ensure that you try to give general knowledge and tips about trends happening in HR and TM inside and outside of AIESEC. 3. Have a fruitful discussion about the future of TM in the next 5 years etc.

personal sharing about the consequences of broken trust Building Trust 1. Elect understands different models of building trust - Emotional Bank Account/ Check In 2. Elect understands the importance of building trust - link to being a credible change maker. 3. Link building trust to clear goal setting and clear feedback. objectivesflow Why is this important? Emotional Bank Account behaviours I need to display/ ‘walk the talk’ VPtips goal setting and clear feedback 1. Building trust is one of the most important aspects of leadership, use metaphor of trust being like glass. once broken - very hard to fix. 2. Trust Building is not just an exercise its a behaviour you need to implement. 3. ‘Walk the Talk’ - Demonstrating Integrity. 4. Emotional Bank Account Model.

Success and failure, committed to leadership what is the attitudes needed to transition? * fill in the blanks, only you as the current know the attitude gaps of your elect.

Success and Failure 1. Elect understands the successes and failures of the current term 2. Has an understanding of how to maintain success 3. Understands the mistakes and how to ensure they don't happen again objectivesflow personal sharing about success and failure what is my legacy? define What will make me successful? VPtips 1. More of a sharing session - bring some hot chocolate and relax (: 2. There should be crying jokes 3. They should define their legacy, be supportive and ask a lot of reflective questions to set the atmosphere

Committed to Leadership 1. Elect is committed to their strong leadership objectivesflow share stories of aiesec leadership i am committed to leadership what is my JD no. i am a leader VPtips 1. This is a very good closing session for your transition planning as it sets the bar for the term 2. Please ensure your elect has a high knowledge about inner and outer journey before this session 3. Begin with sharing stories and personal sharing of success through developing others 4. It’s not just about the strategy, the processes, and the JD - but it’s about leadership in the end.

what is the ideal VPTM for AIESEC Indonesia? attitude knowledge skill Vice President of Talent Management TMP/TLP Manager Driving GCDP/GIP Credible Change Maker Capacity Builder

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