Local SEO Guide In The Case of the Mysterious Local Entities By Andrew Shotland

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Published on September 29, 2015

Author: SearchMarketingExpo

Source: slideshare.net

1. Local SEO Guide THE CASE OF THE MYSTERIOUS LOCAL ENTITIES! IN Andrew Shotland 9.29.15

2. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com About LocalSEOGuide.com 2 10 Years of Enterprise & Multi-Location SEO

3. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com The Knowledge Graph Is Brilliant!...

4. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com …like a 2-year-old…

5. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com

6. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com

7. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Or Is It? 7

8. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Q: When Is A Closed GMB Listing Not Closed? 8 http://www.localseoguide.com/why-is-this-closed-listing-not-like-other-closed-listings/

9. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Q: Why Is a Cat Pic Showing On This Auto Dealer's GMB Listing?! 9

10. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Say Hello To Google Image Search… 10

11. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Enter a Mr. Gregory Wood… 11

12. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Where in the World is Gregory Wood? 12

13. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Search Me? 13

14. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Get Out of the Damned Rabbit Hole!

15. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com

16. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Multiple reports from multiple ip addresses please!

17. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com …and Voila! 17

18. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Regional Brands Beware! 18

19. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Hello 301 Redirect! http://www.yext.com/podiatrists/listing/sf-feet-san-francisco-california.html http://www.yext.com/ 19 301

20. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com …and Voila! 20

21. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Q: Why The Hell Don't We Rank #1 for “local seo company pleasanton, ca”? 21

22. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com #1 & #2 in Organic 22

23. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Backlinks? 23

24. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Not Really Optimized for Local •  No address on site •  No LocalBusiness schema •  GMB landing page = home page not /pleasanton-ca-seo-company/ •  No “Pleasanton” anchor text •  Kind of Embarrassing! 24

25. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Oh Yeah…Plenty o’ N.A.P. Issues 25

26. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Mystery: Can We Rank #1 Without Fixing Bad NAP Data? 26

27. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Your Basic Keyword SPAM… 27 31 Aug!

28. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Changed GMB Landing Page 28 3 Sep!

29. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Organic!

30. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com And Here’s What Happened When We Did That for 300 Client GMB Pages… 30

31. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Got “Pleasanton SEO” link! 31 4 Sep!

32. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Added Address to /contact 32 8 Sep!

33. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Added Address to GMB Landing Page 33 9 Sep!

34. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Changed G+ Link to LSG GMB Page 34 11 Sep!

35. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Locked in #2! 35 11 Sep!

36. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Added Sameas Schema to Connect Site to GMB 36 11 Sep!

37. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com More Links! 37 12 Sep!

38. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com #1!13 Sep! …Out of Market…

39. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Getting Desperate… 39 14 Sep!

40. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Victory!? 40 17 Sep!

41. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Still Bouncing Around… 41

42. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Removed All Links to Personal GMB Page & Removed LSG Reference From GMB… 42 18 Sep!

43. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com Conclusions •  Local SEO Was Hard Enough With Bad NAP Issues •  Add on Knowledge Graph and You are Looking at Endless Series of Problems •  Acquired Businesses/Rebrands Have To Work Even Harder to Overcome & Grow •  IpsoFacto: We Are No Longer “Local SEO’s”, We Are Now “Local Entity Optimizers”… 43

44. www.localseoguide.com @localseoguide.com #LEO Thank You! LocalLEOGuide.comS!

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