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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: b_malcolmson

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Planning – Layout Lesson 11

Lesson Goals  Know key features of the website layout  Understand how to structure individual pages  Be able to plan the internal pages of your website #user #needs #layout

Assessment Criteria  The assessment criteria for this part of the unit is as follows: Detailed planning for the design and function of the website considering how information flows and pages link. Justify choices in relation to target audience appeal and usability. Relevant legal and ethical issues considered. D1 P2 Plan the development of a multi-page website: • Purpose • Target Audience • Content • Production Plan M1 LO2 – Plan the development of a multipage website Consider visitor needs and how they will navigate the website. The info provided on a budget, launch date and timescale is realistic. Some consideration to relevant revenue potential.

What will a user expect? Think about the whole website experience…

Technical Needs Be able to plan website pages Understand audience needs  A typical user on any of these sites may be looking for the following:  Navigation – Easy to get from page to page  Flow – Obvious which bit comes next  Loading – Relatively quick load times  Access – Site accessible to disabled users  Consistency – A clear style across all pages  Browsers – Displays correctly in all browsers  Colours – Effective contrasting colour scheme  Form – Allowing user interaction e.g. Contact  Planning website pages effectively can ensure you adhere to each of these considerations. #user #needs #layout

Page Layout Identify the similarities between all four web pages…

Site – Homepage

Site – Media Page

Site – Gallery Page

Site – Contact Page

Template What webpage elements are included on a template?

Templates Be able to plan website pages Understand audience needs  A template can help you to design a consistent theme for all of your web pages.  The template should include all of the elements of your website that you want to appear in the same position on every page.  All other information will go into editable regions which would be different for every page depending on each page’s content. #user #needs #layout

Editable Region This area would contain any information relevant to the individual page. This area is not for information that would go onto every page as that would be part of your template for the webpages. Site Template

Your Task Be able to plan website pages Understand audience needs  Use mybalsamiq to design the internal pages of your website considering the needs of your target audience.  Your site should use a template and include the following features:  Navigation  Information Flow  Consistency  Good Content  Use the markup section to add notes explaining your designs. #user #needs #layout

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