Lo0071sortx> lu3 - salt; rude; soil. (ROOT) 鹵

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Information about Lo0071sortx> lu3 - salt; rude; soil. (ROOT) 鹵

Published on June 18, 2013

Author: GWROY

Source: slideshare.net


lu1,3 = to wipe. (HAND) To sway; aggressive movement
lu3 = imperceptive; bewildered, abashed; hesitant. (MIND/HEART)
lu3 = look-out turret; long oar; a sweep, a scull. (WOOD)
lu3 = sand, grit, gravel. (EARTH/DIRT)
lu3 = cauldron, pot; wooden sword handle; a haft. (METAL)

lu3 = salty, bitter, brine; lye; thick gravy. (WATER)

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