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Published on November 7, 2007

Author: Brainy007

Source: authorstream.com

Mesospheric Emissions Observed with OSIRIS:  Mesospheric Emissions Observed with OSIRIS E.A. Dupuy, D.A. Degenstein, R.L. Gattinger, N.D. Lloyd, J.T. Wiensz and E.J. Llewellyn ISAS, University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, SK, S7N 5E2 Slide2:  The Odin orbit is sun-synchronous with the ascending node at 1800LT Slide3:      Slide4:  Optical Spectrograph Image obtained at a low atmospheric tangent altitude Slide5:  Plot of Image dn from previous image Slide6:  Optical spectrograph Limb Scan from 10 – 60 km. Location ~80 N, 0 W. Missing region is at the position of the order sorter Slide7:  Optical Spectrograph Image for a tangent altitude near 60 km Slide8:  Plot of Image dn from previous image. Oxygen A-band is now in emission Slide9:  Nightglow Limb spectrum showing emission features due to O2 A-Band, red line, green line and sodium. Slide10:  Twilight airglow spectrum of the Limb. The strong feature at pixel 800 is due to sodium. Slide11:  Aurora Australis as seen by OSIRIS during the May 2001 commissioning period. Slide12:  Modelled nightglow spectrum for the A-band Slide13:  Courtesy Patrick Sheese and Ian McDade – York University Slide14:  Courtesy Patrick Sheese and Ian McDade – York University Slide15:  Modelled nightglow spectrum for the A-band showing that emission temperature can be retrieved Slide16:  Imager Channels, essentially a vertical slit 1.26 mm – 10 nm wide, measures OIRA Band 1.27 mm – 10 nm wide, measures OIRA band 1.53 mm – 40 nm wide, measures OH (3-1) Meinel band 110 pixels over 0 – 110 km in the limb, measured every 2 seconds. Slide17:  O3 + h  O2 + O The O2 and the O are both excited. The O(1D) transfers energy to O2 , either the a1D or b1Sg that radiate at 1.27 mm or 762 nm respectively. Both are measured by OSIRIS Slide18:  Meinel (1948) detected an emission in the near IR that Herzberg identified as the vibration-rotation spectrum of OH. Bates and Nicolet suggested that the emission was excited through the reaction between atomic hydrogen and ozone. The reaction is part of a catalytic cycle. H + O3  OH + O2 OH + O  H + O2 _______________ O3 + O  O2 + O2 The catalytic destruction of ozone is not new, it was just considered to occur at high altitude ~80 km. Slide19:  Satellite Orbit : 6978 km Satellite Speed : 7.559 km/s Satellite Period : 96.7 min The blue annulus is the atmosphere below 100 km within which atmospheric parameters are retrieved from the OSIRIS observations. OSIRIS on Odin is attempting to study this ozone loss. Slide20:      Nighttime orbit images of the O2 IR atmospheric band emission. Slide21:      Tomographic retrievals of the O2 IR Atmospheric band during the nighttime Slide22:  A Nighttime Data Set Structure seen in the IR Imager OH Channel Slide23:  The observed orbit average OH Meinel band emission Slide24:  Mesospheric effects of Solar Storms Details of the inverted OSIRIS IRI Limb Observations of the OIRA Bands at 1.27mm during the Halloween Storm 2003. Slide25:  Mesospheric effects of Solar Storms Slide26:  Mesospheric effects of Solar Storms Slide27:  Mesospheric effects of Solar Storms Slide32:  55 km Slide33:  84 km

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