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Published on March 11, 2008

Author: Teobaldo

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Holiday Stress:  Holiday Stress What is Stress?:  What is Stress? A mentally or emotionally disruptive condition occurring in response to adverse external or internal influences and capable of affecting physical and mental health, that may be manifested by increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, muscular tension, irritability, and depression. STRESS:  STRESS Causes long term health effects Increased blood pressure Decreased immunity Obesity Headaches….. Even death! One study indicates that the increase of heart attacks in the December, January, February may be due to holiday stress!! What is Stress?:  What is Stress? Performance Stress Eustress Distress Balance:  Balance Distress Eustress Eustress:  Eustress Stress which is productive and causes an increase in performance and feelings of well-being. Without some stress things would be boring! Stressors:  Stressors Anything that disturbs the status quo. Stressors:  Stressors Anything that disturbs the status quo. Types of Stressors:  Types of Stressors Psychosocial Social Marital, family, culture Psychological Self esteem Socioeconomic Job stability Financial status Career satisfaction Physiological Environmental Temperature Noise Chemical exposures Physical health / illness Fatigue Health habits Smoking Drinking Balance:  Balance “Stressors” Coping Skills “Stressors” “Stressors” Adaptive Coping Skills:  Adaptive Coping Skills Several different ones Cognitive Reframing Relaxation Techniques Talk it out Adaptive Coping Skills:  Adaptive Coping Skills One of the best: Humor Learn to laugh at yourself Holiday Stress:  Holiday Stress What are the holidays about? Connections Holiday Stress:  Holiday Stress Connections All kinds of them Family Friends History Your past Traditions Religion Holiday Stress:  Holiday Stress Speeding ticket 65% Dentist 51% Raise 43% Tis the season 41% Interview 36% The holiday season Getting a speeding ticket Your last job interview Asking your boss for a raise Going to the dentist Which is the most stressful: Slide16:  Most stressful parts of the holidays Holiday Feud *those with family issues rate this 57% Holiday Stress:  Holiday Stress Financial issues Overspending will be sure to cause stress throughout the whole year… The stores will be putting up the holiday decorations next year before you are out of debt Expensive gifts will not repair relationships or make the holidays great… They will however make you miserable. Quality versus expense/quantity A well thought out gift is just as meaningful Holiday Stress:  Holiday Stress Financial tips: DON’T shop till you drop Take a day in the middle of the first week of December Take a backpack, fill it then go back to the car and drop it off Saves money and time…clerks in stores aren’t worn out yet either! MAKE A BUDGET AND STICK TO IT!!!! Shopping list Envelopes with CASH for each gift Freeze Credit Cards in a block of ice Holiday Stress:  Holiday Stress Financial tips: Creative gifts are better (4 of 5 say they would prefer an album with childhood memories) Make a donation in someone else’s name Adopt a Koala bear or Penguin in a child’s name Coupons for brownies, backrubs, apple pie Write and illustrate a book with your child as the main character (it might be the next “Harry Potter”) Holiday Stress:  Holiday Stress Parents need to tell kids to be realistic IT IS OK TO LIMIT AND SAY IT IS TOO EXPENSIVE Children need to learn that their wish is NOT someone’s command—decreases instant gratification Say that Mom and Dad and Santa will try to choose the most suitable present Financial Stress--Kids: Slide21:  This is always hard and the best its to go “go by feel” (if it feels right then do it) Tell people what you really need. Most likely this will make them feel better because they feel that they don’t know what to say. Remember that others may not feel the same way and be respectful of them Find a way to “bring them” to the celebration Set a place for the loved one still Make a dish that they made or liked and serve it in their memory. If at a party label it as “Grandma’s favorite dish” Write a letter or card to them telling how much you miss them Make a quiet moment to remember them “mindfully” Holiday Stress Memories of lost loved ones Slide22:  Overindulgence Can come in several forms Hedonism Drugs and Alcohol Presents Holiday Stress Food Decorations **Don’t worry no pictures for this one Sex** Slide23:  Overindulgence: Food Set limits Get support (weight watchers, Jenny) Tablespoon system one rounded tablespoon of whatever you want Holiday Stress Hockey puck (deck of cards) sized serving of meat When you are done, set a timer for 20 minutes After 20 minutes, can have another serving if you want it, but no larger than before Repeat if needed Slide24:  Set limits for yourself Alcohol is in abundance at this time of year A standard drink is defined as 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits, all of which contain the same amount of alcohol. Metabolism 0.015 to 0.020 percent per hour Strong Coffee and a shower will not change this!! Holiday Stress Overindulgence: Alcohol Alcohol Metabolism:  Alcohol Metabolism Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) after the rapid consumption of different amounts of alcohol by eight adult fasting male subjects.* (Adapted from Wilkinson et al., Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics 5(3):207-224, 1977.) 100 mg% is the legal level of intoxication in most States. 50 mg% is the level at which deterioration of driving skills begins. (JAMA 255:522-527, 1986.) *If the same number of drinks are consumed over a longer period of time, BAC's will be lower. Slide26:  Set limits Alcohol is in abundance at this time of year Holiday Stress Overindulgence Timer—one drink must last 1 hour (generally) This is conservative OR don’t drink at all. As a gift be the designated driver! If you think or someone that you care about has told you that you might have a problem—seek help Slide27:  Learn to say NO People will understand if you CAN’T do some things Say yes to the things that you WANT to do and you won’t feel resentful If you have to do something remove something else from your schedule to make up for it Make a list and prioritize what you want to do most to least. This will help with the decision. Holiday Stress Too much to do: Slide28:  Schedule the holiday office party for mid-January. By then guests actually want one and it helps with the “what do we have to talk about” Theme—bring the tackiest gift, fruitcake…. Holiday Stress Stretch the season Too much to do: Slide29:  Many struggle with stress because they face the holiday’s alone Become proactive and find people with similar circumstances and celebrate with them Make your own “family” ( you might even like it more than your own) Holiday Stress Being alone: Slide30:  Volunteer at a shelter Volunteer at a hospital or nursing home to spend time with people that don’t have visitors Holiday Stress Being alone: Slide31:  The holidays are a great opportunity to spend time together There is a pressure for people that live far apart to “cram…emotion and bonding and intimacy into a very hectic few days” Sapolsky, Robert (WebMD) You can not make up for a whole year in one week Holiday Stress Family: Slide32:  “…put your behind in your past”—Pumba (very smart pig) Don’t try to compare “the good old days” Holiday Stress Family: Slide33:  Family: “…put your behind in your past”—Pumba (very smart pig) Don’t try to compare “the good old days” Holiday Stress Be realistic about conflicts If you have a bad feeing about someone try to avoid them If you can’t, be civil, but you don’t have to pretend everything is fine, be true to yourself Slide34:  Involve everyone in the planning If relatives insist on sniping at each other…time to take a walk or clean the bedroom Many fights happen at the dinner table Consider going out to a restaurant where people tend to be on their best behavior Holiday Stress Family: Slide35:  Finally, try to accept others as they are Holiday stress is probably effecting them too Remember that the holiday season does not magically banish reasons for feeling sad, lonely or angry There is room in the holidays for these feelings too…even if you choose not to express them! Holiday Stress Family: Slide36:  Divorced families: Holidays cause kids to remember “when mom and dad were together” Be aware of different types of families When kids talk to others about their plans they often find out there are “others like them” Holiday Stress Special issues: Slide37:  Divorced families: Include and encourage kids to help plan and make items for all members of the family Encourage kids to talk about what they feel…you don’t have to have the right answers, you just need to care Just as it is important to keep your routine during the holidays, keep “the rules and consequences” the same Holiday Stress Special issues: Slide38:  THE RULES: The lines will be long You (and everyone else) will be grumpy, tired… GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME Holiday Stress Travel: Slide39:  Expectations Across the board the experts remind us that expecting “the perfect family Christmas” makes everyone miserable. Know that there will be problems and learn to laugh at them. What do people usually remember most of events… the things that were embarrassing or went wrong!!! Holiday Stress Where do most of the problems come from? Slide40:  People that dread the holidays often feel that way because what they feel inside doesn’t match what “you are supposed to feel” Trust your instincts and don’t try to be someone or something that you are not. Holiday Stress Expectations: Slide41:  Sometimes the “stress” becomes something more Seasonal Affective Disorder Major Depression If that “holiday blue” feeling just won’t seem to go away, or if you just wish that you or everyone else would Seek professional help. Holiday Stress

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