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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: professorleandroportoalmeida


e-book = Religious Book: Psychographics (O Livro Religioso: Psicografia = tradução experimental para Inglês) 06/05/2013 14:04 RELIGIOUS BOOK: Psychographics Teacher: Leandro Porto Almeida.

₢:Leandro Porto Almeida. All rights reserved. Publisher of the author. Passo Fundo. Brazil. 2012. Warning: This book, in whole or in part may not be reproduced by any means without permission of the author or the publisher. INDEX Part I - Celestial Charts (psychographics): 1 - Of redemptive work ................................06 2 - The eternal fire .........................................08 3 – The redemptive faith...............................10 4 - The generator character of resurrection…12

5 - From rain to life ........................................15 6 - Of remedies for God ................................20 7 - The nearest parent ...................................23 Part II - Encyclical (writer Leandro): The power of God's word. 1 - Preface ......................................................27 2 - Religion .....................................................37 3 - The other religions or Buddhist sect .........39 Bibliography of the Encyclical: The power of the word of God .............................................45

PART I - Celestial Charts: Religious Book: Part I - Celestial Charts (psychographics). 1 - The redemptive work (celestial chart). Spiritual healing people, who joined: all efforts to release the sins and desires (people who commit sins) is poured over this life through the word (the Holy Bible) and all recommendations divine human behavior. The sins and desires are the greatest problem faced by God (God's spirit) being close to men (men and women).

Therefore, the word (the Holy Bible) and the doctrine of God (Spirit of God) addressed: the uprising and deliverance from sin. In order to bring life to this passage: Where, now, are all (us men and women) closer, to decipher a way of life or a way, able to perform to God (the spirit of God) bond with men (men and women). Thus, this work left by the saints serves study: those in which the work of the writing of the prophets; shorthand understood the desires and sins. By which human relations are capable of generating: this order, being away from the word of God and bringing with men (men and women). Religious Book: Part I - Celestial Charts (psychographics). 2 - The eternal fire (celestial chart). This was the era of the apostles, which is disposed the command word and heavenly doctrine (the New Testament of the Holy Bible): generates a new hope to this meeting with a way to release those, which, given out the work of baptism and insurrection of the sins of men (men and women).

You are in heavenly doctrine in which a work: men and women were benefited by the pilgrimage of times the scriptures. Where the saints that was revealed: the nature of their souls, the testimonies of the greatness that everyone (men and women) were rescued, for having freed themselves from the lack of connection with God in heaven. There was, therefore, been established works: in order to bring these men and women; celestial and divine revelations (the Holy Bible) of which this world has now witnessing. Religious Book: Part I - Celestial Charts (psychographics). 3 – Of redemptive faith (celestial chart). Worsens, the faith of God in you (God believes more:'s most fervent and in relation to humans).

Thus, through biblical revelation: the existence of God the Creator (the revelations of cosmic creation of earth, and of life, a spiritual consciousness called God) and profetização word; relinking of man (men and women) with Him, God developed this doctrine and selection of human behavior (the doctrine contained in the Bible, leading to santífice: not practicing the seven deadly sins, etc.). The heirs of heavenly doctrine (we have inherited the Bible) that established the connection (religion), the interpretation of the word in that: the testimony of God (through the Bible) intercedes for being available, it was revealed a new spiritual connection. To all, (all of us humans) perpetuações the spiritual (the psicografias Bible) taught that, God remains the owner of the power (God is the true author of the Bible and has a spiritual power on earth and on humans). This power is yours (it is the divine power), and is revealed in meeting a great approach: Him (God), with the creation of the Holy Spirit (the spirit of this child) and the teachings of the son of the Holy Spirit, Jesus. Religious Book: Part I - Celestial Charts (psychographics).

4 - The character generator of the resurrection (celestial chart). The will of the resurrection (the New Testament) says that: the heavenly Father (God's spirit); trusted Jesus, an exploration potential of faith (religious faith). The resuscitation, this link contradictory to the New Testament, lifted a mechanism for conversion to God. That resuscitation (Jesus of Nazareth) is up a short character of the abandonment of God to men (men and women). Its resuscitation (Jesus) would be the good of eternal life. In the Bible comes as curing deadly bestiality; testifies an end to human strength end does not follow an aspect of immortality. Jesus was crucified, nailed and extinct. Then, after lying and being recognized for being out of life, contained: the body and bleeding wounds fatal. God (spirit) prepared him to take the final prove that: eternal life in Jesus left a stretch. Human life on earth ends: as also that of Jesus, the son of the Holy Spirit (son of the supernatural, of the Holy Spirit with a woman: Mary of Nazareth).

Through the teachings of Jesus, baptism, reconnection with God, and the faith benitude: we were not encouraged to hate, because we penitents. Thus, we are aware that: God (spirit) showed, some, part of his creative and spiritual state (supernatural) and other extreme power, and the way the word (the Holy Bible, the prophets and the psychographic messiah Moses). In life, the shadow leads to darkness. When there is a humane way of rewiring: and this will be determined by a contact exists in the world (the Holy Bible) written by prophets, messiahs and the testimony of Jesus to the disciples and apostles. Religious Book: Part I - Celestial Charts (psychographics). 5 - From rain to life (celestial chart). Underneath the bridge remains, a hideout for Jesus (is humiliated with that is the sacred heart of Jesus, the grace of Jesus).

There is power: that the work of God (the Holy Bible), now also built by the Third Testament (the Celestial Charts); writes, in the form of spiritual covenant. Thus able to bring prediction and conduct of human life (the Bible has the power to: changing human attitudes and integrate them to a breeder behavior, because we are part of a perpetual creation). In the days when there was no civil laws: the saints and prophets have left psicografias celestial (Biblical), as laws, the will, the will of men (men and women). Here on Earth, is nothing supernatural guide: some form of knowledge, about the cosmic creation, or cosmic consciousness called God unless psicografias Bible. Thus, apart from God (the divine far as it not only controls us and we are part of the universe in perpetual creation): who is interested in building a path to God is in heaven scripture (the Bible psicografias) a single word not to be abandoned. Earthly laws (the laws of current policy) direct the work of God: for time without these laws created a state of misery (atrocities, atrocities, hatred, etc.). Now, there is a path on the earth conduction (the Holy Bible teaches the way of benitude, in accordance with the eternal creation).

God, cosmic spirit (psychic who contacted with the prophets of the Old Testament) is a benign consciousness creator of the cosmos. This spirit understands human language. So God dismembered: his plan for salvation (contained in the Bible), the forces of the Holy Spirit (a supernatural plot); spirit father of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is immaterial and accompanies human life. In heavenly doctrine (the Bible), we realize that Jesus is the son of a woman (Mary of Nazareth) with a spirit (the Holy Spirit): therefore, He, Jesus did not contain sins. Jesus was the son of the supernatural with a woman. The work celeste (the Holy Bible) controls this supernatural (guides actions of the Holy Spirit), as it has the power to: changing human attitudes, lead to a path; benitude and the eternal creation. God is: an awareness of the cosmos and its mediumistic contact, a supernatural manifestation. Thus, his book psychographic (the Holy Bible) is: fruit of his labor, his divine and supernatural power. On Earth, there is a work at will of the goals of God (the Holy Bible psychographed).

The Holy Bible (psychographic) is also designated as a cure, any parapsychological manifestation. For time on Earth, without the presence of doctrine and preaching: (put out the word of God to others) people become demons and even crossbows. This time (before the divine psychographics), without religious doctrine and preaching created: heretics, atheists, worshipers of evil and destruction. Therefore, the Bible is able to bring salvation (men and women). Jesus, the son of the Holy Spirit told everyone: what God needs to be the master of supernatural power (control of human intentions); baptism and remission of sins; celibacy religion and faith (be fervent in favor of God). Thus, it is still necessary: the existence of human laws (when they did not exist, the laws had dictated psychically to Moses, the Mosaic laws), because in this way, this was the victory belongs to God. Greed is also supernatural. It manifests itself on the planet and without rewiring, men (men and women) to God, now destroyed. The Bible is accepted as the salvation dominated by evil (by demonic spirits) will study and congregation of those who testify the will (believe in biblical psychographics).

Religious Book: Part I - Celestial Charts (psychographics). 6 - Of the remedies for God (celestial chart). Got up, to mature the saints, a contact (mediumistic contact). God, rushed to the persecution of non rewired or unbaptized (people unbelievers or atheists): created a form (a word celeste) of baptizing and connect the heavenly doctrine to the human journey. Thus, God is intrinsic in the world: a psychic witness. This God is the holder of a power equal to the supernatural power; able to examine it (the supernatural) and master it, with the word heaven (the Bible psychographic) and evangelization of Jesus Christ, witnessed by the disciples. Life in God, the supernatural doctrine is: the same to humans are connected. God and Jesus (through the psychographics of the Holy Bible, the prophets and disciples, respectively) brought (through narrative mediumistic), a journey of redemption to the

supernatural (supernatural evil and so dominated by evil people), to constitute the work of Bible. Thus, it was established on earth a work (the Bible) mystic trinity: the trinity of the father (God), the son of the Holy Spirit (Jesus) and Holy Spirit (unreal, supernatural, dominated to God and to Jesus: this ; spirit, father of Jesus). The heavenly doctrine (the teachings of the Holy Bible) brought to the world, a reality of rewiring (religion). And through this covenant (the covenant between God and men, men and women), God forces disbanded in favor of humans (human and human). In this order, these laws and knowledge: the heavenly doctrine described (in the Bible); serve as driving for strengthening the participation of God on earth and thus the material world. Religious Book: Part I - Celestial Charts (psychographics). 7 - The nearest parent (celestial chart).

God is not present on earth except by supernatural design. Similarly, the doctrine of God (a creator) and son of the Holy Spirit (Jesus) are present, through the existence of sacred doctrine (the Bible). Thus, both an atheist (one who does not believe in God), a heretic (who speaks ill of God), or a saint: they have available, a heavenly doctrine (the Bible). This God, immaterial (spirit) left: here on earth, a holy sacrament. Thus, there is a union of God the praise of belief and religion. God holds together through his work (the Holy Bible): its creation (life with theology on the globe) and his plans to benitude, the spiritual redemption; controlling the supernatural and the salvation of men (men and women ). The Holy Spirit, so called to serve God spiritually (spirit) and the spirit of Jesus Christ, the world will start; everything potrificar the power of God. His supernatural power: can match up to the power of God on earth and is coordinated to the doctrine of holy sacraments (the teachings of the Holy Bible).

The word of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ will be, to defeat greed and hatred (deadly sins of humans and supernatural beings: called demons, evil spirits). People can search the scriptures (the Bible). In the Bible, God reveals himself immaterial, spiritual (the third line of the Bible): not being present physically, but only there, here on earth, its creation (the creation of the cosmos, which created as a stepfather). Thus, through the psychic transcript of a plan of salvation: God conducts a survey of attitudes to human understanding. Through words and powers (psychic or supernatural powers), God can assess beings. The nearest parent in the world: through the salvation of one's word (the word of God, the Holy Bible) and the testimony of Jesus Christ gives the world a trust path. His word, the teachings of Jesus Christ and his desire to be close to humans with his power (divine power): establish a contact immaterial (spiritual) and intercessor of a path; which revealed for men (men and women ), a way of doctrine and religion.

PART II - Encyclical (writer Leandro): The Power of God's Word. Religious Book: Part II - Encyclical (writer Leandro): The Power of God's Word. 1 - Preface: God is something we remember as an expression or spiritual entity. Through his words and teachings (the biblical word), his work of indoctrination: God (God's spirit); became an imaginative way to our consciousness. We humans, at full capacity of thought, imagine God. Thus, believing in something that has never seen, is a state of imagination. About the mediums: the imagination of the mind of God, or the son of the Holy Spirit (Jesus); perhaps, fell to exercise telepathy and psychic write what imagination recommended. Thus, the works psychographic may be sacred or not sacred.

The Bible is a sacred doctrine (even with the existence of the book of Joshua): Old and New Testament, it also Sky Charts; constitute a work release to atheism. Constitute a doctrine of salvation. Religious belief, has generated even hatred between schools of thought. For example, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism, are chains of atheism to Jehovah (God, the spirit author of the Bible) and the heavenly doctrine. For Buddhists, the Hindus and the Islas: the Holy Bible is a work distinct from his belief; opines differently to their minds and thus they are not even baptized into Christianity. In this order, about the existence of the sacred doctrine of God (Jehovah): psychographed by Messiah Moses, the prophets and the apostles and disciples (Saul of Tarsus and now: Leandro), this work was assigned to two times of religious consecration. These are: "The Old and New Testament" and now, maybe three times, the Old, the New and the Third Testament. In the Old Testament's books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy Moses the messiah; there is the book of Joshua, the Book of Judges, the book of Ruth, Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, Ezra's book, the Nehemiah, Ester, Job, Psalms of David, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes: of song in the Davi, King Salomon; end books: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos; Obadiah; as

books of: Jonas; Micah, Nahum, Abacuque, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi. In these books we find: law, history, poetry and prophecy (major and minor prophets). In law it is, the Pentateuch (the five books of Moses). In history, twelve books: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther. Thus, five books of poetry: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon. In prophecies: seventeen books, the major prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah, the book, Lamentations (of Jeremiah), Ezekiel and Daniel, and the minor prophets, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah; Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi. The era of the apostles of Jesus of Nazareth as revelation brought books: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Jesus' disciples; Acts, Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians, Timothy and books of: Titus, Philemon end Hebrews in the apostle Saul of Tarsus (St. Paul), this apostle of Jesus. Even books: James, Peter, John, Jude, Revelation besides (John), Jesus' disciples.

In these books, you will find: biography, history, ecclesiastical epistles; individual epistles; collective epistle; universal epistles and prophecy. In this biography: Matthew (biography of Jesus). In story: Mark, Luke and John In ecclesiastical epistles: Acts, Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 Thessalonians and 2 Thessalonians. In individual epistles: 1 to Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus and Filemons. In Epistle collective book: the Hebrews. Also, universal epistles: James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John and Jude. In prophecy: Revelation (the disciple John). The word of Jesus in the New Testament and taught that: he only Jesus can be perfect and that witness; This (Jesus) is not descended from a man and a woman, but a woman with the Holy Ghost (spirit). The Holy Bible is a book psychographic: the messiah Moses, the prophets of the Old Testament and by Jesus' disciples, the apostle Saul of Tarsus (St. Paul) and now, perhaps, by Leandro (via Celestial Charts).

So you can compose yourself, also by psicografias biblical of Religious Book. The Holy Bible tells the genealogy of saint men (Jesus of Nazareth) and has a plan of salvation for the spirit, beyond the heavenly doctrine (the teachings of a cosmic doctrine). Mediumistically, the authors of the biblical books written (psicografaram) at different times of the holy book. Thus, supernatural forces of the cosmos (deities) would be responsible for the content of psychographed books (books that constitute the Holy Bible). God is creator: thus a kind of cosmic consciousness. In the book of Genesis (the gen, the beginning), psicograficamente is reported: "In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth" ... "And his spirit hovered over the waters" (third line of the first page of the Bible). In this mediumistic contact, the spirit of God with Moses (narration or writing the Book of Genesis), was reported what God is: a spirit, immaterial, a cosmic force, an awareness of the cosmos, can be perceived and contact mediumistic with men (men and women), as to leave here on Earth psicografias sacred.

The story told in the Holy Bible identifies all the genealogy of Jesus. Adam was a being of creation, for example ourselves, but an atheist, but the spirit of God as a father educated him. So he created as a child until he becomes a man and his descendants know are: Noah, Abraham, Aaron, Moses, David, Solomon, Jacob (grandfather of Jesus), Joseph (husband of Mary of Nazareth, Mother of Jesus ), among others. So Adam was not materially created, except by creation, but was created mediumistically (God created the mentality of Adam) and his descendants brought biblical books (Semitism). Thus, until the arrival of Jesus, his descendant (descendant of Adam). In the first lines of the New Testament is written: "Jesus, son of David (son of David), son of Abraham (descendant of Abraham)" and Abraham was the home of Adam. So Adam was created (received education, so Adam was a mediumistic being) by the spirit of God. God gave Adam discernment and wisdom and thus prepared the coming of the whole genealogy of their prophets (the semitism).

Believing that Jesus was the son of a spirit with a woman (Mary of Nazareth, the Santa Maria, Our Lady); makes mystical biblical history. The words of Jesus and he is the son of the Holy Spirit establish that: from his coming, besides the existence of a covenant between God and men (women and men); provided in the Old Testament, it would make existing presence a trinity to protect the Earth. This is the trinity: the holy trinity of the father (spirit of God), Son (the soul of the Holy Jesus) and Holy Spirit (the supernatural, father of Jesus). God guided psicograficamente humans to belief: and the simple reading of the holy book (the Bible), can alienate humans from diseases, sins, etc.. In the biblical story, miracles of healing were: an activation of the immune system of patients, so these were cured. Also paganism ceased to spread: and propagation of religion dominated the human and spiritual evil (demonism was dominated: hauntings, etc. Had a control; through the existence of the cosmic intellect, consciousness and the doctrine of God's spirit).

But the Bible is not a perfect book: there is also gladiações: as, for example, the prophet Joshua ruined that killed forty people and even children. Maybe Joshua is a false prophet (mentioned on the last page of the Bible, as a spirit to be destroyed by Him, God, by virtue of paganism), a tyrant. For He, God, was a revelation: He proved to humans and brought the world a sacred doctrine, a work of salvation, a continuation to the work of creating the cosmos. The cosmos and still created us today can understand the spirit of God. Religious Book: Part II - Encyclical (writer Leandro): The Power of God's Word. 2 - Religion: What is religion (from the Latin; reconnect)? It reconnect man (men and women) to God. No use: the Bible terms, we do not know what it means, do not understand their history or we determine that, not blends with science.

Science does not witnessed miracles and we do not know whether they were or not. Thus, those who believe in the Holy Bible, is the belief that a cosmic consciousness brought to the earth its doctrine. The Bible can still be written, such as: the creation of the cosmos that is perpetual. So in continuing the sacred work of the Bible, Jesus Christ, the son of the Holy Spirit guided, here on Earth, a mechanism for salvation: he first instituted the baptism. The baptism was instituted to men and women as a way of introducing them in religion. Religious Book: Part II - Encyclical (writer Leandro): The Power of God's Word. 3 - The other religions or Buddhist sect. The other religions or sects, such as: Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism, respectively have no Christian baptism.

These religions, or Buddhist sect are not reconnected to Jehovah (God of the Holy Bible, Jesus of Nazareth, Mary of Nazareth, etc.). For God (spirit) which they do not know their doctrine, are not connected to Him But no, these religions deism (attribute things to God): for Allah, described by the prophet Muhammad II, in the book called the Koran and; Hindu polytheism (having many gods), the Vedic philosophy (culture ancestral to the Holy Bible: philosophy of the Vedic texts, Indian). In addition, the sect's anti-theological (who does not believe in God) Chinese: Buddha (the master), respectively. Thus, the Islamists have as God: the spirit of Allah instead of Jehovah's spirit. According to their religion (Islam): The angel Gabriel had revealed to Muhammad II the existence of a spirit called Allah. This God, Islam (called Allah) have sent to Earth (so psychic) an unbiblical doctrine, other than the Bible. In the doctrine of Islam (Islamism): the God of the cosmos, is not the spirit of Jehovah.

Thus, the God who rules the universe is not the spirit which dictated the Holy Bible, so psychic. But this spirit to govern the universe is: the spirit of Allah. According to the book Koran (written by Muhammad II): the Islamist religious (Islam) should not worship Jehovah or the Bible. For, according to the book "Koran" would be the true God Allah, and his prophet (writer of a religious book, the Quran) is Mohammed II. In the book, the Koran, which is written: God, Allah has sky, heaven, etc.. and forwards the religious (Islas) worship; their God (the real God for them). The Islamists are: praying with the body facing the holy city of Mecca in Turkey five times a day; visit the city of Mecca, once in their life and promote a war against the saints (the people who follow Islam religiously grounded latter are called extremists). Thus, the extremists should: genocidar people who do not meet the ideals of this religion, enemies, etc.; promoting holy war thus be received into heaven of Allah. In Hinduism, the prevalent polytheism (the existence of many gods) such as: the worship of God Shiva, Vixno to God or the God Brahma. The people are wise in what Hindus believe to be contained, the supreme personality of God.

In Hinduism, the Vedic culture (of the Vedic texts, preIndian) that prevailed on Earth after a war with the Kurus (the people Kuru, also pre-Indian), the current in the land of India Kurukhsetra, is the culture of real connection to the creator of the cosmos men (men and women). For Hindus (Indian religious), the wisdom of people such as: Tandra Rama, Krishna and Tithania Marasha brought the culture of the supreme personality of God (called also Hinduism and Brahmanism). Islam and Hinduism are religious currents similar to Christianity, but the atheists Bible and Jehovah. The Muslims and Hindus have: Christian baptism, Christians are not (not pray to Jesus, Holy Spirit, Jehovah, God, Santa Maria, etc.).. On the other hand: in Buddhism, for example, the man (men and women) today, is rewired, not to God but to the teachings of a man and this was, the Buddha, the sage. Buddha preached a philosophy, wherein: the man (men and women) should exercise its discretion to good, to nature, to the balance of your being with the cosmos. The Buddha's teachings say about materialism and wisdom. In Dharma (knowledge or knowledge) Buddhist shown: that humans should abide by aging with health and wealth.

To the wise, Buddha, the human body must exercise the mind and work, to seek, an old age with more wealth. Thus, for the Buddhist Dharma (knowledge) is training for the perfection of human beings. Buddha preached: the antiesoterismo, a rationalist philosophy, able to make wise human, healthy and wealthy. For us Christians baptism that Jesus gathered his disciples, the teachings of breaking the bread, the wine, to become able to benitude and benevolence, leading to a maturation of the plan of salvation of a mystic, the mystic Jehovah. Jehovah worked (through mediums Bible), the construction of its materialism (the holy book and churches). The churches, the Bible, the clerical or religious heritage constitute a work material on Earth. They are thus a mechanism congregation to spiritual salvation (the fact that many are not sinners). Thus, new devotees should be welcomed and accepted. It should be baptized, the unbaptized. End.

Bibliography: Celestial Charts transcribed in state seance. Bibliography of the encyclical writer Leandro. Holy Bible (without the Apocrypha). 2nd Ed Bible Society of Brazil. Barueri. 1993. JEHOVAH’S, Witnesses. The Knowledge (Biblical Studies). Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of New York. New York. USA. 2006. JEHOVAH’S, Witnesses. What does the Bible really teach? (Biblical Studies). Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of New York. USA. 2006. DAY’S, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter. The Book of Mormon: another testament of Jesus Christ. Edition; Salt Lake City. Utah. USA. 1995. MACEDO, Bishop. Biblical Studies. Unipro Publisher. Rio de Janeiro. RJ. 2006.

PRABHUPADA, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami. Srimad Bhagavatam (Hindu philosophy). The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. São Paulo-SP. 1979. PRABHUPADA, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami. Life comes from life (Hindu philosophy). The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. São PauloSP. 1980. For cash contributions, deposit any sum of: CEF: Ag. 0494 - Account: 13 - 129320-5 In the name of author: Leandro Porto Almeida.

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