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Published on December 16, 2017

Author: freewillforms


Welcome You To Free will Forms : Welcome You To Free will Forms Plan For your Future MAJOR TYPES OF WILL: MAJOR TYPES OF WILL UNPRIVILEGED WILL PRIVILEGED WILL CONDITIONAL WILL JOINT WILL MUTUAL WILL CONCURRENT WILL SHAM WILL UNPRIVILEGED WILL: UNPRIVILEGED WILL A will written by any individual other than a soldier, a sailor or an airman engaged in a war or on an expedition, is an unprivileged will. These wills need to be signed by the testator (the person making the will) in the presence of at least two witnesses who also sign the will. These wills can be revoked by writing a new will or destroying the old one. PRIVILEGED WILL: PRIVILEGED WILL If a soldier, sailor or airman is in the battlefield or engaged in an expedition, he may make a privileged will. If the person writes the entire will with his own hands, it does not need to be signed by any witness. These wills can also be written by another person. Such wills can be revoked by an unprivileged will. CONDITIONAL WILL: CONDITIONAL WILL An individual can attach certain conditions to his will. For example, one can write a will which will come into force if the person dies during a particular period. One can also leave a property for a person subject to fulfillment of certain condition such as marriage and attaining certain age. However, if one writes a will with illegal or immoral condition, it is not considered a valid on e . CONCURRENT WILL: CONCURRENT WILL Ideally, one person should leave only one will. For the sake of convenience, individuals who have properties in more than one country execute separate wills for properties in different nations. SHAM WILL : SHAM WILL If a person writes a will and completes all the formalities only for some hidden objective, it is considered void. However, one needs to. CONTACT US: CONTACT US Shawn Sherfey 13055 Riverdale Drive NW, Suite 500-371 City : Minneapolis Email: Post : 55448 Website : m Free will Forms Plan For your Future

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