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Published on October 12, 2007

Author: Lucianna


LIFE PROCESSES:  LIFE PROCESSES Looking at living things Living things:  Living things Although all living things look different from each other, they all have Eight things in common. These Eight things are called life processes. Something is only alive if it does all Eight processes. EIGHT LIFE PROCESSES:  EIGHT LIFE PROCESSES LIVING THINGS 1:  1 All living things move Slide5:  Animals move their whole bodies to get from one place to another. Plants turn towards the light and their roots grow down into the soil. 2:  2 All living things reproduce Slide7:  Animals have babies. New plants grow from seeds. Reproduction may be asexual or sexual Offspring inherit traits from their parent's) (Heredity). 3:  3 All living things have Response Slide9:  Living things may respond to external stimuli by movement toward or away from a stimulus. Eg. Plants grow towards the light. Eg. People react to the temperature around them. 4:  4 All living things need Energy Slide11:  Food is used to provide energy. Green plants make their own food using sunlight. Animals eat plants or other animals. Metabolism is the chemical reactions in the cell that convert food sources into energy. 5:  5 All living things are Organized Slide13:  Waste substances must be removed from the body. Plants and animals both need to get rid of waste gas and water. 6:  6 All living things grow Slide16:  Babies grow into adults. Seedlings grow into plants. Slide17:  All living things are made of Cells 7 Slide18:  Basic unit of life All living things contain one or more cells 8:  8 All living things have Homeostasis Slide20:  Homeostasis is the ability of an organism to maintain relatively constant internal conditions. An example is temperature regulation in the human body. All organ systems contribute to homeostasis The Eight life processes:  The Eight life processes Move Reproduction Respond Energy Use Organization Grow Cells Homeostasis Slide22:  Which of these things are living? Which are non-living? Living Non-living mushroom flower doll cloud bird chair dragon fly fish teddy zebra crocodile ball frog skateboard tree Answer next Slide23:  mushroom flower doll cloud bird chair dragon fly fish teddy zebra crocodile ball frog skateboard tree Living Non-living Well done !:  Well done !

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