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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: EllieStringer



Seminar presented by Ellie Stringer and Merel van Dijke to A level students in Canary Wharf. - See more at:

Living & Learning On The Web Business, Management and Organisation London Seminars March 13th, 2014

Who We Are Ellie Stringer Philosophy BA Digichamp @MissEllieish Merel van Dijke KISM MSc Digichamp @MerelACE


The Web Social Media Online technologies and practices that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Myspace, Wikipedia, Forums etc Source: Pranam Kolari (2007) The World Wide Web is a subset of the Internet consisting of pages that can be accessed using a Web browser. The Internet is the actual network of networks where all the information resides. Source: (2014) BE CRITICAL!

How does the web impact you?

Self Representation on The Web Who are you online? ● Over-positive on social media ● Are you the same on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? ● Online Identity: Not only made by you, but also by other people. Source: Paul Micarelli

Living on the Web

How Do We Use The Web? Social Networking Entertainment Job Searching Messaging Online Dating Online Business Finding Information Gaming File Sharing

How Do You Use The Web? 14 24 31 The Web is what you make of it: created by us, for us.

Better relationships (social capital) - Keeping in touch & strengthening weak ties Getting to know new people. - Interact with people with the same interests Benefits of Social Media Source: Ellison, Steinfield & Lampe (2007)

Biologically Susceptible Benefits of Social Media Source: Loretta Breuning

Social Media: How much time do you spend on Social media? - 155 52 Britons spend 62m hours a day on social media (1hr+ each person)

The Dangers of Social Media Source: Daily Mail Elise Christie

The Dangers of Social Media Not realising facebook event information is publicly viewable → In Holland http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Project_X_Haren to-riots-in-Dutch-town.html Source: Twitter

MANAGE YOUR PRIVACY SETTINGS! How to Protect Yourself Online Highlights any inappropriate content, and shows you what aspects of your information are publicly available.

Living on The Web Conclusions The Web allows us to connect in a way like never before The Web has an impact on your perceived identity Social Media can be a great tool, but can also be dangerous Make sure you continually manage the privacy of your social media accounts

Learning on the Web

Is Everything on The Web True?

Critical assessment of The Web

The Dangers of Learning on The Web Source: Huffington Post

1. Research the source: Does it have any hidden agendas or sponsors? 2. Is there any missing info? Have any sources or explanations been obviously ignored? 3. Be careful of buzzwords: Does the author use any undefined words which evoke an emotional response? How to Recognise Bias

4. Is it showing the full story? There should be stats/views for all sides of the issue 5. Where do stats come from? Who collected, conducted or funded the research? Do they have any motives behind it? 6. Does the info seem sensible? Try a quick internet search to see whether other articles display similar information How to Recognise Bias

The Opportunities of Learning on The Web Collaborative Learning ● Facebook Groups ● Twitter Hashtags ● LinkedIn Groups

The Opportunities of Learning on The Web Source: Uni of Southampton’s Mooc:

The Opportunities of Learning on The Web Source:

The Opportunities of Learning on The Web Source:

The Opportunities of Learning on The Web Source:

The Opportunities of Learning on The Web Source:

The Opportunities of Learning on The Web Source:

The Opportunities of Learning on The Web

Learning on The Web Conclusions Not everything on the web is true You have to recognise biased sources Harness social media and online platforms for social learning THE OPPORTUNITIES ARE ENDLESS <3

Doing an Undergraduate Degree ● I want to make the next Twitter: BSc Computer Science, BEng Software Engineering, BSc Web Science (Computer Track) ● I want to see the impact of the web: BSc Sociology, BSc Psychology, BSc Biology ● I want to use the web practically: BA Marketing, BSc Management Sciences ● I want to know more about the digital self: BA Philosophy, BSc Sociology What’s Next?

Questions? Ellie Stringer @MissEllieish Merel van Dijke @MerelACE

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