Living Building Challenge - First Net Zero Office Building in Asia

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Information about Living Building Challenge - First Net Zero Office Building in Asia

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: GreenDrinksChina



Quinnie Li, Associate, LEED AP BD+C: With a degree in architecture/City Planning and experience in real estate and construction, Quinnie has served as project and sustainability manager on multiple high profile projects in both the US and in Asia for Glumac, an MEP engineering consulting company focused in sustainable design. Glumac’s new office space, to be completed in June, will be the first Net-zero Living Building Challenge certified project in Asia on top of LEED v4 Platinum. Through this project as a case study, Quinnie will introduce the advanced building technologies, products, innovative design solutions being implemented, as well as some challenges the project team faces as the team continues to push the envelope for sustainability even further through this project in China.

First  Net  Zero  LBC  Project  in  Asia       -­‐  Sneak  Peak  of  Glumac  Shanghai  Office  TI

COMPREHENSIVE IN T E R G R District   A Energy  and  ESD T China  3-­‐Star,  LEED,  Energy,  CFD,  DaylighHng Design  –  MEP,  LighHng,  Technology Commissioning

一座生态建筑应该像一朵花 THE  METAPHOR  OF  THE  FLOWER ROOTED  IN  PLACE  AND  YET: 扎根于土壤 Harvests  all  energy  +  water 收获的却是水和能量 Is  adapted  to  climate  and  site 能够适应气候和环境 Operates  polluCon  free 没有一丝一毫的污染 Is  comprised  of  integrated  systems 每一朵花都是一个完整的微系统 Is  beauCful 是如此美丽


ü First  Living  Building  in  Asia   ü LEED  V4  Pla<num  with  99  points ü Mul<ple  Latest  Technologies

Project  Partners:

E WATER   • • • Innova<ve  Fixtures Rainwater  Collec<on Net-­‐zero  Water WATE ENERGY HEALTH

Annual  Rainwater  CollecHon  over  800m3 Net-­‐Zero  Water 80m3,  Capacity  of  1week  usage RAINWATER  TANK Restroom Solar  powered  sensors RAINWATER  HARVESTING  AREA ComposHng    Toilet Non-­‐chemical  FiltraCon  System

ComposHng  toilet:  0.2  L/flush Regular  low  flush  toilet:  4.5  L/flush

E WATER   • • • Energy  Efficient  System PV Net-­‐zero  Energy ENERG Y ENERGY HEALTH

Net  Zero  Energy Radiant  Cooling:   Capacity:40W/m2 Roof  InsulaHon Customized  lighHng  fixtures Average  LPD  <=  2  W/m2 Sage  Glass PV  panels Capacity:  45  KW Annual  Electricity:  70,000  KWh

Gen1(Irvine) • • • • • • Gen2(Portland) Dual  LED  (up/down) Independently  Dimmable Smaller  Profile   Integral  Occupancy  Sensor Integrates  with  Lutron First  run  release  (28/100) Gen3(Shanghai)

Net  Zero  Energy Annual  Energy  Balance ConsumpCon: HVAC LIGHTING APPLIANCE GeneraCon: PROCESS  LOAD PV  

E WATER   • • Healthy  Air Civilized  Environment HEALT ENERGY HEALTH

Civilized  Environment  Separate  Exhaust   Healthy  Air Operable  Window Entryway  System Cleaner  Outdoor  Air

Dehumidifica<on   AHU

E WATER   • • • • Red  List Appropriate  Sourcing Conserva<on  &  Reuse Zero  Carbon  Footprint MATERIALS ENERGY HEALTH

Materials Red  List The  project  cannot  contain  any  of  the  following  Red  List  materials   or  chemicals:   • Asbestos   • Cadmium   • Chlorinated  Polyethylene  and  Chlorosulfonated   Polyethylene   • Chlorofluorocarbons  (CFCs)   • Chloroprene  (Neoprene)   • Formaldehyde  (added)   • Halogenated  Flame  Retardants   • Hydro-­‐chlorofluorocarbons  (HCFCs)   • Lead  (added)   • Mercury   • Petrochemical  FerClizers  and  PesCcides   • Phthalates   • Polyvinyl  Chloride  (PVC)   • Wood  treatments  containing  Creosote,  Arsenic  or   Pentachlorophenol  


E WATER   • • • Biophilia Beauty  +  Spirit Inspira<on  +  Educa<on BEAUTY ENERGY HEALTH

Biophilia Beauty  +  Spirit InspiraHon   +  EducaHon

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