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Published on July 14, 2009

Author: ps123



Each person can make a difference to climate change, because one small positive act multiplied millions of times produces immense benefits.
Yayasan Tanam Pohon Indonesia (YTPI) is a non-profit voluntary organisation established in 2007, with its mission to react to problems caused by the massive and increasing levels of deforestation in Indonesia, raise awareness of environmental issues and the role forests play, take action against climate change, educate children on these issues and to PLANT TREES.

Living a Green Life Poonam Sagar Yayasan Tanam Pohon Indonesia Plant Trees Today with

How many sides does a circle have? Plant Trees Today with

Plant Trees Today with

Plant Trees Today with

Plant Trees Today with

Plant Trees Today with

WHY??? 1. Over population 3. Over consumption Plant Trees Today with

Islands of Garbage Plant Trees Today with

• Melting Ice Caps and Glaciers • Rising sea levels • Droughts • Floods • Pollution • Species loss • Deforestation • Etc • etc Plant Trees Today with

Effects of climate change can be seen NOW, this means we need to ACT NOW ! Plant Trees Today with

Are you IN or OUT? Plant Trees Today with

The greatest misconception • Myth: – Climate change crisis is too big for an individual to do anything and it is already too late to do anything • The Fact: – Everybody can contribute and if we act now, we can bring down the emission levels to that of 1970 Plant Trees Today with

What can I do? • Practice 4 R’s – Reduce – Recycle – Reuse – Reforest Always ask yourself: Is it reusable, recyclable or biodegradable? Plant Trees Today with

Plant Trees Today with

1 “Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi Plant Trees Today with

2 Plant Trees Today with

3 Plant Trees Today with

4 = Plant Trees Today with

5 Go Digital • Digital pictures •Online newspapers & magazines •Internet Banking •E books •Audio Books •Rechargeable batteries •Online conference … Plant Trees Today with

6 Reduce Use of Paper = Plant Trees Today with

7 A Green Home •Energy saving appliances •Energy saving habits •Cooling & washing •Recycle •Compost Plant Trees Today with

8 Transport •Public Transport •Carpool •Plan your trips •Maintain your vehicle Plant Trees Today with

9 Save Energy •Ghost Power •Switch off •Set thermostat •Wash with a full load •Solar energy Plant Trees Today with

10 Plant a TREE Did YOU hug a tree today? Plant Trees Today with

Yayasan Tanam Pohon Indonesia • Formed in April 2007 • To make a positive impact on the environment and the society • To plant trees and contribute in building a sustainable ecosystem and create awareness in the society about climate change and its implications Plant Trees Today with

Every tree planted is a positive step towards a cooler, greener planet. Join me Plant Trees Today with

HOW DO TREES HELP? • Trees are green machines that act as natural filters of our air • Through photosynthesis trees absorb carbon dioxide (a key GHG and principle contributor to global warming) from the atmosphere while releasing oxygen back out • They store carbon in the trunk, branches, leaves, roots, soil and foliage • Half a tree's mass is carbon, so large amounts of carbon are stored in forests¹ ¹ Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Accounting, Australia Plant Trees Today with

HOW DO TREES HELP? • As globally important storehouses of carbon, forests play a critical role in influencing the Earth's climate² •Forests are also crucial sources of food, medicine and clean drinking water for millions of people. •Tropical deforestation is responsible for approximately 20% of total human-caused carbon dioxide emissions each year³ •A tree will absorb approximately 20.3 kg of CO2 per year over its lifetime •If planted now, your trees should outlive you ² Union of Concerned Scientists, USA Plant Trees Today with ³ Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Accounting, Australia

Trees Planted 257,395 And counting… Plant Trees Today with

TS Suites, Surabaya Plant Trees Today with

Partners Masterpiece T-shirts, Medan Plant Trees Today with

CSR Partners • HSBC • HINO motors • GMIS • Soroptomist International • HR Potentia • Networkers • PT Infotech Solutions • PT CBJ Plant Trees Today with

The path to a GREENER future is… YOU Plant Trees Today with

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