Living a balanced life while using the power of the dark side video three

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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: Yamaya36



Living a Balanced Life While Using the Power of the Dark Side Video 3

Living a Balanced Life Using the Power of the Dark Side

George Lucas literally went through hell while creating Star Wars. He ran out of money, his staff threatened to walk out. He even was hospitalized for having a mini-heart attack. So I am sure that many of us are very familiar with the film. If not, I definitely suggest that you watch it. The story is simply based on the Luke Skywalker character. Notice the name “Luke Sky Walker! According to prophecy, Luke Skywalker was destined to become a Jedi Master. As a Jedi master, Luke acquired supernatural abilities that enabled him to dethrone the powerful emperor and his machine like apprentice Darth Vader. Luke Skywalker was fighting against the corruption and tyranny of the Republic. Their sorcery and black magic enabled them to gain control of the Galactic Empire, where anyone who showed signs of rebellion was quickly destroyed. So much like Jesus Christ, Luke Skywalker was a revolutionist who spoke out against the tyranny of an oppressive regime.

And just as Jesus Christ rebelled against the Roman Empire, Luke Skywalker rebelled against the Galactic Empire. Notice that both Jesus Christ and Luke Skywalker were born out of some level of evil, darkness, or sin. Luke Skywalker was the son of Darth Vader, also known as Anakin Skywalker. While Jesus Christ was the son of Mary, whom many people believe was an unwed mother. This view of the Virgin Mary is incredibly controversial. However, many people can agree that Jesus Christ appealed to the vagrants and misfits of society. The prevailing concept beyond both of these themes is that Jesus Christ and Luke Skywalker were born out of darkness.

Just as Jesus died and thus absolved humanity of its sin. Luke Skywalker fought on behalf of all the unseen people who didn’t have the courage or ability to fight for themselves. Both made tremendous sacrifices for the greater good of humanity, both were rewarded by nature with the gift of enlightenment. And both were saviors who rescued humanity from a downward spiral of tyranny and sin. Just as the lotus flower grows out of a sea of mud into an object of great beauty. Creation must grow from the realms of chaos and destruction. It is only when you begin to test you’re limits that you will start to understand that you don’t have any. So I understand that this way of thinking shatters the whole paradigm of peace. However, it is important to understand that you’re not really a peacemaker if there are no risks involved. You’re not working to change the world if you’re not testing your limits, or questioning the motives and actions of others. You are not a peacemaker by accepting the status quo and not fighting for the advancement of human kind.

And you certainly are not spiritual or on the path to enlightenment if your not battling the demons of the night.

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