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Published on March 3, 2014

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Hp: (+84)0907014066 CLICK HERE TO SEE NOW! How to Use Manna Slim™ Take 2 capsules with a full glass of water approximately 30 minutes before your first and/or second meals of the day. To assess your tolerance of this highly potent formula, you may want to start with 1 capsule. Do not exceed 6 capsules in a 24-hour period. Avoid snacks between meals and after dinner. The unique proprietary FEEL THE ENERGY. formulation of Manna Slim works best when combined with a low-calorie diet and LOSE THE WEIGHT. ◊ a regular exercise program. Read the label before use. Before A New Way to Burn Fat: Core Cooling You know you need to lose weight. But losing weight isn’t just about dropping pounds. You want to look good. You want Bob Burton your clothes to fit right. You want more energy. You want to be able to focus throughout the day. In short, you want to feel Lost 37 lbs and look your best. in 3 months! MANNA SLIM™ CREATES FAST RESULTS THAT YOU CAN FEEL ALMOST IMMEDIATELY M AN N A3 6 0.CO M THERMOGENICS WITH THE CONCEPT OF 'CORE COOLING' “Thermogenic” products are quite popular and make up a substantial Triggered by certain ingredients in Manna Slim, “core cooling” portion of the weight-loss supplement market. They all work is a form of hypothermia (lowered body temperature) that essentially the same way—by raising core temperature to burn fat. After WE HAVE BROKEN NEW GROUND IN THE FIELD OF works almost imperceptibly and affects only your body fat. TO LE A RN MO R E ABO UT MANNA SLI M AND THE LIVESMART 360 OPPORTUNITY The proprietary formula in Manna Slim uses proven, all-natural In response to the lowered temperature, other ingredients in CONTACT ME Mr. Linh Nguyen herbs and other ingredients, developed and tested over six years, Manna Slim reawaken the body’s thermal “furnace,” which Hp : (+84)0907014066 Email: which help you burn fat in a whole new way. This mechanism is reignites fat burning, and helps restore healthy metabolism called “core cooling,” and it goes to work fast to coax the body into and energy levels while the fat literally melts away. The statements in this brochure have not been evaluated by the FDA. Manna Slim is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. TM4126 02-21-12 burning off its fat reserves.

What Can Manna Slim™ Do for You? Hunger and low energy are the two main culprits that doom Why You Need Manna Slim™ 1. EFFECTIVE WEIGHT CONTROL. Most weight-loss products are limited in their scope, targeting only one mechanism. Manna Slim encourages weight loss on multiple fronts for safe, long-lasting results. STANDARDIZED EVODIAMINE - Chinese “hot nature” herb 2. REIGNITES SLUGGISH METABOLISM. Manna Slim contains ingredients proven to stimulate the body’s fat-burning mechanism and keep it fired up for hours. stored fat cells) by increasing the release of norepinephrine and blocking alpha-2 receptor activation. weight-loss attempts to failure. Our bodies learn the bad habits we teach them. After a constant barrage of minimally nutritious, fatsaturated, sugar-laden, salt-heavy, artificially laced, over-processed, hyper-preserved “foods,” our bodies develop more hunger, slow their metabolism, lower natural fat burning, and encounter frequent energy crashes. Manna Slim changes all that by establishing a new environment for your body to be thinner and more energetic for the long term. The Ultimate Weight-Loss System As effective as Manna Slim is, it’s even better when combined with Manna 360 as the ultimate weight-loss system. Manna 360 is a delicious, easy-to-use meal replacement shake that delivers real, whole-food nutrients to your body. Manna 360 contains 77 ingredients representing everything your body needs on a daily basis. Together, Manna 360 and Manna Slim are amazing products that can help you lose the pounds and regain your energy and power through the day. 3. BOOSTS THERMOGENESIS. As a component of the body’s metabolism, the heat-producing thermogenesis process also consumes calories and helps boost a stubborn metabolism. The proprietary Manna Slim process fuels your body’s natural thermogenic fire. 4. NORMALIZES APPETITE AND REDUCES CRAVINGS. Sick and tired of succumbing to the cravings? Find yourself bingeing a lot every day? With Manna Slim, you’ll feel satisfied and the cravings will be gone! 5. INSTANT ENERGY. Are you fed up with feeling rundown all the time? Manna Slim will give you the natural and steady energy you need to carry you through the day. 6. HEIGHTENED MENTAL FOCUS. Many people suffer from mental fatigue and brain fog regularly. With Manna Slim, you’ll experience a definite mental boost, allowing you to get more done in your busy schedule. What’s in Manna Slim™? that induces heat loss and heat production simultaneously; increases body temperature. YOHIMBE EXTRACT - Enhances lipolysis (the breakdown of GUARANA COMPLEX - Increases energy, boosts metabolism, and ups fatty acid levels dramatically by providing the body with energy derived from fat instead of sugar. CITRUS AURANTIUM (BITTER ORANGE) EXTRACT - Contains synephrine, which increases the metabolic rate and lipolysis (breakdown of fat for fuel), and suppresses appetite. FISETIN EXTRACT - A bioflavonoid with antioxidant properties that synergizes with Guarana and Citrus Aurantium; also mobilizes fat-burning enzymes in fat cells. CORN SILK - Supports the urinary system, liver, and kidneys for optimal elimination of excess water. FORSLEAN® - Forskolin extract that enhances lipolysis (breakdown of fat for fuel); may also stimulate thyroid hormone production for increased metabolic control. GUGGUL Z&E - An Ayurvedic herb believed to help control 8. USE ALONE OR AS PART OF A PROGRAM. Manna Slim is terrific all by itself, or you can use it with Manna 360™ for enhanced calorie control. You can also make it part of your overall health regimen, and the results will be even better! “feel good” ingredient found in chocolate; boosts mood, helps promote satiety, and is a mild stimulant. Get It Free by Sharing CORE COOLING 7. NO CRASH OR ILL EFFECTS. Most energy products contain harsh stimulants and chemicals that make you feel worse a few hours later. With Manna Slim, there’s no crash, jitters, or uncomfortable side effects. process also aids in the removal of toxins from your cells. MANNA SLIM ™ 9. SAFE AND PROVEN. The ingredient profile in Manna Slim offers peace of mind, with hundreds of studies supporting their safety. Manna Slim Is Infused With Zorbmax™. With our exclusive patent-pending ZorbMax technology, your body’s blood cells re-charge, re-inflate, and re-space for optimal nutrient and oxygen absorption within minutes. This Don’t keep Manna Slim for yourself. Sharing it with others is easy, and a simple way to get your Manna Slim free. Just refer three customers, and your order is free every month! The statements in this brochure have not been evaluated by the FDA. Manna Slim is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 10. THE ULTIMATE LOOK-GOOD, FEEL-GREAT PRODUCT. It’s pretty simple—you will know Manna Slim is working because you’ll look and feel better than you have in years. appetite and improve digestion through a reduction in the conversion of carbohydrates to fat. THEOBROMINE - Found in cacao beans, theobromine is the PARSLEY LEAF - Used to help control the body’s water levels and prevent bloating; assists digestion, kidney, and gastrointestinal function. BIOPERINE® - Supercharges the potency, bioavailability, and absorption of other nutrients in Manna Slim to ensure maximum efficacy.

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