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Published on October 26, 2018

Author: medezlife


1. Liv 52 syrup | Himalaya product | uses, side effects, benefits, price, composition Liv 52 is made up of many natural ingredients which exhibit hepatoprotective properties against chemically induced hepatotoxicity. It strengthens the digestive system as well as strengthens our liver. Visit - This tonic enhances our appetite, which improves health, this syrup can also be used as a health supplement. It protects against various diseases in our liver and enhances our cellular growth. Apart from this, it maintains enzymes in the liver, repair liver tissue and helps protect against toxins and liver infection. Liv 52 is available in three types like tablet, syrup, and drop. Its use keeps the health well.

2. Liv 52 syrup Liv 52 syrup | Himalaya product | uses, side effects, benefits, price, composition composition:-

3. Liv 52 syrup contains Kakamachi, Himsra, Terminalia Arjuna, Achillea Millefolium, Kasamarda, Jhavuka, Mandur Bhasma, and Cichorium Intybus as active ingredients. Price:- Live 52 syrup 200 ml MRP is 109 Rs. Manufactured by:- The Himalaya Drug Company. Uses and Benefits:- Liv 52 syrup is used in many benefits and problems like 1. Liver disorder 2. Digestive problem 3. Loss of Appetite 4. Stomach problems 5. Constipation 6. Jaundice 7. It is a Hepatoprotective 8. Anti-viral 9. Anti-diabetic 10. Anti-oxidants 11. Dyspepsia 12. Anorexia 13. Hepatitis 14. Malaria 15. Dysentery 16. Tuberculosis 17. Anemia 18. Menstrual problems 19. Diuretic anemia 20. Ulcers 21. Hemorrhoids 22. Influenza 23. Leukorrhea 24. Dropsy 25. Asthma 26. Uterus cancer 27. Gallstones 28. Abscess

4. 29. Gastroenteritis 30. Sinus problems 31. Menorrhagia 32. Bruises 33. Edema 34. Sinus Problems 35. Cirrhosis 36. Cardiopathy Side Effects:- There are some few sides effects of Liv 52 syrup like 1. Skin irritation 2. Burning of skin Mechanism of action (How does this work):- Liv 52 syrup is a hepatoprotective. It has a herbal appetizer herb which improves digestion and hunger. It lowers the serum level of hepatic enzymes, producing the antimicrobial activity, reducing the blood glucose levels, suppress the ulcerogenesis, etc. Drug interaction with Liv 52 syrup:- Do not use Liv 52 syrup with these medicines at all like 1. Insulin 2. Antihypertensive drugs 3. Glyburide 4. Rosiglitazone 5. Glimepiride 6. Tolbutamide 7. Chloropropamide 8. Pioglitazone Warning and Precautions:-

5. Before taking Liv 52 syrup, inform your doctor and tell him about your current medication list, over the counter products, tell about your allergies and if you have had any illness before or have an illness now. Be sure to consult your doctor about these points. 1. Pregnancy 2. Pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding 3. Alcohol consumption 4. Breastfeeding 5. Lactation Follow -

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