Little MBA (Operation Santa Claus 2013)

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Information about Little MBA (Operation Santa Claus 2013)

Published on November 24, 2016

Author: datafok


1. “Pay It Forward”

2. Our Team UST MBA Elite* Data Fok Davie Chen Flora Sze Kit Lam Winnie Tam *Elite: Experimental Learning Is The Essence

3. Agenda Marketing plan Fundraising activities Challenges and Achievements Fundraising result Marketing plan Fundraising activities Challenges and Achievements Fundraising result

4. Our Philosophy • In combination of our philosophy of “Pay it forward” and OSC’s “Bring Joy to the World”, we created the "Little MBA" workshops which we aimed to leverage what we have learnt from HKUST MBA program to pass the knowledge to the next generations as well as raising fund for the special needs. Marketing plan

5. About Little MBA Workshop Marketing plan 3-hour workshop covers: Strategy: •To raise funds by selling OSC merchandise, additional photo package & T-shirts of the workshop, and other sponsored products during the workshop Money Management Teamwork Decision making

6. Promotion • Mass Invitation • Message to primary school • Church network • Digital platform • Set up Facebook page • On target Forum • Baby kingdom • One to one detailing • UST MBA Alumni Event • Swire Booth Implementation of fundraising activities Our Little MBAers One to one detaiiing Digital platform Mass invitation

7. Fundraising methodology • Encourage donations by providing services &items during the workshop Provided by OSC:  OSC T-shirt  OSC hat Additional:  Little MBA workshops (with certificate)  Little MBA team designed T-shirt  Photo with Santa with printed photo  Electronic photo packages of all photos of the events  Balloon figures  Sponsored Chocolate  Sponsored Health Supplements • Also, direct direction donation from  Friends  MBA current students  Alumni  School faculties  MBA program Implementation of fundraising activities

8. Oct 2013 Oct - Nov Nov 2013 1 Dec 2013 7 Dec 2013 8 Dec 2013 5 Jan 2014 5-10 Jan 2014 Manage changes & meet the needs Cope with challenges by putting ourselves in others’ shoes Challenges and Achievements • Promotion via social media • Cold-calling: private & subsidized primary schools • Seek for resources • Full enrolment for 8 Dec workshop! • Swire Street Fair Little MBA Workshop • Revise strategy & pricing • Promotion at business school events • Final fundraising

9. 120 Students enrolled Little MBA, with over 70% attendance rate on average Challenges and Achievements Number Total Enrolled 120 Attended 89 Attendance rate 74.2%

10. Little MBA was rated 90% useful on average Challenges and Achievements *No. participants of the evaluation: 11 94.5% 89.1% 85.5% 90.9% 88.6% 90.9% 90.9% 90.9% Content Delivery Room Setup Money Concept Responsibility & Cooperation Decision making Business Team Project Overall

11. TANGIBLE INTANGIBLE Pure sales of OSC T- shirts & hats (During Swire Booth) ~HK$ 2K Priceless Pure sales of OSC T-shirts & hats (During Little MBA workshop) ~HK$ 5K Donation from parents for the workshop as a whole ~HK$ 20.1K Sales of photo package during the workshop =HK$ 6.9K Donation from faculty to support the Little MBA (and reimbursement of all cost excluding Swire reimbursement) ~HK$ 12K HK$ 45,951 Fundraising Results Bring Joy to the WorldBring Joy to the World TANGIBLETANGIBLE

12. Workshop Highlights Fundraising Results

13. Thank you

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