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Published on December 23, 2007

Author: sanay


Trips to Lithuania advertising:  Trips to Lithuania advertising Marketing Communication project We offer Lithuania because: :  We offer Lithuania because: Lithuania is geographical center of Europe, Country is not crowded with tourists although its tourist infrastructure is well developed, Lithuania has rich history (and many historical places), It has ecological nature, a lot of lakes, beautiful forests and seaside proper for ecological tourism, Country is very small and tourists can visit all interesting places in a few days, It is still undiscovered and new for many people, Tourists with different preferences and incomes will find something especially for them. Marketing goals::  Marketing goals: To create good image of Lithuania and attract people to visit this country, To reach our target audience through various mass media channels: TV, Magazines, Newspapers and Internet, To take 1-2 % of the market during the 1st year, To take 5 % of the market during 5 years. QUESTIONNAIRE :  QUESTIONNAIRE Part I – general questions 1. Do you go for holidays abroad? a) yes b) no 2. Which countries do you prefer? a) Eastern Europe b) Western Europe c) Central Europe d) Africa e) Asia f) North and South America 3. What kind of holidays do you prefer? ( 1 – most preferable, 5 – least preferable) Slide5:  4. How many days can you spend for a trip? a) 1-3 days b) week c) more than week 5. How much money can you spend for a trip per person? a) 400 leva b) 500 leva c) 600 leva d) more than 600 leva 6. What kind of transport do you prefer? a) plain b) train c) bus d) mix 7. What kind of accommodation do you prefer? a) hotel b) hostel c) camping Slide6:  Part II – Lithuania 1. How well do you know Lithuania? a) don’t know c) heard something b) heard something but not much d) know pretty much 2. Where did you get those information? a) magazines, newspapers c) Internet b) TV d) friends, family 3. What is the capital of Lithuania? a) I don’t know b) ……………….. 4. Have you ever been in Lithuania? a) no b) yes, once c) yes, more than once Part III – Personal information Age ………………………………………….……………………………..…. Gender a) male b) female Occupation ……………………..……………………………………………. Average income: a) below 300 leva b) 300-400 leva c) 400-500 leva d) more than 500 leva Family status: a) single b) married c) divorced d) widow/widower e) living with partner Target audience:  Target audience Young people who are active, like to travel, have time, but don’t have enough money. Middle age people who also like to travel, they have enough incomes but they don’t have enough time. Slide8:  population of Varna: 320 668 18,36 %: people between 18-25 years ( 58 970 ) 22,45%: people between 30-45 ( 72 278 ) total number of our potential clients is 131 248 people Decision Participant Grid for Young People:  Decision Participant Grid for Young People Decision Participant Grid for Middle-aged People:  Decision Participant Grid for Middle-aged People Decision Participant Grid for Young People:  Decision Participant Grid for Young People Decision Participant Grid for Middle-aged People:  Decision Participant Grid for Middle-aged People 2. Media vehicles:  2. Media vehicles We chose following media vehicles: Television Newspapers Magazines Internet Our budget for the first year is::  Our budget for the first year is: Total: 5 787 733,40 лв 3. Copywriting for print media:  3. Copywriting for print media Sample 1. Product: Holidays in Lithuania Magazine/Newspaper: full page/ 4-colors Illustration: Frontal view of businessman, waiting to cross the street. He is young, good looking, wearing suit. He has suitcase in his hand. The environment around is dynamic, street is full of cars and people. The man looks absent-minded, tired, exhausted with his work and maybe life. He is only one person in a crowd who doesn’t move (static) and is not in a hurry. Headline: Did you miss your target? Did you lose your target???:  Did you lose your target??? Slide17:  Sample 2: Product: Holidays in Lithuania Magazine/Newspaper: full page/ 4-colors Illustration: Europe map made like arrows board. Lithuanian boarders are marked with the green line. In the middle of Lithuania there is red spot with arrow. Headline: We found your target – Lithuania – the heart of Europe! We found your target – Lithuania – the heart of Europe!:  We found your target – Lithuania – the heart of Europe! Slide19:  The end

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