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Published on March 12, 2009

Author: bgandy


Slide 1: LITERARY EDITION Slide 2: Game Rules You, as a class, are just ten questions away from winning a virtual $1,000,000! Your teacher will choose who answers each question, and you’ll have one “lifeline” to help you. The lifeline may be used up to three times and will be explained later. Also, at the $10,000 and $250,000 levels, you are guaranteed to win at least this much money. One wrong answer, game over! If we have extra time, we will use extra questions. Lifeline : Lifeline The one lifeline you may use in the game is “Ask a Player”. Your teacher will choose one classmate to tell you what they think the answer is. A piece of music will be played; it is four seconds long. After the music concludes, the answer is revealed by the classmate, and the other player must agree or disagree. This may be used three times or less and is only to be used if you are truly stuck. No cheating, and lastly, HAVE FUN! Slide 4: What is figurative language? A: Story Characters B: Events That Take Place In A Story C: Method Used To See Things In A New Way D: Loud Talking During Class $1,000 USE LIFELINE Slide 8: A break in the action of a story to tell about a past event is called a A: Character B: Flashback C: Simile D: Really Quick History Lesson USE LIFELINE $2,000 Slide 9: In a simile, what are two “clue words” that may be used? $3,000 A: like or as B: is or was C: you or me D: why or how USE LIFELINE Slide 10: $5,000 Which of these is generally NOT classified as a literary character? A: Person B: Real Creature C: Imaginary Creature D: Place USE LIFELINE Slide 11: $10,000 An internal conflict has two “battles”, man vs. man, and man vs. what? A: Fire B: Water C: Nature D: TCAP tests USE LIFELINE Slide 12: $50,000 The process which writers use to identify or describe characters is called what? A: Characterization B: Foreshadowing C: Alliteration D: Paraphrasing USE LIFELINE Slide 13: $100,000 The struggle between characters in a story is commonly referred to as what? A: Conflict B: Characterization C: Plot D: Climax USE LIFELINE Slide 14: Which of these short phrases is a metaphor? $250,000 A: Lovely As A Rose B: Run Like The Wind C: Tough As Nails D: Apple Of My Eye USE LIFELINE Slide 15: $500,000 A type of literature that describes words in a rhyming or musical manner is called what? A: Short Story B: Novel C: Poetry D: Autobiography USE LIFELINE Slide 16: $1 MILLION In the Robert Frost poem, “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening”, the last two lines read: “And miles to go before I” do what? A: Eat B: Sleep C: Cry D: Give My Teacher A Raise USE LIFELINE Slide 17: YOUR CLASS MILLIONAIRE CONGRATULATIONS! Slide 18: YOU GOT THE $1,000,000 WRONG SORRY! Slide 19: THANKS FOR PLAYING!

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